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Full text of "A Vocabulary of the Igorot Language as spoken by the Bontok Igorots"

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Part III 


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This vocabulflTy of the Bontok Igorot didwt ia an oipan&ion of one 
of wliich flhoul thirty mimeographe'l capieR wore iaaued tmd circulated 
by the anUior of the preflent work in July, 1904- The former socnb- 
tUary, ^ving the Jgflrai equivalents of about 1,S00 Eaglish wordti, 
was compiled between June IS, 1903, veh^n. I took up my pcnuaiieiit 
KudeiiM IB BoDtftkj ud the tUte m which it WM iflMed. Pl^i^meLy, 
beLwe^Decembvi, 1902j&ndJujje, 1M3, Di, A. :B. Jmka, oftcnvorda the 
beAd of the Kthnological Survey of the Philippine Idonde^ lud ^thered 
a. liat of Igorot words, nnmberiag about 6&G, exclusiTe o-t numexalB, claa- 
si^ffd jucurding to Aubjoct^. roA prmtcd in hlfi intfT^etrng volume, "Ths 
Boa\*Jk Igorot,'' is&ued under the authority of the InsuE&r Goi^nimeiit, 
uid appearing in the a-atumc of 1904-, Of these worda about nve-eixths 
mre faiin^ to be included in this present vocahuLary, although not always 
with the itmii meaniikgi attached. I Uim alsA that J)^. ^eidenadel, 
instructor in the CmT-erai^ of Cliicagti, haa uaed to auch good advau- 
t*.go the knowledge gained by intcrcouree with vBrioM Igonits who ha^e 
been token lo the United States for exhibition purpoHeA, that he' has a 
vokTne ready for ^kbb, embraeins a grammar, Terions tranalDticna, and 
a vocabu.lai7. 

TliH f-oregoing are the iiret sedous attempts to record and descrihe 

.the IguTot language. So far aa there la any record, it seema to be a 

fuct thot no whito man has hithi=fto amvfti at an mtiiriate fcnorlwlfft 

f»f the Pontok <iialWt, although of conrB*> many may Imve l^arnW J* 
HDietteriog of wunls- One can only wondet at this tardinew in ap- 
proaching the task of doing foj these people what wt'uld Icpd to di^ify 
their iBngnage and foeter tJieir ealf-reaped:, nnd wh&t baa fllre«dy bo^ 
d-oDe for mauy'of tb^ other Mnlaynn tribes of the I^landfl. 

While, for an unwritten langiiagu, the Bontok dialect is An oeton- 
iahin^y good and regular one. we an? met on the tbreshoEd of the laak 
of deBeribing it 1^ two speeiaL difBeultreB, namely, firet^ that, as in the 
case of many Mriayan ton^efl, the voweln are &> obscure and variable 
B£ to be particularly elusive to the Wcatcm ear, 1 believe that Mme of 
the Malayan dialects hare presented this jifficnlty so tctrmidably as to 
duconrtse olto^ther the atEompt to iepre«ent eome of tba vcvel sounds. 
Certainly in my work of writing Bontok Tgorot I have b«n in constant 
doubt- Two persons, lietoning to the eanie speaker, could hardly agree 

[51 I4J 

148 ra^FACJS 

ae to th-e beet njpnwptflttfln flf ^ givi^ Bcmai; and diff^t^ot ep^ikpirfl 
exhibit imdmibted vArietua of {iroDLificiiAtJoa. Of epecut foilurea aod 
Lnc:L}niuBteTtc^eB BriEiDg fmra thia I Bh&ll ^peak more particularly imder 
t]ii> liHsd of ^'iDlroductory Kot»." A second difficulty has been tha 
Tack oi native helpers bATing any degree of grammatical kaovleilgv, 
FurthermorF they had but Blight kaovl^ge of English and it nee 
^l^lal^t impot^ible to get from them, at any one time^ a deliberate 
f^tatE-mt'tiL 0-r llii? idioiMliG ^uival^nts. llim t«Qd«ikcy to the iQ«r? 
trajihftreni'q i>f words lias iieen fonetant. The ojiiy reniedv for this hss 
[■(Hill' lhjut][^h my dttH.v intimate contact of nearly five j'eara with ibe 
p<-i^F>l»s ^'Eit it voiild be remarkable if, iu a work compiled under ench 
i-LiL-iiiii»:tHiU'C»:, ih&r« V/6K Dot many deEici^ncies. and th« compiler do«a 
iio| liupc thfit Ikjj^ Hurk ii free from them. 

I du>:iio lo nford kcri? my gteal obligation to {he following nativee 
nt rho Hontot r<<gic>n who ha^e ajsi&tfd me by furnishing xnat^als for 
EhiH vr^lumc: ADt^rn Cabrera, Ts'it-AHio Balinag, Hilary Pit&pit (Clapp), 
Nart^ieo Canfio, Jnnica AmcJt, Ansclelo Qfllo, Tainan, and Pablo Lunar. 
In every slage of the worJt of digoatiDg and arraB^ng these matfirialH 
F Jidve had th-e henefit tA the help tmd e^m^nrigemeflt nod paralUl 
ialHfFA ol niy i^dleafpies in Bontolc, Ur. J. IT. Ti. UBckenzie^ Urae H^ T. 
WntermaTi, Mikp E. B- Oakea, and Mi^a L. Whitcombe- The irksome 
(-Hxk of dpdling with end tran^rihiDg my fimt very imperfect 'nLiau- 
^npt VTA^ kindly iak^n in bund, durinj;^ my furlough in AmencB. by 
Mr, Ji.'fl^' Knight^ mid aftcrwardd by the Gev. Henn' Swift, chaplain 
of ]lie Thirteenth Enfantiy, iroiti^d Stal<^ Army, vhosn ]fTevioua fltndtep 
and work among the Sioux Indians gave him a Ep«-ial intereni in ptint- 
itivp peoples and their lenguegefi. To b11 nf these 1 would tapjwe 
my sincerif iJLfliika and the hope that thin book .may be of some eervjce 

Id helping a ]in>plp who are well worth our beet eRorbt 

Walter Ci^aytos Clapf. 

AMEdf^.^S ("iill&CH MTjWTOS" op All SAiKTB^ 



The V4K&biUlary cousiets of trvo parts, Igorat-I^DglbaJi tLUil En^li^h- 

In the igo-rot section nn attempt i* iraade to iiidiouL!! rlie j^nmiEiibticBl 
reUti<mship» of -wort]?, in csAee wh^re t}iey wuuLd not be cviilent to a 
Student of the knglligt TJie LHtlmlEJ numhcr of pi3QtcQC<?p or ojpres- 
sionij involving Heveral Wor^a at tliij ^iqiiJv^ltiit <>f <jjm Kn^U^ WOTi \'i 
not gT«at» not bccauBe they do not e:cis1 ^)^^t b&;»nst Uii> woik ia nol a 
])hrii8« book, bat is intended eiTuply as n guide to tlie- ^-ardi' moat frc- 
ijuently used in Hit Bontok: region, trom whicli^ Ijv cipericiicfl of the 
jilioin, Ihc loamer may ^mdnBllv huild iht- more indireL'< L>\:pr&^ioiiEi. 

The English section of the voeai>ulary is. intend^ chiefly as d laugh 
iudu tA the Igbtnt [i&H» witii odI^ gcnersl distinction^ notcl psren- 

In almoftt every in&tance it wdl be fuiuid that tlie tvo ^fctiona of 
tKe rDcabidnrj correBpond. Vhs f^reptinna are enme evident cases of 

reduplicated tonai end of substantive forma iiii:i>T]>orate>l in verbs in 

aiioh manner bs tt> be unmiBtflkabie. 


The followmg- notee nrg given with no thinglit that, aimpfy by their 
aid, with the voc^uUry one could learn to pronounce Che Bonlok Igorot 
dialect. KuleA And fcj^at^mfi 6l {thOncEic leprcBentatJon have bc^'D ^n#r- 
ally iifB.;rfditpd «* effictmt n>eftDP for the prjicticftl acquiring of Euro- 
pean languages, and Touoti more mnst wc rely upon the training of 
ear Hud tocel Dr.gaiiB \iy actual practice if vc vish. to be undcrstn-^d by 
thoae primitive OrienlBls. There are awenln and mlteoliouH and ever- 
rficurring sounds which elude written repreflentation. 

But, in general, ae i sjataa of gr^hic r^prt^nlutJOD, tlie fulloniiig 
h«,b<e^.«dOpt«d.i ■ , ■- . ' ' 

¥<fWm£, warn ^ m. Bj^es. ifli '^oohteniktal" stoNiH 

B preyftEliiig!)' Invad in qnali^T like a in father, hai uanally pro- 

' nouiLced rery qmckly, io l^t the effect on an. nntrained l!rat«ii#r if 

often theil ot our u mfiut. Wh*ia occnring alone, or at the end of a 

ejllaHe, Bometiniee »t the beginning of s word, and npeciaLEy whei^ it 

hu the vritten acute accMt, it if pronouDO^ vith dietiuct hr^fidth, 

e wlten iong, oa at the end of a syllable, nr aloue^ ia like RngEisli a 
in m.aUj otherwise it ii fihoit, tike 6 in. mei. 


i. varying from Todg, iite te in feet, when iBolaliid in a ajllab)?, or 
at the J^d af one, la tha ^aimrj ijf i in kia. 

a vhen kn^ is liVe in ^ ic sitiutiuiaii aimJIar ta thow iict«l con- 
wmiD^ [he prwedin^ Tovels; Imt aniaUj athenri^i?, ajid mi^t m beat 
(IcflCJibed aft long in qualilv, ehorE m qmmtHj', Id ^ome inelLmwa ami 
bj aome hesreis lio aound whicli we hii*e rcpnsHnl«] by would be 
more corriully ^rittMi u, vi bein^ in avtb pen<Pnn a& clear bb TLi? u£i 
foimd in ^jt. 

n varying from the hog sound, u pa jH food to [he nhcat rfhUii-l of 
the EnglipJi */, a& it pui, B-jj>rding I0 Bihislion in the BjIlBble;. [lie 
shaiter &niiad dcbitablo viih the EiliaKer Miicd of t*^ aa naii^l ujiJer 
Ihat iiAUt. 

S normilly like th& Oenaan o iQ sfAiin (tliougfi upldwp, if «vi?r, 
proloDj^d oj thjLt Munetiiues ib, and Pi^er Riven aq a sounrl}- but 
vvrgmg fit tiiuEifr toward b ehort i aauiii]^ un the one ei^v, aod lowarj 
tha thiol t BDimd on tJie itEher 

ti tik«ay in i^paaiBh, 

■n Jike dhi in covi. 

«■ a gliding from ahort r to ji BOim^'~' 

« a i|UiGk ^IJdJn^ from 4d i, 

Ol b quicik eliding ffoni w Co ». 

When thd letttiTfl ijAUi^rcdinp lhe«.' cDiiibinHiiun& arp n"t to he taken 
jn Hurh <!onneotiijn, bul cotLEtttute parts of dilFerent Byllabl^ "tlu-v 
a.m a^parated bj hyphema in tlie iniltal frtnus in llie l^rot-En^li^ 
part of tliia Tooabulsi^, 


b Ba in Engllah, biit e^ernHy replaeed bj f^ 

dl aB in oihild. 

d aa in Emghsli, bnt uaijallj repftccd by c*. 

f^lt u. A, p, t, Y, all a» in Eng^lish. 

g alvpjB hard^ geaerally replaced bij' it. 

k aa in Eugliah it»qiiLLj; but the Boulck people dlatiQgu^ uollier 
* BOuDd, guttural in cfaarafE^r and peouli^ir, vhicL ia not ifpivaenteil 
ID lliia fbeabiiUrVr 

■ &£ the sibilant or soft a Id )<]]ipliBh. 

W LiEid.^. aJva^a tr^Rtnit aa LonfriOLaDbi, with Ec^lchh wiiuid. 

IE will be obHeroeil ihnt f ji disdrinb^ aa belh^ Baffidsntly apn^ud 
"bj fl and ft; j» and / lind only nc(i«.i-fnial ime in irOide adapted from 
otJier LaDgua^roj, q ir. not used, althongb it might pouibly b? ulUia^l 
to e^P'-CM ttie gutluTal k Ao-und,. to vhk:h qllkiBhon has been msdo. 
There Betni to le a ie\i inBtan<;eB of a real, ihoagb labored, pronirn- 
■^lsIIdd uf r, hoi F rirdiaarily lakn its place, iF and i «n dd^ used, 


Throu^haut the firat part of thie vwaliiilflry tKarw haa Ijkr «DpLcv«d 
A 9jet«a of ahbr0VLtlion in Hiv 4:daQ ut v^fLh. The AMtioa bu uu 
philological eigDiflceLioiL. Hypbeos art often uic^d Id wparat^ Ehe initial 
fonu into iLJvJBJoiu. I'hcy do lol indicate thr prifiiuncLalJon. TlHiy 
an LJHd vimply to erjvhte Ui to eubslitutc in tba oubeequHni tanaw a 
d^rodef which eEiell stand ftrr ode of ther« divieione. This character 
ia "— « 

Afler aaeh inllml \tfrh-fenii (in the case of regular verbs) lh.<?rp ]••, 
fint, a niinienl indicHtin^ tht tonju^ti^tD., th4ti **v,ir-'' or "mt" to 
iikdicile wLeTier tEie vprb ie tranbitisa or inlnmsilire. 

The parts of the varb aru ^iveri fo a deHaite urdef : 

(1) l^rer'^Dt IndicatiTe, Qnt peraon singular. 

(?) l^t EUiJtd&live, Ustt perwn ein^iilHr. 

(3) TJw inBnilLve tarm whicih fnllmrs LaichiJi. "I doaire.'' 

(4) The initDitJTe form whirfi fiillire" ^'waw m or jVja^ ai, ''It in 
ffooil" or ''II ia bad," 

(fi) l^e perfect punsa -participle. 

(4) There is emnctjiucd adikd vih&L nughl b« tialEed a reflemr or 
aubj^tive fonii, tt imperative lota, iit the p>:]qd-u pieman sinHiLlar, 
It ia c^uvctirriEtd bj Ihe pre^ ami, or bj th» Itrtt tom^oTLaDt ^ Ui? 
verb, tolloved by t«n_ TTip B^Jgiii^uitinD -jf the form ia: "You do 
(■whaterer lie yerb exprewea) to me or Jfu me/' e. g. — 

Prfl«nfc lOduntiTe Pakut/iiii. "1 ffnkf," &a wiUi a stieki flubjwliTe 
imperfect ^^undh^Hv, "jDu strike me." 

FrflKDt indicative Palaiakeic, "1 Idba up," ?. ^r, a Min; aubjcctivo 
Linp?rfeot Vnipaiaiaffka^ "jim to« up fur rn.?," 

{7| Alao, uccuw-jniillji, in tbii Tocabnlaiyj wii] bt Toud^I • form Ix^ 
ginning ffiUl mUFifi — , moK— , or num— -; jiaat tenpc, piirrj^i — . nnn — , 
nen—, which ia oseA in senlCTicw introduwd b>- auch inltrrc^ativt 
wonje u aiin (who?); used aleo to evpresa the iiim|i]c aLtiua of llif 
_verb, with suEftitH »iid pretlMH nceordiajfl;. Thie farm exists in many 
latjK inEMncea Ihm an given in Uiia vocabulary. 

It &J;oul^ be niiid that flreat ambi^ity bae been noted in the -use I'f 
ih« various iuflnitive fanon, aozoe naUve Kd-pera filing, and apparcntlc 
u^ing one, some another. The tradJi s«eiirt; to Jip tlmt tlierc ia gre^t 
letLtnde alloi'ed in uBagft """ ' 

While tTie aiapffty of The i^mpklt inJIeclJoji of the verb may be 
rejected tci vorka un ^mntar, it muet ba i<:iplfliD^ that in thia bwlt 
The TflTbfl have bean cloBaiCal flciordii>a io their ehHraclerifltic inl].ivliDii 
■n the pisBent iodicative urtive inta pu conjagatioot, aa JitUtm-a: 

First conjugation. Vsrij* in — (iftj — *8, ^tc.j mwt-lj iitraa^illv^. 


&h««inl piajngfltion, VerljB in —aie, — um, etc., mmtly trflc^Ute- 

ThJrd Hnju^Btion. Verba id —ck, — n-m^ ptc., trflnftilivCr 

FruiTlli toujii^lian- VprFo in — (m, — mo, etc, Lranflitivu. It la m- 
I^T^ticg to wAe Ihnt niaay verba ot this Jianjugatiiiii tak^, ok dinvt 
ulnjfLl, Hie Inftmpi^nt <i/ Uie flrllim wTiirii Uie verlwl root ^KprusflL 

FiftJi cojij Illation. Verljs in — I'fr, '— i^, cte., tranflilli-e - jiloi-ely slljed 
lo thf Ihlrd conJij^dllDn, 

Hivik eojijiigution. Verbs in — at-. — am. ele„ tran'ijii-e. 

Vrfil<rr Clin fj[>[ crtnj'^iRfltiwn ^ill iff founfl a lar^ mimlipr "f lerljj 
y,ii<#v initial ftvllttljlea ai* either f", ■>, W*", (ht*? differciiw? FC&uUic^ 
frcjin llm vBrinun BoundB i^mveixil to Hie vst \t\ llw uniTJiiue of llie 
llATl^l' f.f:>i?iil.*t. 'J'l^ ili-ih'^ril IIu'se' <]i(Ferpiw^« woiiM lio In 1« nntcui? 
Co Mie fi[tparvii4 fa^^ of ihG knguHp^u, f>ur tli? iwrnFr ip. to tciiarii'li? die 
n-ariifi uljtli^fti^dpjflij. Thin and nllier Jithculiies fniglic k' fl^ul<h'[| ijy 
the iiiuri' pi'frjnHtir iii^^Eb^l of ^Ji^rinfr Mif- vdrioufi foHcia diid iQil«- 
liisiij iirnuiwl tije e.iplinl>?liL-H]!v iiiruh^^i^i nnif i'h.rjenrial ver^riil rooln. 

U netili? (o lie Jiil<1iyL repinliii^ vcc\)^ iimt IhEi Litt nF |!iem nwiTiP. 
iH[)iilhlii iif imlcliiiLle uslpnsion. Any '"Iwlanlivo, vlipchor leorot, or 
iSpiiiii^Jj. Hir Kii^ti#lL, \e. leaiWW nnil hiIktI^ Irpn'^rrirnieil, e.^., inio a 
Irnnfilive lerh in — '■i, or nn intranaitivt one in — fjt, Ly bwin^ gu'en 
(til' ]'C^i\i'T [iFPti^vs anil i^Li(]]&c9k 


In ^'IiitdI, il LD (nil- thfl.1, in Ihe p.Vh:li^ of 9p4?lll]it' flj1o^f4?d iu {hin 
roejihiil^irv. jl F^^fjarsl^' aylla'ble i^iittild Ite auii^F^ Id ear-it ruweir The 
e^»w|ilinn»' to ttiiA orvur in the cue of lb? vqv^I b«queJic?ii, vJiieh may 
ttiila diplithonf? r>r romliinfilLon^. ond Jii^ t}L^y may Itf bi» ta do, 
^ml-'Tb (in ill*' hjiitifll form m llie T^rot^Englieh part> thtrir aasi^' 
Hirnt Eo 'liJ^^'rl-T'^ byllalJes i" inJirfltpd tij [he hyphen. 

Mcilii|>lkEitLOJii' aic very Ireqticul in tlie Bontuk Igomt diBJKct, bb iiL 
all ^IhIa^ui dialn^rc The numlrer and v*rie1-y of thecn pcem andlcie, and 
only very griiilLially, and raUier hy inetiact dian W "ludy, la the Leamtr 
al-lc tn Li^n-m nnd iipe them. TJiie "^'ocaholar^^ A*si nai prttf^fi^ tv g'n^ 
I'-inpintenllv thvbe TurmH, aithon^h noQie of than are rceordcdr Thp 
foUovin^ may u'rr^ a mm'^]T4 fit thd ^ttBrlpIp d[ ^nplicAtiaii, ?i- 
Hr<j*kinft ;]ir;™^i(y, -cmpansofl, iittetsit^: 

Fifn-'. "woman:" f-abfafa-i, "wum'ot f bafaiavfofa-i^ "v^rj m—B 

A"fm<'ji, ";in"^f;" jtA^bw, '■better." 

Ilaek. "I pci-;" ihtifit. "J earefallj regard, vAt^ fl^spectontly," 


IMl^llODtrCTORS NOTfS ]53 


( ■) ^Etlb Ixdbolq* doubt as bh Ite raDdetldg, 

gen. G^DElfiL Or pn^ric. 

i,s. W ^f, "Hut it,-' 

iiok. ILolwTio. 

JntJ- iDLFrJFCtlOD. 

Ki^rm i— it, — B", — aiMi. fffo.l 'That ahbnrJuKnLH are of llokanD p-rtj- 

ol^ wfcipit corrHiNnil to 1Il« llaBibO — H, — nc, — ma, «ti>.. bhiq. 
1-B, '^iny." Ihj,- "bia," tin'. 

ii- Mivna void, t lUrd IbTTn^Und by JJie rfiln nlnhar i*! 

Di Noun. 

QJkdj. WDr^ tbat ii:!:!;! hot\i h a naun abJ. an ^jnljve. 

plu PlnriJ. 

Sp. Spvikib. 

T. Whfln BlBrKliDj hrfHiK: bil IgUnit mird^ aa 'V. .q^Jru n^Evf it ni»i^-»w 

DiJfl, ■■«p," "iria to'- 

^'.tl. nml uit. Vnli IntJi lianflUivg Eind iDlnDBillve. 

[jqanlvB. A KflfliLvr Vfrb dT tbe first conj ugaKihjir 

S.ilng. Vfflj ij U» BHund lunJjigiCkm Joond ar uvd wily in thr BinjuJar 


2,(Lfr.*. D<if9rUvp virb- ol Uia i-^nod Hu^ti^lko, 

£,'l«rju]i. A drrKtl-TB Biutllarf vtrfa of the bflh roatu^lioD. 

^^ An imperaoiiBE verb O^r^ oalj In Ibr cbird ptraihu RJiigulmr. 

f,«.ti-. TraruiUve «rb of Ibr Rnt -cooJaj^UtW. 

a, Seaflid traqvLllvB. Third tnnaltm. 

4,V.lrn Fourtb LranHllivt, 

&v-lr. Firtlj TraiuElLve, 

e,v.Lr. SItth liuellive. 

l.lill- InlraDHiLive T*rh njf [|,f flmt WDFUtTftLLaD. 

iiinl. E€hN4iJ liiErBii»il(ve 

WhaooTUF H RnnLBQ numGrel frjllEtwed bj an Arabii: L irsed, Ihe 
rtfersKe li lo & Iraiielnlitm of (he Bo»pe\ of 8r. Mark into iKorat. 
^idi ia rww hieJDg- isaatd Ly Ihe JtxilUh and Farei^ Biljie Swi-elv. 

Wonia m&rkei] [Ifok.] arc not nvc^.aAi'jIy of Tlntano ori^n, for it 
maj w-ell l>€ thflt th.- Ig'iiT't language has aa e<|iiLilj or even prior riehl 
to tham. The abbreviation merely icdicBlw a foioad^DL:'' or g rwpui' 
Wance whicJi eoggeBts r wlMiMahip. Sijne of thcw lusrkail [Bp.] 
inaj BeeiD it firet far Tpmoved from the CaflQllBii Bpeecli, bul a cod- 
flideratiDD ef flie cunHonoDtal subatitulUuLa cuBtomar}' anion^ flim? fjvjplp, 
vith a kn-DwEedg^ of tfieir chfirapteriBtie tbbreviflttnns, makH dear, 
Hltiiough amivjn^, fomc ^roDderfuT IrumfdrmjilioDe. 




Aanlfin [IkikJ. Ft E> Ihe tioK of »L-r"»t 

AlvTaiii Flun !iT ^flBHiii|{. 
Ablfimti eUVBg, 
Abjtdu. J*w'i'li»r[i, 
Abjfvngb SoiaII JilwIWr, «Aj ft rW 

AluruMngvtp nodj. Darh, dnrkuHH. 
AbBfUflfin,>HDIUH it OtO. pIlHK foT 

XAad rp»B,]>rBW LhfinrAin, «€Hr[ 

AIMil. Armlet, Bonwllnej af bn^ra' fenh 

nr oE imtNi. 
ADtlki 3,v.Lr. Jiifl/rlitp; abfflM; ifiaar^r^' 

■n'OAfitar Tc- JO')*!. 
Aahl.iBtJ. TndMd, -tor rerUia. 
AchapQlilqii. SbTub wjlb giMa'gisj 

E«vea iilAJLUAiTundFrlinuEVl. 
Ad. To, tt, ia. 
Ad«G-hai Sdocli , IDBI17L 
Aduhakifg. tauch, iuah^l 
AdaoHimiH. Uaivj-. 
AiliKhjiaw. DAip (vaterl. 
Adachuwan. Uuclk, Dmny. 
AdidAEhfl. Man, ^rnaterb 
AdAdEMwI. \ ray far ^v^. 
AdldDMAlln. FLa« vuf Fu bWB.y, uL- 

ICTiDOiI oIkt, Iftr1b»t. 
Adchawl. T-]-, (^ii,34). 
Atfehl-ak, £,¥.[r, fx-^^-^n.-Mff— on; 

Adlhi r»,dT:[.Bai, /« — . I do dcpI, ele. Pul 
l«nK ifoL UWd -villi lalLDUiieY but 
Inatfad ifl UHrd iffoiti^ irawm, rtc 

AdL hJotBti (^or Jltfl rrtligt«b]r I^ift- 
tiJt. Jurd ta ia. 

AdI helCiNltd Find, iQimDiairie. 

AdI alL InEurrcct, tnL ri^, ml no. 

AdJ unwiiAJ ^Dak.]. Idam^lDDt, imt 

Adik jmarflne-np. I^o aoi imdnFliiDd ^ 

can BoL Hd, maBL 
AdI IhBnbhgnang, niH4ird«W. 
Atfpit Fi^ fft t¥a liud., 

AduoFtI, 1-BtJ. EtiuuBbI euip! 

ATa. Inaidc Bkiti oE ara&Bv«, hA?. 
Affk-Bki 3,T,tj. Jn— He," jflflfjj — ym-a— ; 

iim— itoL To iH&t, win in wre^llln^ 

batik, gBlnEiliPB, El?. 
Ararve l^\ A mAMilaciaEad cigar 
Affn aL kavrp. Spld^r'tt ir«b. 
Ata [Uok.]. Ctelli. 
Af ttbr EdJbl« bMi:fl, fdund la tbe S«]dH 

In Auco*-!. 
AKk. Ualp ipiriil f*i -Irf (ng be«n.^ Hc- 
Afong. UduHl 
AQikBtak, T^d^T. To know niaiij Ihings, 

b« wIhcl 
A^aiehlp inlir Enaufrh' SUp! 
Aflchans^'k, 3,v Ir 111 — ba; — eh; — en; 

ma — j' unti—fM, Id ^ump AEmBb 
Agkaah-ak, 3|T.1r. Iwi—ko; — en; — cny 

Klfll — ka. To Bill. 
Agkan^a. Ci^h- 
Aqtcawin. WrhiiLan'a IbbV^, dirci^J be 

liai-li bf uaidi. 
Agkld. PflHLet for ^llierirg biulUh. 
AgkBr. IdFEfl, LmiJ-Llhfl Efnl^p ovcd Un 

Hirm Diflnt ^ KlWtdlUor 
AgkuranQTang. WbjLitth Luiotea. 
AaKiM-iQ- Wild fibruh, IriilE Ilk? mul- 

D^iy, nurplf aUln (Au^mtK 
A gt-ak. S,v.Er. f n — a.b ; ma i\g — sn; — an : 

ma — OD/ «m — a«/gies. T*) gL*« ^"00";^ 
A-Bte-ttfll^t 3i^-!r, J"—*; "'"•tf— ; 

— mfn,' '"a-". T& UTTf on Ite IibjiI. 
lUk^il nf iVHnnHi only.) 
Alp ^annAFllw parLlaTe •oteA ullh adjec- 

tlTf*, Bppoalliv€Bp and Id lalrodarc 

relative i^Muaia. OeoPEal ilgniAd' 

tlon; which Ja, wbo Is. 
A4ft]ap4l. Xbioi not %^y^. 
AlalaplU. Liabl, nat hHTy. 
Alah, S^af.v. (with iQl«rTaea1i«e»> . 

— am; in — . To go. 
Alll. Intj. All mi]j< Og i^Hr 
AlkJt millDtLI tuT manoMlfia^n}. 

Ne^BF nlnd, vbat dcea il JEatbirT 

Wb&t diETenucer 
AtkB wadal. Fi EhrrrT 
AikA wal fakam. ir u ^f«a ratjii. 
A'kH.>tr, iDlaropalivt am. y- — tit. 

^B-i aIbd attc-Ok; — ora; el?. 
Aljflu, intj. CwiuJrE llw valm! A 

Ahir Ti*r -dwp- 
Akaag. ElPTe For rJ«. 
Akaaikglflnkai "Vmi ran -Id^ 





AkAkAllTi, adj. GlulhniouB. 
Akitciyona, ulj. Apt Xd ^va iveLLing 

Jn fBK or mi.ufa or brukie 
Akal«n14u. tflllT. rlgad. 

AkiakEdiB. Hard. Dot Boit. 

AkflkOp. fiuEI-i-Qj 0r phuIK, !■□■ [br 

Akcil-ak, 2, /n — ai; m^sngaiisi 

^H - mo— on, To f ij foir 
Ahjta, Sli^lclur, "r any unhDrivii biib- 

4-halptt'jh. lint. Xs— a,t^^ a— y -r,*— . 

To b^K piijiir 

alairct; mitkiu. To at€dl. 
Akfita. VlD?-]ikfl plinip nildi poijfl tanir 

moil fidHiIrr 
AkI. BmCliEt, cpldrr fir yoLin|t«rL 
AkIL LtU]€ IquanlllfK 
Akil Ankal 41. IL Lacko liLlL?. ls nnrK. 
Aklti, IV- •'II' 
AkhO. TIk gill of vhhiDala. 

ai lafariur son. 
Akfib. ill Dox ff^n.). Itl Eni«l], oddr. 
Akon. TliingiL pvreoiiBL ptmna^Kitnt. 
Ak4fr Al-n. mnrrmrr, 
Akoui. WibBtan''a ffLv>LI», aEnr^l, iH4b- 

Ulnlnjr opoNV iHBdfl) Jnaidr bimI 

Jirn^B irlrt dbUiIiIf. 
Ak4»«K, Kobbn. llii?[. 
AktLiM«li, a.iMr. Ti> -IMI- 1S« Ake- 

Akun. \Piet Akan.h 
Akwi-Ak, In — Ji; HiJir^— ;— ^m; 

■ nn — . To iidld bdbj Id araia sillln^i. 
Aiit liitj, K»dyr r^i nlmlj 
Alvcha jrinJf.], Pimn. 
A1achD-ak [ILolr.], J.w 1r Jq— htJi; ndxtf 

— ; — tn; ma — . To plow. 
Alwl |IJ'^J:.^ Fcnc? oi up Bort. 
Ala-elrl]]nk.|,3,v.tT. iR--iF:(vTTiimiL-)i 

tihr (¥i, I7J. 
Alakn Lll IrriGaLlon d.E»li, treneh^ ^a uEp 

dlli^ du^ iri earth. [St Wtiifp llqudr 

of any kind. 
Alakfug. Threw', im^:- 
AlBUak. 1^1)(# blU» bJhF (UMoiAU^E- 

Ali(A-kl. I^lnanit, 1«iif]i fufliiEigiDHiiLi 

Alalamla. Fit. ffleahy^ 
Alaltngla. C!rp«D, nol irj or luaaoiied. 
Al4l«unff^ IjiERr-, [<4, liilinp i.nE. 
AlJlfik. A amail Irw af IioinI, MiIE^ 

Al-iluh-tkp Si'^.lr. (■ — Ao; — fn; — *i; 

■kD— ; a'm—'ka T" prlBUulD. 
ALaFuta-11. A iiiikall llnard. 
Alamainn FeiDn 
Aljtng. ItLHvliniDir. 

AlMfJi'ik, 3.1. tr. /n— ito; firrnio — ; 
^^ni_.- ™t— , Tfl it»*"ifli S^ out irom 
iLe waEer. 

AlbBbuanA |Sp.|. UId|. 

Alawa [1U\.\. Und-ai. 

All lITat]. King. 

Alla.k, Lbtareviallon at uniaUak- Tq 

AlUr IlloJr.]. Wai. 

AlJkl ISp a>^pH- HpLiMhK«t. 
Arimangniang-*k, 3, /h — loo^- 

— fa; run—; moHff— . To Bllin. 
Allmui. A tru |0<JpJoua> uwd iar 

nuklnff Hpe*F-^nflA. 
Allna 1^., Ilsriiul. Whaal flour. 
APIn-*k, 3,v.It. Ix — lifl/ mang — ,- — "i; 

h\A—. T^ tall II llu^ h*iyj obiwl. 
AlEfiQaalu. Sleanip waiuTp IhjitI A*g. 
AIIhIuh SliniLov. 
Allplt-Vkp l.f-U. Vb— Ito,- mtrpip — ; 

-^-fKj ma— : um — ko^ To c-rrv undri 

lk« Am. 
AliUu, Vncl«r 
Allwld, l'b« r'^lalionaliip oT ibow wImh? 

Hid' Kiiik p^MglilqrB bavfl Durrivi] 

AJJwId-kD, /« — !□,' qidnp— : 
ol-viric^tn. To b€ a friend at. 

Alm»a-sk [Llok.], 3,,7ii — i;; matf 
"- . — m; ^a—- Ji |iriJ*ll, rlVKD ■ 

A4a. t€aCl«, rd«» pwuiderL 

Alomd. & ttrJi; biid, fwdlng on inmlii, 

cuiUrliC ID 'Svptember and Ocldber In 

Jmqrii Ibjij Irvp with amtaO, 
Al4nD. Shaitan, Jtkula, -hurhr Hre; aHi- 

Ecial icir^n In pmUrl frtm anb. 
AtAngtn. I^h^u Tar huTlol. 
AlH-«k lllok.]. 9,T.[F. Tx — A; Tnang — r 

--fBp- ana—. To "cut" plajlng furiln, 

Ait\tlimek |1lnL. |, .^tr ■ ikHl inl. /i^;- 
■iBMiJ.; vaTtgal^iiin- — icen. T4 ^I^C- 
eiae ur drtIL 

Ami. Pa.Lh#F. 

AAl'lIt, U-'t; "irtiifl",- HM— Ur 

Tq GMIBT, pD[ # 'I'll QPl ffHC, 

*4d — L To bav? OH f«th»rp j{ii£rdiB]i, 

Am-«>na- Hiuflili. 
AniJimJl. O'd.Kran. 
Ammm-i. Uuy dn, a novd. 
Amamltdr Man, nn intrnKlfi«L dr|fr«r 
or quJkET mtilcr EDfDildcnilon; e.j. 
|v£a), 'Wowr alKfatr" Paot IahHp 


Amanui'ViiOk »3,v.1:t. Jb—^h^o ,naH ?— ii ; 
— inrnriiril— "n TuiQilCl.nJ'Tl^eli'.iai. 

AmAi-ilL Spff.1.'. fii — lia; maiuT — ; 
— c"; nf» — . To vrASh rub oul, 

Afn*k. Tirjdvr. 

Amfn. All, ^ftj, thp wIhiIf. 

Ammu-nkt ^ ti — to; — *n/ — en; 

mang — . Ta 6\wl^. 
AmoBi SwaW pig. 
Ama-k, H,irtr. fpi — i; miHrnj — ; aaroen; 

dthi — . To ImowL 




— pn; infl— . Th» fli-llMr loflethm-. — cAen,- nraanml. Tn auhmerBf in 

Amv pmi [JLuk.J. J; ^ nfrt tngw. vTcler, Cn tlntwn. 

- r»,' 



wlllbhul tin laduplinliuQ. 
Amud. D^FhLIqil, gloom, uniiuK, 
^■■flhi CbiH, son, dairolLleT. 
AnAK Jli ImtM-l. Diafftiter. 
Anah fll IfLlalrl. ^pq, 
Anah-«h, 3,v.tTL Ii — ko-man^—^. 

-^a—. ^ bo fiunllAiL tave 

A^ikkflchFp iD-tj, EiclKimElciii 

tRjonr lp|]». 
AnviB. Intl. EacJABuliura nrf taI 

AnAnak. Clilldren. 

Aninoehlk. — I'M; — irro. My brolhcrH, 

■ihIvh, ate 
AFiBD-ch^S.TrEr. f iH-faty msuff — ; — m; 

no-—; umr^kv- Tit loot, SHJcb for. 
Anafll. Small irb-, Daalam, e™*!- tot 

hwl, bark nurlrtdlj ilriaUil, 
ArtlAA rllDk.t. Broad. 
Am^itr. LOtu. 
AruwanQr l^la wftln jh RQElorfl afm 

a nin 
ATigfln. Bleeping roon Id. bnii^r 
Art^Plffllul. Bad^ usdeil raliJv. 
A-na'i^'"^ 3, Yi— ito; indq^— ; 

— en; mm— an. To bile oil a |J»« 

af BkHl, 
AiBlib. WiMdut l-Kif of llix an^rf. 

™,' "o — c". To do. 
Aflf^ SOBtotc tops. 
Angof'thi i.T-ii. Ira^-ak; maiffiH-ab; 

—an; m*— aw !□ takv liirg* bilm, 

An Dtp I II ok.]. Dark, aIdluL lainj, 

Angq-vehi a.'ntr. iTtom^ok; mang—i 

aiijw«tfn,- i-n— . To laugh al, make 

TuD «r 
AJlDtaPn Much, Dianj. 
AaI- Tlic lioH of barv^al, oaaiapj. It 

hi tl^t IIuih: ih[ liHi-BBl. 
AnI-ik [Ilotr, S.'Xc.; mriiir--. 

— "«, "H*^, To omt. lAiT^flt rke 

A4lJf4t. FrBi:«r 

AnJfaC-ak. 3,, fiv-^n; nanp— ; 

— pn ; i"o — . Ta niahe a |hi«. 
Animil IM,]. Anlnil. 
AnIlD. Ghfhdt, dfpTlt PT poiil Dd LbB df- 

AFlhai- Only. 
AnkahtXp 3,*.trr Ja— bo; 

— ft; Pfa— 1,1 imi^i. MtDplBl 

AilbDhl. Younitar brothor or alitet. 
Anttl LJtok:,!. WhiLa ant. 
Anenaiuf — pan—}- fliC hrreafhr. 
Apap-flk,£^.lr In — oky — an;(— ra-i); 

*fl — a" Ti biTnt §i.iEie. 
Antfir Sjnall bamboo, to aplH tnr Ui4tt 

work, thlniiflr Iban (ika. 

«7«— E ^,^j 

f<t]jLHia4, as "I HUpnaHr.' 

Anutfnflk, 3,i.Tt. /pI— Hit.- piiotjr— nr; 

— ct; i>iH> — a To do sonwllblng to. lo 

^ buiy mLb, la tr^jjbip, b hoilrfr, 

1[i mnUrHl. 
Anwa. "WMc. 
Apa^ak, l, 7q4ipnl.-,' nions — ; — fn: 

™"a--L To r»«nL a jiEnne; E'^^n^'^ 

In tliF nltjrvlivp. e.^., a^D^ris Pi.ia ^ii^r- 

A|Hh I. [Hot]. Whj^T i. Adv. Up LliC 

rim. FroD a tFadlldihn tuat llie lajiul 

t^mattlj liv€ii Id that d I rb'n^ljonr 
Apala. A uiialJ tiwe, ihe long nmltt ihE 

wblcb ara eaUrir 
ApjFi^mk, Vnii^i'riii'a; 

^flfj — ■; — ich'h,- mi — ti; nhi — iffttf. 

Apaka. tVm HHd b» poL Ji^rb. 
Apall. SprA}', niin. 
A pan. A nuiBlircHjiti, '"Tlilot, bad, 

mallei ara/iy." 
Apjp [link. I r A L!iiver ; i a., £ UhlHlnth, 
Apap-flk [llo^n], S, l<i—ak; man^ 

— I — ""i *!'— flfi. To co^BTj cIi^Ik. 

Hcmtlwr M- Irtll nuti i;,g„ MX til) aifil 

iwutpopanoha lan Meb li^.H, 
Apapawal, adj. Li|:ti1 -. Il^bl il mt- 
ApipaUU. C'lna. 
ApjipugKldr GruR wedR oltli hrrby. 
ApaL A ihmh, wht«^ joueIi leaves are 

uwd ai sardpaner. 
Apal-ak, fii — to; m*iiig — ; — tpj,- 

<nd— . To BQLGOtb nrod nllh apua. 
Ap4Pff-eki 3,v,(r, Vn— itpy "itfij — ; 

— en; i"! — . T(> *[rnii|^lr in waler. 
Aplch-«k, 3, iiapidkv; I'qajijJ; 

mmtpnl; ^KfutpiilLa. Ti- iialH 
Apl1-ak LIIct']i Z.t.If. fir— Hilt; -^laji^ 

— ; '— ofl.- uTii-^^Fir To poit a leal in 

iHittam of gwL Ihcfoir irxikin^. 
ApD [TIdEe.K Lord, bIe, miatH? 
Apag lllok.]. Lime; e^iaJkq qhllewaab. 
ApifOKftl. raiK^LK, 
Apslaknak^ S.v.Le. Tn — ai : nj^tifcfm- 


"i-Fopo^npilnr. Tn 

Gill lihii ^eiy nhorl. 
j Apang. Bnnlt ^rjn iqi iTic hai», 
I Apsngbl. Red a^lt btanla. 
] ApfirtBol-Ak IJJak.l, 2, /^— o-il : 
■ Bldl^l— ; -.-m; na— ffi>. T" bind th^ 
bHd witb rlolb. 
Htnp— ,' - Apoa^ak, B, In— ht*; — air; — ^^^J: 
T^fl— flji ; ftT^ -*fj,'>^Dnfl — . To aooiiir, 
Apsi-Jk, EpT.Tr. iu— ffit; — Jn of — ^h.' 
i^a— in; urn— in; pijuit— . To op- 
^F«C, tij loAuCim, l|>«E'llp VE BeL. 
Apolli l/iTge- fhutt cariety of sn^r 

Apilk. EhorL 



Ap'tlk-ekn 3jT.[r. In — to, mang — -; 

—Cii! r^d— . I'd HliDrltn Igiil.^r}). 
Apug. Ufue; plialk; -whlleivMb, He. 
ApVi llloh,], Firei [bf Hinir of ■ 

nil — dq. To nulr? a >(ii:, lo JLb^i^i 
ej., ■ bjipp- 
ApLk-Ah. i.vir /n— nt; -ffn; —art; 

tijir; rtiurapuffka-: inaTiaptrg, T-o paint. 
*pii|*K( i.f.l-r. iH—aki --ni. -iin, 

IFja — riir, UNI^-ita. Tq aDitloI, ^rr»»^, 

Uiflf; HTplf a J-fl i mda^unp^ H HaHrJ»l£lap- 
*-^ Ty mil tlK flab. 
Au. Teujj iyni]« ititli atLi>i:u |d iMtb 

AU-flk, 2.vAr. Yn— afcj --my (— sif); 

I^Hl — nrf. To Clltoll (>flii lith B IrEip. 

Ahah |]L)1,.J. Kard jfflihUuflr. M«d 

Jijr nt^l rlrDrtmiJIiF. 

A»BChl. A klrtil nl }^^, 

AUlJi^tn, Hi^j. Xvirr 

Aaung^rt-Bk, J.inl. I- -I ; \--y , — -lo. 

T"h LiL" rniir. 
AuauA<Jt«mH flHjj. Eii^rutCir", Htpgnniia 

llf l"/>". 
AutMchbr Tliln^k, mil thin. 
Au*a. ifiisjrtEid, flf'- 
AiM-ma-*ti. \i.\ir. /■ijjuairD.t,' u,ti^0— ^ 

-rrr ^ Jlrir — , ipJitawif^irJ Ti Ihr jpnTlg 

(HI itdrr^'. 
Allfii:hanBla, hul— , T<f bdp OKh 

hpI brr. 
AiJkntlnU, NhI— . TflfcuAendnnbiT. 
ABihwiPtlltH F^iai — . Ti^ jxhI, r4i^li olbrr 
Attn IIJflL) SalL 
Atin^ik, 2,1 .ir. Yivr^^L ^ mui'^ — j—ott; 

MB— on. TDnall^piitHliHja. 

MMtpy zl CICit Otlt^E. 
AittslDjTAtfi, naal. Pnijhiiml dT rn- ' 

loloial-a. "1q ohrler/' 
Atlvrikili, ^MAlV— . Tv l4'll PB«h' 

a-ch DthM-, JiBk etch 4Jth*r ^li H>>. 
Aibm J3Id1^,|, |ii(], DciL4Li:i ilpiii^iQn uiJ 

tridinpli. I 

AlOp, ?««Hr ; 

AiSt. <T ) TUftiu tiom tugg^r-OKnc mftl, ' 

nini^lrHl c-Jie |2> Tre* wJ,«v Imrk lu 

poinnTsil QUE thin far tloih. 
Atoti. R*d pl/nimt, snuiHo i 

AHik. For aij'ih. j 

A>upr P.irllH'lr uar^ nfter fa |En ordw ' 
lltBth Jn JblroJuH'Inii daiLSH of piir. 

Atip. Wrld. 

AtatBEha. Ble i9tH:rpll Ear. 

AtjtAhDhif, Verj lull, ri^ntli^ 

AtAlJlhuallp UrI. yir — at. Tn !« bIIv#, i 

tat Jfre. I 

Atntiplci. !-;ballDhv» \aw. , 

Al«(D. S-tfODiljiij flfo. of «h]iK Eliriw ' 

"V l^irn n«r ^aluh, I 

Allb. Trap, dd»lf4ll lor laU. 
! Atlfantan. Tm, f»rn-l|kr ImE. lilaoL 

I woed, r^!nl« ante, liuUaw otnUr, tnl 
A(JlA-«kaA, Waop. 
AlikcHi-alc, i^, J'ncriiltciif ;-— m f—tn ,' 

"fl— ; uPhHilHatfl. 'fo run afl*r. 

. AtlnB-nofnginu- A vtty pomuvau^ 

I ^Xlp> ibfl ^«u of I Ttuf . 

jAtngHn, paiticlfl-prcIlK in IdLh'TfiWi- 
' tkma. Will : jwrlupH, 
! Atrtpali panlclt^rtat in aflB<4n to ihs 
I prvfihllibiF, PrrikBT^, It loAy l>^, 

] Ate. TrlbirnBl, |hi«J ivon uf nbi^ □] q 

dl^i^luiL of UwEitLinrDlr, 
; Al4b. ^'all trap fur calx. 
I Albfjtng. I^ar^ Hfpttf4fiHi (w^iirtr's 
AIBI. JJv^r 

AHJIfj. AKlllflllTh*,ni[liH|out Hirdubt 

I ti"i-, u-^d f<n' "|*ar-HSmJlK and boiia. 

Atan-ehi n,Y,tr, yji — iuy mcnir-' ; — n; 

'•"t — , To mute lo aitn^lket pljri-. 
Alenfln ll In W4»im wralTier. 
AlDpg-ak. a.v.iT. l^^-at; mu^ — j 
—DBn-.irO — Ofl Tnl burrj, 

' ArMfungAMn. lUlnbdv. 
Auaunl. Aftf rvards, b} add liy. 
AupI. WlLL, hy nnd by. 
AunI la AhJl. Wail ■ Utile. 

Aunlha, Ejilnf. WiLit. 
Avfa-ck, I-afai^ Bifl"s— / — (n; 
"Uf — ,- um— t* To r-T[y H child on 

Avfafalt. WFiite btuIm fouDd En roHb. 

AyTmnJhD [itp,|. Pan. 

Avfek, i.r.ti. laaf^, vxa^gaii,- anftuj 

Av'ot«t-BkH JM^-iJthtir.; wtinpa- 
/hJoI, aBftifofen^ 'wivfffnlj Mmafolol- 
iia. to h^bm; o^; kvtar. 

AwaltiaA (v,4er,>r I Cbliik wi. \^-||1i 
Aihii Ma, rtc.: r tbjik It ii rnu, ]ip. 

Awalo Boi^} qF man or Bblopnl. 

Awen. The tl^M hpnd. 

A**t-ik,3,v.(r. /b— <«,- wen^— ;— an,- 
mo--, Tab«a-iflln^tiiliiiiinHLiairtili; 
as oua drriilrd . 

Awlchin. Ouljil[]c,butii«rallL«bulJd- 

*wld [Tlnl^.l, Outom. 

Awll. SohL^lhlnjt carried vFtli om, bar^ 

Kage, ptpaoBul pirpo, 
AiH^-vli, /n—ta.-mff 117— ,'—*«,' 

PJifl— T™ can; (baurajir m «(ra<:4fl> 

niLli ohe ihi f^ }''umty. 

Ajfuh-ikH 2, /it— .1-,- momgaj/ag; 

— m; md— .t»»; ■ima^fii^'i. Tm oiII, 

Ayiwinp 1|V|]|J imtTnlo (Urnhmi). 




Aynyaim- Bird IgruO 
Af utu-mk, 3, In — fc;— en; — en. T0 
□ukfl (Hiigftrl hj boElliiff dciwn, ^a 

Ayulirk A proDl^re, wboF«nK>]i|f»r. 

BuflH lllob:.!, Hulljd, i^HOHid rlro. 
D^il. Bullet feniL nauie iuv4 ^V Bbjq 

KisIf FvIiEiDlil^d ilrlnkiEads fn]ciHii£Br 

caiu; MioD ■>> /(not, (^F« Pufurf-) 
BandllcB |U.]. Bkalw 
DDPdlHark tU.J. 3, Binat^kak; 

nvanmtlihm; irvUKa^n; mabemi^lta. 


Cha— ^ Ji pnan la proper iuihb (per- 
HiiHl, uitlt tba prepoAlLlon uitfn 

e.g., "Jakt^ elia-S'flffK^- nt Nolrtfl- 

Cha. Th. 

— Ct^l- SuHIa: oI tlie third ploFal. 

Chun [Iktr.r. No. 

CAadchakniKfAg. L&r^, bjjj, InianJ), 
CfiOd^u, — IbL Very, nuMt, alao ialrn- 

GHad'llt bhthohAlia. Lor^Ht, terj 
Chadiufl. A IrEal m tnt of Jiiikhwd« 

tiM omlBBr-aDla IhroT ^ma ur ttpmn 

al aHk pOici. 
Chaljt. Sby, kcni^n. 
Cha-lch*. Thej, H^in. 
ChB-IU. dDBl. Wn (IWDI, 
Cria-llak, r7ltfnall)Hi, maaait! 

ChAh"-; chak*— ; dkim — ; chjinji — , 

ttc. V, atettx dE amtinulnjf rcirin. 
Chakv^r. Wb (iDDinlUls majpany, u 

n»lTut«l irlUi tba v/hula body). 
Chahflu. Via "itk f^ liilr 
Ghakt'lFakp S.v.'r- Uhinalcaito; mamr- ' 

t-iii—S**,- "»"—■- Xpt1i:hk, I 

Chahthakd. Idrp, Uv, ^[lant 4 nize> . ! 
Chakohfthu^vag limldreu'B r<|»[r«' | 

i!'»n)- OnuL, \argB. 
Ohahlklah-eh, 3,*,t£, CAHotibi jIu. ; ' 

— m; — m; lurtojUliiLiA. Ta jnake, 

■Ihnp, HlimiDff. '^ ■ 

ChmkCin- Wind, brmRj air. 
Chaklafl. Ta|lH»li>e on ibc bnEut. 
Chaklak-ak, 3, CUiufa]a^i^; ng- j 

r^tl^i — flh: no — Hill. To Ia4tm on ' 

Chflkap^p a,T.ti. Ctinoliap^; HurTKr- 1 
tup; '-*■; Pko — . Tq naihflt up ■ 

Chakun- fiiiiiiiii€r, tba di-v irdwiii. 
GHili, Blof^. 

Cnal-an liJoli.|. Trdll, md4, piUi («pe- 

Charat. SmlihciB; jnii.'r, cauu, rrA- 

■oji. fipsg huh fihdliT^iir' What |» the 

ChaEau. Hv»t Sag, CnlamiiB raol. 
Chilikan- tuoldDB place ai aiofq-. 
Chain. Ei.1 
Chalengchang. A iMpLrintnrt lo «<ArT 

birda in rtH pbl wJtIt tmir^ nt fa-i- 

gicaa rtUxliea. 
ChllkiliiB'- A'lllav. 
ChaluplHg. Prop Co aiipptaL mulL pil 

DTer laigu fkr'itan. 
ChamBD [Ilofc ). ?J<»-Bi rp-port. figay 

MIR caamo^J Wbat la tliC homqI 
ChtmtbdA, CJiDppinjf blih'L or ImanI, 
ChamAk-akn 3,irl¥. €hiior)f^gia,j nu- 

nBaiajr; —en; ura^'ikaiina^, To lieiir 

G^amlna- HuHhraom, raddLhlL I'-g, 

}»[]r>w Bpulr^, cdilile liwL agbrLcit'l. 
CM-nQan-akr^.v 1r. f^ino— i-o./j^ana — ■ 

chUi— aa; Jtiaf £<iiijririi , t- meajurp Thy 

Ihv ntmchcl Qn^rik. 
CtiingEDI ('. enctijmgldMr I^Evan^ 

^WL'ling durirg a UrijaM \_l\flidiiyi. 
G^anlp. I^|>lil ImDiboD for [Jinil rira up 

Chanke. Larg* laj t^rd Hut deTcmra 

growLDji Tiae. 
ChBHuni [llok. daiibNi]. W^lcr, Jijitlil, 

jUlff, pus. 
Ghiipibni^likp 2, CtfBaHinwai: : rirf- 

i»a*iiiPHi^' — f'r.j ™a — . Q'a put \ra.m "m 

Chanum al JntellclDk. VV^IrrfitlLr 

ChlilUm al ^ukdn. Hohfy 

■QtitO- I'jkder. 

■ChjitLkt cfial^k Titfii? as chiiOni>, 

Unrlei, In, 
Chatlnin THj undri. 
Chaomak, Z, E7AJtia«i inuf. , nmnirutn ,- 

Cliaapak, U,T,lr. (.'* rjujnput , iianaop i 
i:Aa(>/HiL;firiT&JcAopaa. I'lLnulilliBjpiv, 
Chapal. Flat mEdei^e hjT 0^1^. 

C>ia;iLhe»rp 3,-.trr CfirmiNHgihh,- -Buriur- 
piir; f 4ap>i^n; PJidfhapiy. Th> pr"* or 
tqW Qat an tn Lreod laaklitg. 

Chapa. Ai«lh». 

Chapono- S^ood, livri (nol dIm). 

Chapojrak, CAJnupDubD; itratm.- 
p«i,- cAn^o/ri,' marhupDrL Td comU^ 
■rnngr llkchilr. 

ChapMD- Su^t. 

C hapkilsk , ^ C^fnapuiftn,' pjiairwpai .- 
^h«pbim,- ma-^happi. To hhhJ» or mate 
the Lair ilraE^bf. 

C^aa twaK, IpTLbs Vf^na&iuiio- m^tusaiii; 
rka^\r«tt- mopiUflia. To brolly \a aixpL: 
□wat InneJIalelf qd Ebo Hir. 

Cnala. L0*€l. 




— Ffj ubQ— ; ■nirna/a. To nmkv Lav*'r 
CJlitiih'Ck^3,F.Lr. ClLfalcMUislM_:—tn; 

— inf ffi^iratsg. To di'vldf, dl^lrabula 

lo S4VVIM.I ijidlTEdualE 43V^IJ1). 
CJ<«tHhBn--j — 1»: — EhB, v.(r. To 

divj^lD Ilk? y^t-T, 
Clltlku. Wb, Ej., th» «1mL« UhFv -r 

CChJiL f iBnL - 

Ctiaw-lL-flkH 3,r.Lr. C^AEno-iraftOi' niBHT- 
iraf .- — ^if,' inn — ; 'jiiii rud mr f hr. To 

le^i-qii', r,^„ povi mEpJl, e.ff., ball; lo 
life UJh, 

Chtn |0. TlLt Kftfy '\t a CKILT mlJI, 

fll1n'i/i(i\ - ''"itS\i'\ io, 'Id brilil ILI4E 
^hflAdi. K<'9.EtiL^ LiiL li;Oc riR. Wilt 

nlji|fiiia |ii'i'i'Si'Jj<'fTj> H-n iPturiL Irujn 

rtpi^Ll L| jdi-it jd ■f/Jtl^h CDviDJrH Law I'm 

ChA^'ahfll. A kini? -.'t i'm-b, luiullf red. 

ChiVuBnla, ni.n. PriJ? 

CKenaf* JhY.lT, WiimjE*; mnjipijfif,- 

^fjift'tl, Mrri]H«f]. In It^^Tj 
— Ehi itti lUlGi J, Tlinl. Ili^rf, ivf^fTl i^j 

In ivItaL iH jii ji cliHlBK^c, 
CH|flngh1nBut-<4(, a, l.'l\.im€h\HgHt- 

Tu ftuLI, iriflkn cLirtfi irtifflMih. 
CliPdIlhflrtthA, v,^,|,rn, -Vpn— ; ijii^irf- 

CKtU rilol:. di/al. Tiinuur. 0*l,a,A.^i.«Hiii7- 

f^i?; —DPI, nio— on; ofrunT^^i'ftff 

To III* niiti (In: Iwnpie. 

Chllui, l.^roit}' I'] , 

Ctilminil-ck. a.v.lT. pfc,t.,hiifio; trjoq ! C>iHh-«h. S.i-ir/ CfiStiuw/itlto; -j'cp*n,]- 

«', "'l'/"^"' ""^^ Tn "en-. I I'^.—'-x^mad—rij-chu^otcki.-a. To 

ChlnAdnlFt. A J.iiJ, t*l like in 4luip«, plrr™, pilat, punch. 

o>iiiLl4'rlnal*rrH:cl bo tlint nmticiii in I Chtlta. PloDrinjf aLotv; llwptlnjr nf Fi« 

EEllHir«llll|;. I Iflft. 

ChlAflJakwag. A /nJ.rd {>» word) njp- 1 ChSwa. Purl, ponian, 
jjor^l hf four afi::}.?, I C>i-*wik. B,i,ir, Chiiiflirat; dutiuimw,' 

Ctilnangtii. AVIil w 1> i^*i:1i i'li>1h. ibaJb- m ] — *-; mo'tefiiirar To AMit goblin «■ 

HarlifT [eH'H'i. lormerl* u^w^ orLi' Id 1 properly oaual! v. 

put on GorjrVH af hurJfll. DHh^v ^|«, I CAueKuji. Tbe ortlnjuy irflBjujpp^ ol 

u"i-n. fl-nernlEv dj.'d willi lBll[p^ I JljEtt for locu*!) 

CTiJnBOhlfljj llliitf. WrlL I CMuBehugniii. JdeUorllr 

ChJngut, iJiM. I OiuIaIl*. HaJL 

C*ii«|Sp andSt,]. nif CliripitiaTi find, Chulli. TTip badilif^K of an uilnu: ar 
C-nlp*l(, a.TtrL <?t i"i Bipai ,' jirn«nipo,' I Jinn. 

clilpai^ i—]. Tn [i«eiil theaidr. \ Chvma^m-wk. l.vJat. erMK_ii,V 
Chipap-ok. S,vii. f?hli,ii»pl,-o-i mruilp- • Ic^i—t-.iriiu—la. To«»r«rr(.n Ilia 

d|i ;—*■■.,■ noJ—, Toealfli. water, OHPB to nflnH 

ChlpBk (SMi^ii o^fpjitK : Chu-RiAkehiEtl-ik, oii-^-ni 

CTiochD. Wnune. FcAu— | ; ofrB-Jo. To -tow lar«-r 

Chbl^rdJr Tie ThIii' oe it) u UisFa, nt a 

GhMiFtg. Can DT HHiLaiit binbu, A-itlh 
-nloiHatri! driini.LL^H worbed by 
i*ater f-/r^ or by ha*l. 

Chokang-ak, S.-.tir Chibokan^lf; na 
pj'Uffirs, — *b; I'M", To pull ori»-Ptk 

Chokau. CLhHH kiallel, i^kwli nr bay, 
vma In IronE oE Dtnrl». 

Ch«hfl1. BLjrned, bolleJ rfH:,'. 
Chekmal-ek, 3, (?i« IpjoI dun " y t>ui. 
■lolmol; — in, Fha— . ^o citlcli nnj- 

IJiing (lirOMll. 

ChakiQ. ^iBtLDnAF.v ^hflr iit Iiouh. 

Cnoleng-'k, S.v.Er. r'lK^nufei r>^s^j .' >T>.jiro' 
^■VVi ^r(;jTrn4Wl0^Ofljpirir. To iaiLilttt 
Llie (ii-deii. e ( , Hi] n piaw ^f tlnbeF. 

fjuii Fniilnt,; Saoioki |» oppoaLEi- Hon- 

ChflfnIlMl-lk, [int. fJfi^mt^^t^/it; 

r— h; — ra. roMmh, i1i,k]i, 
ChomlnKa [^p, in^l M.|. Sumlpy. 
Chango. Miuhnuhi fArarfcim cHirnHiB 


Chonal-*k, S,v-tT. CHiioirgSln: manlt- 

Hl,9:,22>. ^ 

Cho-ok (■(• also Lipai), Tl^ II ioe a rflet 

llierin; h^rvefl, 
Chaam. Rnvjlfd ffreeci tit*. 
ChflpB, Tlie mwsijre at ap arm -aEr^r rJi, 
Ch]jpfl-«k. 3,vl[, ^rAinatpcA-,- «a»H.(>f,' 

— ni,' nrod— . To n*aamt by jn-m- 

Chdppaa. CljffcfrHvfr. 

C^Ctik. Chkkcn, larp: bu( jtmng 

iThiri-iHi/a, It Ib hl^edliir. 
Chu-PtaaJ-wilc, l.tJnK. 


CAin — UAb; 
fa;uH4iftajiu. ToEmtll 

njanDdT^Dioji,- —en; f — >. To have 
or BTi -oblert In fronl. of Uit 
ObiPrt al Elis verb. fJili-AolJbQl™ 
fldJrff, I flm I, ilnd jou (v(ji,M>. 
Ch«lpj, in^F. And Lliinl bii( Ihii! Ad ChuKilktl, 3j. din— I» ti hJ aluh- 
mtflrieoH 01.1,1 nztpreBHinm that i^^n. ' Ibk 'pjtii Hood. * 

to r^prHd wiTpThe BnJ dE.aptKiJiH- ' Ghumlliu, Rot, p^pptrj, 
mflii at -what hm Jiji*t -Deciirred, , Chiimj|«. J-oobT, ■■ " ■ 





— ta- To k«p K JMot. 
CMLjrnDk«n. ?lEnL 

Chumudahuneb WchrkoAiL; inJiiatcjoiu. 
ChungtH-aW, 3, Citmntmsnaloj 

mnBHiDBco 11/ — CHI "mrf— To !«« 
Clun^nak, 3,v tr. E^Ainnot, mdilho; 

—En,- mniiio. To vork, lo Jq. t'^Uf 

t](^ HBii un^, tik work lh0?uJ«D. 
C riun na na. Dull ««, vitcL , 
C^UM-tK [11^.1, t.v.a. GMwMab; ma- 

luaa; — an; na — . To oorrHt, &dviir, 

ChulaFkut [IlokJ FdlL^jaj bair on 

ChutcTiuMHp 2.irtr. CAivu»4N(<i,t; 

manucAufj' —an,- nuiohii^c^i-Jan. To 

pluck IdwIb. 
Chv>v. A ninpri boMl of vood. 


DtQum [i]o4i.]. :\cviii». 

Din lllol,,]. I'lun. 


EkBng-*li, J^vlt ^n— in^ — m. To Bup- ' 

EhDhiK-ak,5,T.Lr. Jiiet«^gita;iH'ri<frf.^- if ft mangalumk)- Tc» I 

Ekwat'BkpJ.vtF. In — ko.'monj — ; — «<; ', 
fua — ,-u™ — ibo. TolinDodlFy, ' 

Elsk. SIsppliLirbiHiru 
Emh. F»ll-rr4ipforpiBB, 
Eniamanir v.JvI, Vo h ga^hnei 
El ■■A'nUd-ak, l,E|LLr A'rx— dit; loie*— ; 
en— fo. T-D lookHoar, ilnio. wnowfnl, 

ElrA^n^bHa-ak, .V««— dib.'rrH— ; 

en— Is. Talrt iiiolrat, JopQible {l.llB}, ■ 
En«hi>i-ik, a, H—i BKnntBim; ' 

i-rutn^HI mooAAUd To ptli« ma Q&t ' 

Db(Hr. u^inat Aiiotb^r. i 

En'flli-ak, l,[nlr tfeti — ot; an — ; at—- ' 

To [wgD, 1b Irlbg. 
En-«lln|U-aEiH IhIdL. KAn-^:^; (en—}; 

ian— )- Tonukeshailav. 
Eti-alLnUch4l-JlK. Wflu— p*, ] 

oini— ,' fti- — la, To ItlTcoVflbi 
En -j|niih4.ah» l.lDt. ^m— a£ - mcD — ;i 

SH — lif," HrflQ^4f*0fl1, Ta vtii HD^ sJiu I 

En-iMP-ak, L.v.ti-- \"™- ok; men—,-' 

fin — *a; but—. To ant jiw. (Objp*! 

mtb unoiFL^ i 

ED-anlTAl-ak, l.Int JVm— oft; a..— , ; 

en— «i, To bflild hoctB. | 

En-ap«ng-pk, |,Lnt. Win — aJf; rvn— ; i 

B^--[B. Tft stTaimlfti Ifl ]ho!d trEitli 111 ' 

tbe wbler 

n— rn- To greua LhA li«ijf, I 

En-aLBld'InfiV., i.imt, y^pi— nt,- ncn — ; 
I 'm — Fa. Toho»flrigiLB, 
: En-ayu^U^4k.J.iii[. -Vaa— Hit,*» — ;en — . 

Tq toll do^n, ••-g-, hajfur; [□ »« tm 

En-£>iiachAi>WlB-flk, I.LnL, .'tiT-n— o.^; 
"!*-■— j' Hi" — . ip pi iiredJj unr] not 
En-chAmag-ak [Jlok.], Nen—ak; 
\ — I — 1 "Hi "mpt lo knov, at rH-i-*. 
I En-OhiOp-ak. IJnl. Vc«— ^t: Jitfti— ; 
: m—ia- Ttnivsub onsVim-n ],ii]^. 

Enehl»DtlhinpLu. To -v [l>:.t.Li^, >i: uIH^ 
, En^churadctiwa-ali IIJ(A.J A'h-pj — fJi; 
HlM— ; rtl — . To Goiilii, 
En-anl9leptta-dkL!>p.|,J,iii1, \-n<—ai-; 
rn — ,' hi tpj f jJcpr/fl. To act ^n irCer- 

En-fAlt-<h, l,lnr Yfpl— al; ui<:iL--; 
•^t — It- To go lo anoLlieT lyn Ti. 

- EnfilBUIji, v-pFd. To be ^1 p^^i:, 

: En-rflkf«lre4-flk» L.iiil. .IV^i— ,i[ , rn — y 

- rn -. Tuplnyai Timtirfl ftUH'L'. 

- En-ralfl-dk, J,iiir, y'ri^—^k; iicm— ; 
ei—la. To Ln' uul-LiV. 

I En fiUngai-flk, I,Lpi, 'ro ^d >h a Itoat. 

I Front /"□ fir ji^iii, 

, El-ralln-ak. !>!, ,\Vid— a^-; Jiidn— y 
*!■ — ^u. To tiicrL HijirBcIS o^-nir. 
En-fab-ik» ],liLi. ^f^, rat; pjtHj — ; 

r'ri — !•/. To TVibll, .lllrlj. 
En-f1llt||.ak» l.lnl. Xi-i^—aJ.-- i«— . To 
I Ji|»read riltlii^) nut. 
] Enl4lDn-a1<,, .Vi:n-^1; jufri--; 
I "I— fn. To utaa p,t Iiiiii'EilI 
, En^ruchak-ak, i,m|, Vni— ^nt; t>Liit — .- 
' *.L— /fl. Tofliicirt. 
' Enflllgll,— liku, IVe ijo l^^^lhor, 
: En-rukaiinak^ J.lnlr ^'e^ — at; nptr — ; 
HfL— ^Qi ToaLliJl CJJ out 
En-futtng-ak |I]*.k,l, l.irat. Kt-n— <,*,,- 
hh*"! — , f n — ^Oj To It^i^njoc idLouoilIaL 
Ej1-||a*-akH l.lnt. -Vn'rv-Oft; L — ^; 
c-t—la. tb -crpem, bIlouI, 
; Efl'Jtmin-iK [liokl, l.lnL V^— at; 

"■rn — ,' m — ta. To gi»s timnk-^, 
■ En-loha-akil.nAurnLTrn^-aE.'irjfn— ; 
I ci—ta. To narni oni^eclf. 
[ En4|pEc. S^kiijiir, >EifipEr. 
Enlfltok ittani Ifltok. lo \vef ti.ui\.-T. 
Uj SHi[i.i]r, irf., Ihe .^m- nho piilE mi- 
m \ akU- pImi^. 
I EF>-m>u-ak,|,l||[. Ji,-ci—ah,-e7i—,m—. 
: Tq drpam. 

I EnllikD, nan- The sdl^r, rncci^iLiil. 
Eh- Ine Knyun -akp L.liit.?P~crj — nit ;>ilaii — f 

flrr —fa. To ii-i."liip, 
EnLllPth a,B. .Vai — . Tt dHpa. 
EnJaMi-Clr, S*n—aii! rt—: 

nreu — . T(P nSrip, 
En-lHlg^h, i.F.Jat. ,Vtfn— aS; nifii — ,- 

aa— rov-nj — on. Tofonch IKI.ITI. 
Enlau. Equal. 
En-lau-ak» 3, V™ .--ft.- »fji— c; 

Hi — en .■=10 — . TanmktH'nnnl, 
En-lut-ik, i.irC Aph— nt'; lun— ■ 

Ejp-Jo, To bB\t -r<iip] ItiiprfTinpi*, 




Cn-higKiiva-antii T.pln. Xcti—etia- 

mtjl — en; for e>-~vfl) ; Bin— twitawa 
To Fjd^e Ian H>bJv«l-> lKl.i«eji. 
enlijig-llriljir v,pla. l^K at- pLuy kLiifctiiH 

fin-kilhil^Hk, r.lnL .Veh — aj^,- mn—; 

*ii— fa. To dig Jq llie jroDiid. 

En'hAhAM-ahH Jiinl. Jren — at, kjai — ; 
*" — fa. ^^l "p*nl, make Hounil witls 
tit? virLi», HaQri. BP T^PiLnJinl, 

Cn-kikiniD-ili, l.lnt. Veu— dil: iimv 
pi -,- l^iwuH-i' Ifollowed bj iLf lolii- 
ItE?*^. To In; ai-iH, (iniiA. Sio mtj- 
jlui'ic- oi ihfprrf, b» wriUtt fu^t 

Ci-ttBlal^k, I.ipl. Xei — atj' ^la — ; 
— 11 P" pimkr' murk', winbhls. 

En-hAlamAng-AHp l.inl. Km — nlc; 
w\m — ; tm— 'In. Ta *r*f|>, u ■ ?|ilJil, 

En^kiFI-flk, r.inl. Vfl>i — at; m.m- 
^N — '^ I'll Hp«ah. 

En-hflNb-t«. * p|-ii, \*v- nj; m4"tii41fi; 
ffn— Ifl; ura J^rJ?M fn^. To "hip rinnbirdH 
«]tli i,\jaAJe iltulity of ilicb. 

En^kAllkana-'k. HdI' ^'<ii — atjtncn.-- 
at— Jii. 1» muki* Ji iifiii*, mmnU 

En-kBUtkBt-ik, L,inl, JV«f— ot ,- m**— ; 

c-F(— 1«. To jp-fciLj Uir Iffllh iia,LSj . 
EnldJupklBl, ^a. n !■ aoEl. Ilralbl^. 

■4,t CMUi Jiul sEanliiL 
Enkjimlink- l,irt. .Ven — ; urpi^-,- 

m— J» Ta unnfl; lobwlo ii> rrv. 
Eiriunu. XTnlil. 
E*t-k«ob'th. Xen — al,- — y 

en — 'rt; ^"ivofa*. 'to ikl^ due, fioi- 

EnkapjIIJIfit.l. Wwt. 

Bn-hflpul-Bk. l,Liit. flV-.--at; ,^e,— ,- 

f n— rii. Tn bP wtflk 
E PI ^kBibtMn^Ak, I ,liiE. fin, — ^ ,-mtn — ; 

en— 111. Tn pBnt, breatlia harj, 
EnKatd,3,B. ftiUhiH. 
EnhBlHeb, ISh Enk|tt.l 
Enktiklt-Air illnJi.]- l.lnt Vfti—ol; 

mvD^Uitii^- ft< — . To sliavi-thr hcird. 
EnJ^ILIilLug, 3a Tl iJittliiH. 
En-kJwA-Bk, y.n al/ : imT — ,- ; 

en — fa Ti-mmr. ; 

EnkofoDi, in. Vh7ji , To rumhlp irlipi 

En -knksngH-Bk IM- -V rji— ia,l ,-fji en— .- 

fH — 'if Tn fepl Itfldj dlXH^II ii)^, dlfl- 
El1-UahDak.3.i-'VFr<--. TQi:rq4|KIUBUr^ ■ 

tfiaaltKBfl. TL{E^., thelknMllldflibn- I 

En-kelit-Bk, IJH. VUi— 4t ;a— fai. 'T^' ' 

En-kofCp'Bkn l.iat. V*n— Hii; n-rii— ; 

en — Ip; ma — irrj, Tfl«1H ODe'abs. I 
Ell-kDiiiJu-Bh, Ipint, JTdt— djt; n — ^a, j 

TujfllpLnllljijr <u1s ta<4:fi^l1, I 
En^kulm-ikpl^nt, Vr pi— al; ptieploi£ii,' ' 

tt—tm. TobfBbBtfbilaui, biHttllUfl. , 

I EnkullwlB, 3j. ItHpins, 

I Enliulj'iu/iu. PoililiedF *hiiiLre, e.c- 
I aiuarl <« diCCb], 

j En-kuwaf-ek, 3, fipi—^; — »; 
I — A|. T? Jk&ve BDDtbrr bflow hlh', io h 
Hapnioi' To. 

Enkirrak, —an. Clf. (Jnftpdoi aa n 
'erbfn Tobf ralne, v«i[(i,Fb:r 1a,l41 . 
' EFilift C^.K A VBsb»rBitB or rn'mri-r. 

Eirligftf^k, IJdE, JVff4— al; vm— .- 

f*— (a. TuMcrkLytliviDnAtl, 
Enl-BkB. Makn. 

Eri^lBkB^k, l.lDl. .VSK— tJ-: mrh^ . 

I ;ia~la. T? 1^ ihv mafcr. 
: En-ljk|iahl'«J( [ItoR,], I,jti(. Von— i»(: 
I "-ffl — ; ff— fa Tn UM a hbw. 
trt-lBrB4ad-Bk, I.EnE, ^.;h— ot; (*>i— ) ; 

leti— fn), To be liiippy. 
fn-lamlu-iii [Sp,|, j,[n[, .N-n,— ofr; 

I""— f i iFn-la). To *qfl «( (pbll!- 
EnlnnflkM, Sticky. 
EnlafiplAngBP, — cHb! nen*— i TojnmL- 

aSont I ocVliud ol m(h\apid|U nr^iullfl, 
Hfeb, «1p„ iq «■>■ pari of imy}. 

En-linoM-ik, .Vsii— nl,,- vfK— ; 

tH—lt. TVhciH |q^ of flF^WDod. 

CP"l«nltHlk,lJnl. A™-^t.Tii-lo Trv 

pTTB-n 111* liB! I r. 

en.llkll-*k, l.lnl. Vfti— ,4, ff»fl— ; 

Ei»— [a Thj bt in difflcuriy. 
En-|:ikoB-Bk. I,liit, S'e»—alc; i-™— , 

rir ^«, Tn turn avn^ iht hsad. 
EfilJhwJnn 3,1^ A'n- |E nlilria itlit 

En-IFnBW'«k, l,;nE. XcH—ak- trrn — ; 

-^1— ^11. To[iephu(4, 
En-IJttp'Ak, Mnl. Sen—tti nrc-—; 

£1 — la, 'lo duck fir Ji*p unlvr tiK 

ijHaEcr lb bilhrng oc flying. 
Enlakl^ktlK W«k. boding. rH^pplieil 

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Eniaksrok-Bk liroit], ]Jni. s^pi^hiA-; 

fi«efl-^,'»— W. T40r»c]rir?T»piinJ4K 
Ei-IOkoreko-ak, ifjim Rp bcrj.t J,Id1. 

A'fin— u*; en.— /en— ro, Totriflr, ^tc 

li'jiibl?, Ih looMoi^. 
EtilfrlMeg. Slr£i|rbJ,d;T«i^,iuitcn»k0l 
Ei-lfith-okn 3, Nat — fit,- mfn—rnj 

en — et;iHall6g. To oulwBlraE^L 1 1 J >. 
Cn-riim«ng-ife, Uiit ^Ai— at; -kh— 

Hh — M. ToQiaiiDrt. 

fhTiikdBir n'br JBDt-riirErinyT 

Ei-nipnajing-K,ljDt. .Vs™ — «t;jrT*-— ,- 

en — rt. TolnKhkiJiHuLHl.surBEjilnluiLi 

anaj (ram om'b woik ; taliv Juattditire. 

EnnakB. Give me-. p«rb«fia nSbrrviiiUil 

En^"-D>«le-J|k, l.jnlr Ycii— ot; m*a— j- 

™— (a, Tocry (liabfh 
En dgan tga PI, 3^9. It ff^ta liTprr, mhiiic, 

■|H-eBda, efn, Br«,or bdJb iD^JiriblDj. 
En-ngao-ak, I Jul. Vm nl:; 

M— ra. To make & ton lilt 
Kn-neU4-thp I.JbL A'e-— et; 

at- — Tfl. ^broalhe. 




■napasffV, 9^ Kn*—: t — i- To bark 

EnnflOtita- Iliiik>i:(ilc»rea rilli«h'i?il^l|, 
En-nlchu-Ak, Ijnt jv™. — at; mffn— ; 

«■' 1^ To 4BTDI UBiU^U. 

En^^ans-lliT.plu. Htn — lainnf^. In 

Kn-4flDliV4Mlir, l,1i»l- Vrn'-atv ihh^— ; 
nh-H. tDlcllAitwy. 

A< — ^4. TnTki^Serdioiii hun^r.ffeEiiJne, 

En-Qkreng-ak. IJnI. J^f.*- oit; -f..— _,■ 

EJi — ^a. Ta Hi loo mtuili nnl, 
Enttlta. I'ri.d El». 
En^ttngja-ik, ypt, jVpi|— qA; lutn— ; 

CI*— M; <' — Ji OppiO-j^pti, Tc lie, 

Cn-ongortBAl-ak, IhEdI \W — n^,' (^^1 ; ' 

«i — ^a- To WBp Ihe hcail in kDucvh 

tlF«ULinr, tr&Bttta & vitEnn}', 
Ei.anqnfl-t«kWp '.plOr Hot — lalci, I'li , 

JIfLilt qiikrrd. 
EPl-apnap-ak, l.iiil, ytn- «t; PUf*— j- 1 

?ii— fflr To VDrb fe foTiM, 
Ert-(lpdBp'ak,MnL. Wtx—ak,^- ,-rx -. 

Tch piny * 3iitt ur piai: 

■ npKBhHuena, Soun 

En-pvllA-dk, |,(Tilr ^cH — oit.'ffn— ?«ir— . 

To -Hlii»r oii»»lf L 
EnpAhftik |HHenk«k«alr)i Tu ouKEp. 
En-pHla-ik, ],iQL Vai— dl,- ^n— ; ' 

H — Al R^novfl tfallgl with or w^Ui^ I 

oat afaur«], | 

En-pflllntamfc^B-ihi Ijnt ?la—ak_;' 

Htm—; ( — I , To IebmI ; In wnhip. 
En-panfa1-ak[llak ].l,in[. Ve«-,-m^ii; . 

ni--'r«. TciLpJr Ilea, ro falnif; in nn^cC. ; 
En-pant*lupi4k [3p.|, l.lnl. .Vi^— okyl 

■m— ; *ii — ra. To wp^t putrAloAni. 
En-PHloI'lV iSp.]. I,*.tr. Hf—akj' 

rtJflT— ;cit— laiBHi—Bn, to lienl, caw ' 

lor In paBlur»L 
Kr\'fatjMtayMU'Mk, >'ifii— dL,- , 

i"e« — ; c»— -(a. To 9j kll#i. 
En.pai'tBpOT'akp Ijnt yen — at,- . 

««— ; Hk—Ji. Xrt trtmbk "hjikc. i 
EnpuongUi "plu. To abirt IIl4- minir , 

umbrella, ; 

En-pJHt-alfH Fl[Q&.|, IJnt. Nm— trJb,- 

ft< — ; en—. To iLiq 1or«r | 

Ep-plnk^-jh, IjDt. fien—aki f— ) : | 

en— 4k To llfllit A iDALch. 
En-plpiril-np IM. .Ven— dt; di^ii— v j 

ft*— In. Thi tiipp, to Iw tuDip. 
Enpakm. nULe. 
EnpHW. Hotv levarlsb. 
Enpld^Jg, S^ iLkuiUr 
E pi-HlkaU iLi, 1,1dL Vdi — dib; •neo^, 

m—la. To ride, otmiHt, alt opthii a ' 

En-vkfltl'lk |5p.|, I,1n1. ^an— a,t.' 
nrfv— yeiii — fa. To Ih l rteJIe r of nrorre 
or gEWi gtm. 

En-Hhon£|-Bk» l.inl. y^n— ht£; {-'>j 

m— (a, To luT-i flnmril. 
EX-Hla-ik [llok.l, l.inl, .Vrrf— ; 

(tB— fnh ,■ en — "r. iUii^i •tiI<- In liu' 

plural. I Th* ^riT. 
EfttilAnglaku, plu. SiOHl ni "^^ uf 

En^unlh-Ak, l,iiil. ,\cn— a^.- hia.l— ( 

f" -fc. Tfl lilds oreKJI. 
En-oacl-flK. (dT chAk), IJuF ^^Jt— nt,^ 

m — ; fn— Tr> i-ailr 
En-uBp-ik, l,fii[ Sen -nIc : nr— ; 

m -. To •lam or Moj. n nvfi fot 


EpU^flQan. ^h'rll^, ILrighMrllLjE , TUUIkil 

niton L 
En-l4Va-ik, l.iitl. .Wn- ul , xiri>— ; 

fti— fa. To -plaiili. 
En-ilkalk-ithr l.inl. Vi'n— »t,- "h,^n— ; 

rn— In. To [ikL lij* Ironi ||ie huEr 
En-illBk-ile, Mp[ .Vrn—ffJ,-; mm—; 

T J". To miirr up 
en-|ElV-«hi Mnt. .VfJI— flity Fjun -i 

fn — Ja. T"H liunp Htnw-elf, eommll lui. 


Enftlnc. Pflrl[i'1» idi'il Sq inlni-WJiif • 

EF(-ialit-iic, LjnI. Yi'ii— «,[!; iniii— ; 

ei — Id T41 I'rilr. 
En-AQnQt-pk, 1,||H, ^fji— ^fe To SfflH 

-Willi duifl. 
EniublilA [llQk.]. ToUJ^ lurn, i:Imiljjp. 
En-Hibek-ak, I,liir .Vfi»— al ,- h'pji— ',- 

mi — It. To ahave lli€ bmnl. 
En-hilTlk-ik» Unt. ^al— at; {— )| 

r — ) . Td hf B chm-lrr, 
EniiniiEtt, T.pla. Tlt ^mnw, ImlEiim 

op and down. 
En-IaTun-tlc, MelF. JT^n — nrt.' Mrpj— ; 

rn— fay n Fii'afuiria. To hide ooHclf. 
En-tAlan1en^jtk, I,in1. \in — aE.,-incPA '- ,' 

At — la. Td altolr^, It^nbl^. ' 
En't«nipek-ak, I,lnL ye* — ai:;>nfta — ; 

■rn— (i|, Td dup lIlB baiLdk 
En-ljtfka«d-liW» J.InC Vr*— at," mi-*— ; 

fi — taj Iw^fx^iadka. Tn liuL. U|hL-a.ri|iir 
Eh'Iflljg^kh l,jat Weic — ak- ; Lit — ; 

—m. To •rifke, Titoale. 
En-lATJilMhF IJlilr X'hi—i'i.-- Ni'HL^i 

''4 — ea. To «rliri, bfpln fi^ viy 

Hi— - To pli-y JmIJ, 
En-Ung'Cki ^±tj— eft; i-H — Fii,' 
*ji — en; ir^JircipoL To tear- In I'lit 
julo coiial parL«. 

emo. Where T 

BntPfiNo, 3,1 Ken—, ll Wl:i. 
EDtBpth, 3d, re-Elu flKll) , 
En-IOP'-lkp Ininlr JVrn 1*; r»ifr -: 

n» — eo. To fold tromeiiEa. 
Ert-tolala^a, PnOnL Ym — laf mrri — ; 

"Ti— ior To EbIk tngstliBC, mrfar ^iK■ 

EntMOPBChD. Tlifl bijFlvsl. 
En-tOtrfp-Jlkr l.Bnl y*ii— itS^ UrtH — / 

en—ra. Ta apir^ 



VWAl'tl^AflY yr J'ilfi WOBOT U^iiVAUK 

El-W«b-lhi l,PDt. JV-Ki— nt; T^flu — ; 

tai — la. To ^WB. 
En-AahiMin.3,s. fftn — . To gtvnf JE^g). 
Bn-win li-ik, ],Enl tren — ale; «fii— ; 

rrv— ^4/ mawaRitai. To put on b 

L^f^di flu!*, 
E n-nilq^vBg^jk, l.lnL. Jpfq — oJi; nnt — ; 

>-n~-^B ,- nomavi'^n Tq i»lii>^ Lbr liEnd 

]ii D^allnHi, or from iwrvouB biT^oeLid, 
Enyipbtr ^^-Id. 

Epeppt. Oiily four 

Cikuilain [t^f<]. I^Jiwk. 
EiplHtfl Lhp. ^rif M.l Snirpl. 
E1-nii. pntj \V'i-LI nuivJ Nuhv Ibe-Jt] 
Evanhella |Sp. b-euT M.J. CoapEl. 

Plt^ mri mlorhl IprHPli o-lnrli. 

-i^'l\'K\\ tjrniif'irn n &iwr, 
FtJi'-tKp3, {"inTifmiaTfimtal;- — ei^ 

— fn,' mafca. To atid a Hri'ADt L vl^ST j . 
Ftjingar. Ka-mol* giatcL about Ilouac. 
Fdb-B. TcHjili 
FJblllO, liPUng- 
FiOnnS'^ l'i|« Tut 6dfiiLLd^ 
Pibivrll. Ti^-jf lop. 
FflbTtti. ^R Ibe Idwd. 
Fa- G hing^i IthJ.v.tT. yiim — oVyra npini — j 

fir- HI," i-Jiii/ii — fl",' liiaira — ™, To 

F>'GhD-jk [ILofc.J, a^v.iTr finn— Bitp- 
|i^ c ; i4vp/a-— lit! 'I'd rS^illil^- 

ir^riiibLijiK P[>JTnj'a. ■-_ ^ 

F-«clivcnch, J,v,ir. /■.■«- d*".-jii™-J—J; 

f- rAnr, niiinaind Ja iIfiIoiW, ■mllv 

iL puctuu^- 
ffltfrak. ijji^oril, 

FaPi-I I ll'hk. Iiabai.}. Wnlnma. Itavnlf- 
FaIuI JJlukL] Iatjt^ I eitiMii^]AE«<l I pEv. 

mnr/atn, I'o in^, niftpwia 1 Ly what lias 

liriii lumiNl, n*lr Mum 1'. 
FkigfagCQ. tEo<^ ll^li CHpei:Ldllj' Id hud- 

□ n:i]Erit Hitli iiffH (src vnadr iL tOe 

b^il ol rbf rLc? liatib-kE. 
Ffliflch-ak, 2,v,i.r. f-'iPiaHif Aa j^ y ihj- 

jfTDiHld,- — ni; ■■JiOi'-— on, To IVpt* B 

FiilBchlng. / tfnn, Sit \ikt i\u LEnu 

Fiiii. DT baiE. KrnueTilrd Jrinl; oiBdci 

Falillng. A bvan. I«rgp kninitJ, 

F- Jt It ir-f l( » d.r.Er. /'i"4B«"'f ti 1' iiraii 

I— Hit; uiju/ — . To nukj' ihuh-, 
Fiirm iLiH.k.1. Tti* VB. 

■ —en; md/aip. Tn frblp (»ltt n .IkV, 


' FfionOi forrii-^kL Liid biiLr. 
Ffl-^ii-*k, 3,' 1r. Finai-atci; maimlbj 

--'Oi^ ino^-r To ma La coli], 
Faka |Sp.|. (>rt-. 

—fa; "ni/njoj, Toiiit inJo (tlie (ImIi) 

*ttb un ti •>! Lnlfr 
FikLng. TPja neck. 
Fakaa-*k. G.Vnlr. H-iatiteiii! Tnamitiiitj 

— p^; "no/otoj. To brrah \i etkh hjt 

HoliJ arlitla. BoraaEEiuvH dI'-q r1i»Lli| ; 

lo k-ar, ilitriuv. 
FllrU. A luil. 

Fakal al rjthfinla. xSEnnll impE, Iwk. 
,' Fakcdi f^lrl^ of IhidIhjo IL?^ Ijq^llivT 

■Qil nCivli:!!?^ Bi:[D9fl a ri«e plol E-n 
, fritfhmi birdv, 
Faka'n. So, IdiWhI; ^^i.Ie'iiiIih aTC, Virt 

I r cif. 
Ptke-r^g^ Ulil-? EhiLpI (toitle-atiBpaitj 

1u <Brr^ bhiii 1^ n^h, 
FAh«r<-na, S« X^; In POt fNifl— ! 
Fakfak. Tn^. 
i Fakf^hafl al kawa. Spider's vpb. 
. FakEngi^l. OiaHit. 
Faklh. MLiHk,felgaH>, 
Fikang. StErrJug lUA Un Hcb wder 

I COOJllDp. 

; Fikuna-ak [Sf-]| 3,^.1 r. Fiiakuiuilc- 
Bifl nf fltt(ii4f j' — an-; ins — an-; /aiwatii- 
rrif ip- To vacHjinati'. 

, Pala. ^tarai, liuigu, 
Fi-la. Blood (hi tbrnuLruilJoi] ;aai'^EiTlf' 

■Jtne UHPd Id -abrorb buuo. 
' Ftltmili UhiD^, 
i PfltflUI •■ aflv. The HiflLr 
I PjiIbI. OaDTd. •tlriyifw mm^f^ "^ gpHfl 

palflna, narv. Tbr i^taEile. 
I FiTangal [nH)k.|. Baal, 
i f itifipkut. BocE: ntisg of toilme 

IporlirE IhII r 
I Fflft. BaunL ^gcsrnL aaiorl, 
I F>-Jatratr^k, A^ Fina — boimar^a — ; 

jo — eif,' ppflf/o — . To plAce 1q £ row 

' FalalDPlp- A hFtiH: -ar lilvlc hrAH,. vLeIl 

bnul DAdL 
I r«lfjtL BpavDotfl^L 
I Firrbg. A»pR«f ^LlbdriK^lnebiir^ 
I Falll^ng. Tpmr at jrmi for jnntlntf tun 
^aEIEHu. £ljibl» Tor boran. 
Fallnak, ^,v.Er. FivoUito; •vowgal-iij 
fnJtm^,- ■Pna/otoi. Ta gain, na^re 

Fallil-ak, 3,v.(rn pipidfirnto; ■■bpui'^*^' 

— fti/BPap— . To "um Civrr. 
FalEtl [Spl. Crowlsar. 
FaLEtak JlEok.L Gold, 
I FiLliwlB^-t^it^T-aaiw oiin. 




FalTil. A blaet pl£m»Dl U> (Dior the, 

Fallig. Tli€ Euwd of Barlt|j. 

F«ls. Hew. 

JtilBiHU. i^i.1 made ibU aap if, JiaU . 

FiPok?. i^npleJiciuELiaakeL, 
FAlDngAk Hump df pif . 
PnlengiLllnQF Unmb qT JoaI. 

i — )i main — a*. To relalial*, avYiijp. 

Faldcnelt, ^?rtr. Finol-adlio ! matnaludj 
— [fi; iNd^uiifif. Tv IP-lIu pilmigf. 

Fjirud. Hh )l>b<lagej {i\ prjtH.i]cr. 

Faluknlt. lldEtl#H l^e^tdD^. 

PinAngBn Red rulan oaflotfoii^ {piul^^ 
timl'l, ■Lrinlrl. or otliET arlich. 

Finanlg. LiLLr?, imiLI (KrLeniL). 

FAnttiala, Wblle blftoliet wElh 1i|uc 
AlJlp;. ; 

FjninQ. Top part of rj«-pl« 4^]l | 

Finrina-uri. IJnKk. 

Fang* [Ihik.S. Pui. J«r, thltiu 
Fangflu. Hsari Lm^HL (graM ruvLfi'd) . 
Fangfangta j1](^l]. P&rriuiLErf. 
Flngkiti. Spfar ^Itli cJLIjnicAl \i\aiii, 

Pi* bBTbH. 
Fangkifi^rt. A evmblcr, 
FangkOb utmLr. 
Fa >i BO '^■Bl'p 3, v.Lr, f iJion^^qJia,' raand 1 

goK," — til mo — ,' fumatgonba. Ta 

ahiakia, iufa» avFilu i la tala- u^ wli&l 

is pnnt rated. 
Faniaa Illok.'J. Larga Ijuml. 
Fanlg. Lm]c,sm--rL , 

Fanlgui'MB- Till] 1-^ gi-B'^H- I 

Fanir JJjukH,-! if -alt 
FinJttn. TlHMVMfMwlL 
Fiinlu- ^bovel !ot not; ii»d al DtEala. 
FankH [Sp,]. j^ nnalE b^t, 
Fanaak, 3,v.Cr. fimmT-HA^; :ii<z>naiind,' 

/optfin," nuiufQuiSr To JtnJ (eapwlHllj 

FaA'- A Jarfle Emnue, in phvEiH iff fffoi. 

tIh latt Id hauBB 
Faok-ak. 3,»rtr- yiiutogto- armmaog; 

— cn; Tna/aud. To atitas a vennit ' 

FAia-Bkr 3p*.tr. fimoBSit ; ""ipi [»™_; — *^; i 

Difl— . To rcn! l3ui,Stt) 
Fiaig. eiJiiiuoli iiwulhlc, indi^LEuk. < 
FatJ. [tittavl] 
FaflnDk-ah,fl,T.Lr. FiiaaI"/k;iann«f^oS^i . 

-■mjrtta-. ToiBBd, Mi aauadiir. 
Faavidw^.]. ^B, rjLuEl. ; 

FatAl. BaL cror^}. 
Fataha. ltd and, Jouited in f r.E«> Ibic ' 

EofiDE mtETliLHr worn "bFtt"' laarotJl i i 

munBtlBiua alia kn a odblclniiEaT iieiir] 

FatHhakam A vvry Id^Jv «i*r. 
Falangi Ta1\ pEar trea, wlbfenbinoclkaL 
F«t4«J|. Tbe world, a4 ■. laiilbory qt 

ipliare of ^TerDmcnt. fal ttrald t^gla^ 

pfatawll. iviEr f»7 r vgor 

Palely Ta-tloQ udrkB. 

Falakak, 2,«.1r. f inart^ at ; fnanrsEdJ- ; 

faie^a-L- •naj.!aU-t^n. To taKoo. 
FatfAliL Batr <tlnjf»d iBbuv» 
FalJn, Tli« kiiliiaTS. 

falaban- itaA.Jolakam. To latlm. 
FalenEa [f-pj. BilEIod. 
Paul [^p.|. Hoi, Irunk. 
P««-lalai1B-ck, i,< Finafalaagko ; 

TTjflFJiii.— ,-/oD— Hn; mavfafaja. To mak* 

raniioni Htrab« En ^iLOpjhing. 
Favfale. Voiuiffp uoiDarTied u bQl 
FaVfalOchaPi Juit, priBO-a. 
Fabfavtlo-, Vmiti^kf. 
Fa>»ano []]oV.V c.iT[\e 
F'Aa n gwA ng. Varloua rattlEnj{ arllclah 

£(Ucb«L to fitawakan. 

Fa A I. |1j Meo'd ami birys' slctpjng 

; Eiouiif &\ \\\K flr? |JriQVFwH> LS? 

I SliKltcr Hin numnUiin ■wh're ■ii-piHri.i« 

' AT« iraniullbl. 

pajrasng. BLu^blanLet ''^ith whLle-near 

the edg^. 
Fayau, Jut;. An u^tuDiirLija u^^ l>>~ 

Fa^fhi T*4|.(il», |k>l Lvv^. 
Favu-wetf, J.v.IFl /iihi^oI:; jsquui^k; 
— fpa,- pjid — . To tbrenb rice, mlTw, 
«1t, by pouiuEin^. 
Fangv. rba Qower oE tobacm, cV'^f 

bHDS, ?tG. 
FangBt. Fnl ^ppkrHl an! »>■«- 
ri-nfl*h j^ blcHc'l «* P^iK' a» pil up l™ 

Eh« BrniL^L rej(4oD. 
Fangltu. A ai^atl bmrabcxi {never gioAB 
I iarj^nl. 

I Fangwll. FIslthook. 
! FanfHlt4Kl,>rtEr finen^'al.'t— ); 
(— ) ; ms^-dn Ti> iLiIctL qltb IkiHik. 
FJ^Itng [lloh.|. Di]BiDV«, denLIng 

FIbikdt- MoiDiiie. 
. FIchafiBi Vlnmr (■►Tflrr) 

Pichbk-flk, Flni^l'ol^ktii i/nrnffi^ 
' efiofr; — en, iitaflciotr To InfnCp (na 
JL bladder). 

' blaJJaF. 

i Flka. Baroboo, Jo spill Ion bindlrg jjaFiiu 
' Plkaa. EtrejQllt, 
. Fikvk, Unlrr, 

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I to the moiuiUins. 
: Fikia- Mnwol, i^m^li of Juft^u auFa a^^i- 
; PI lifting. CrEdfnjEnsECT.j. 

j PllJfl. nil],DIDIlBlalQ. 

' Pllln [7lok.1. Idn, romiQBJLHn] min 
I Fillnck, 3,*-tr- /'i hi Eui4h>; ni'^iKn: fl- 
I iiiim; md^EJn. To order, amiuiand. 
I P4lla. A marEo, half nnb^'o. 

Finabalaa- ^tA clniidiatikin-^L. 

Plnabalat Ingr A b«nD, tbe pods of which 
I bane irrltaUng netLlw 
' PlrtiH, A hitita ivfitin mnaw *pM- 
I Eng and «rpandjnj{- aEduL 




FJpiflllFJng. liaT-lcii liriln 
Finifyini JdarrlrJ ulild 
FiJiajQ. l-fnTlnE, poundfJ nw. 
Ffpigj. Soall. 

Finnairenff, r^WBboi]«dF{<#,icj;<nt.';ih 

FlnffPvTDJii. Lbi^ bulLTElLj de rmib 

FinlariA [Sp iTnr4riMi]. Witidoi*. 
FJnlakrl tTlDk.]|d»iueu j^Lxtlr Guici^. 
Flnua- l-LouDdfid I9^., a raUO cvt 

Winraiet\oi*n [f'l'-l- U(i»enioiflhJp. 
FltHk-flk^Sp.]. /i-j^.^^ J — /-n; 

—Pi" at Mfffflm^lu; mhz — ,- /n m mif oitm. 

To Fill It, 

nii!u-.k Elf* J. ',»tr. Pi'irriM. «,j- 

ihJi'sB^n; — f«; m^i — . Tu ki-n I»it,41|. 
FIlkHVLl. f^imrufr. lEvilkilllll fElllEI [^11^ 

FitnL-flk, ,1,1'"' '''""■'Ji'^oy TiTmiftfi/ 
IrlnnkcC, ^Kiink, elf. 

nikiti. ^;riifnr-iN^]F|!^ 

rtl4ak-eh,-'E,i |r, l-\HMlaii*,o ; ~lji; — ^i; 
Hin^ffiTs; aniftbtiiln. Tn p^cimuT "Ul 

FHM. Tp"(.H7ls» Blkil »rTH»Hlllf of llLfIL; 

^ieuli-hI oC rliLi^m. 

FlIll-fk.lF.vIr, ^■,|pr;l4r,t','■l<■rpprfm;--«l<; 
■l*" — tf JT Tn rjiHir-ls. 1 

Fllo. i*. m,Mlr j*l |^|f:^|| U -■ilil 1 

r|ta>ikt 3,v.(r. tinUaljmo'\'ili'; — fir! ' 
Mil- . IV Ittow or (HP u ih-hi'^tlp. 

Plug. Miml. 

F^ir* A lltllL- pdnr Itpp. i 

Fvkicha l&'p.l. Dr!:U,^ 

F^KAK^U, ThpilclLerpLDnt 

FakH. H'hiEFBlniH, Blifll, fu-barr, Ei*aijj. 

Fb-k». trmi: luan iii«di, p»n|iiiin ul 

iny ouMr i^nrlnpe oi pHckntp. 
KofccI {rioli.l. Om^ plr» of whom.', a. 

dint i DRLiiRlicd frcuci Ji Tant of otunei'; 

"ilT ni "iitnl plci-n4. ' I 

Fokniffr AVorkduy Mj!(iliieiilH^ii>d Imni I 

fm^Eib, |iolldiL^)L 
FcIHl T.^^f ptBnilE? IHmT iH r^iry pJvll -. 
Filial. FaI fif |)^k. 

FolClPfiH. Tfuvlbf la-lB-Bd oi Hit sjt ' 

— Jl'e'J,-w^^ — F4. To (alLeHan'4t|( fruit i j rrmtiiTily or rlpeimnH. •■foiiirft • 

llfrn mflBto." 

FOIH [Sp.l. Pn^-irC 

Feitofiff [Ilalr.]. Shia-Flpgi:. 

FhIu. tat^f l^n.bM, Ihltk u'fitE«^ abon . 

Hfli, Fio'wer of tolsBOH^ talalorg, rtcj 
Fana. ranter, liwart of wniixl 
Fanlok. Town oi bnalulr. 
Fdo. UiuUrmin, pDOltfU. 
FSbL W^DDih af MomuL 

• Fo-Ok; jlJok.t. TJie Sr.ii, 
, FOuang, >«Qiat ijf bulfaJo iharflliUO], 
FaiOr Sfiraipi iMimij ; beaJ-huniflr. 
FaaoBkh y<na"?ly;m-amos<ri ^tn; 

"<a — - Tni I" an ^neuiy o( |:iiil,ia| , 
Fa«wflkan. Pole support to (mrn-mit 
luciHiin from pifdi^ In KflLgt-mator 
■Jsi-ioefLir ii(irkiQ|^a ^i^fi-tkiv, j , ■rfunt' 

el[-., .--p w-)rd) alUclipd lo il. 
Fttlallu. MHihrpn; Ijplil-, wtz,-n acrori Dip 

Hh^r atllljirfLl, pwiil>i>ii(£i.»miL'riiflliirii| 

FvEig Elliik.l, Wurl. ninlt. 
F4H*fc. Cim-flf r,| Hn>' tlcul, 
FatffFyB |Sp.]. ]f,hi|p^ 

F49t'tt(-4k. 3,^.1 r. /'^p.^i/c^^o; ■,<o"id*if,- 

-*■.,■ "a—, To cm will] nil ay 
FotNik,3, f-''To;ia*;(T»™iiiii;^,rji,- 

l-Jtfj.— au,' ^urnr^iaa. To IjisIpii, io*l! 
Fsllff. JFoi^' onllif nkir. 
FSik-ak,l,v,1r, iVir/tl 1 u .tiom ir-t ;— cn ; 

Pirnh^pt. Tc liHj In^ilier 
Falofl. Hop. 

Fe^an-Akp f'tto-lo-xtii ; ••n^Kial-oi, - 
--li^'JIfflr— ait;/rjrTJJiJ-,|,ia. ToPlliir.l 
Fololr Erop-j, 
Fovrji-iK, inv-ir. f iriorai ,- ihtmijh; 

—err, wfl— Trh roalin fyJindritfal, 


Fiia[T1<^,]. UDaiUErdfi>rhrH«Jjjupiir- 

poaa. u-iinDvAnall. 
FU IB- GlFdn, 

Fu-likan-. C.A,ati\ fJike f»ap>, 
Pv-in, X»fi, aiHi^li, 
Pujtng, SloDiBcb (i>E jubh or aDlmatl. 
Fuja. TuTx? -or p[ldK|- of bmihoo, ua«d 

for urr>Jj|ghiBf or Tapfi 4 nirlnk inaJr 

f-rota rlni*, liimpiil^Mi l^ ft^'^i . 
FUii4k. 3,v.»r, Fnu<uLa; ,^i,H\i<v<; 

— f; rto/idfl*. Tti Qjileh, oomplrtn'. 
F|iit;ii|, HrtilprojBciiJfDf cirtridyr- 
Fkifvd. A fsnucDL, inulr of fniH ul 

foiflg (PT Hilda and ripc llmir. to ilfn-t 

ferDirnrallkHk In tori rnr (n-jmr, 
FUDhJ. Tlie aUminir bmitfl of a hoiLup-, 
Full fITcttI, Til. 
Fuka-wah. :^r,tr. riou'.-nirAl , m/iHia- 

frffiij ^TMFi, rrnp — ^row; /UiriPJiTJiti. 

T'k call aloud to ■□■nine, 
Fuhfll 4«api]# AE fD^I). J, i^pjtL-le pi«« 

otf niHiiiry. 

FuljIQAfl. HrfTUTll, 

Fulu-ik. 3,v.(r. fi>ifto»,[;o ; jHflp^ii/fl»; 
J — *"i; "itn- -, To pirk fmil. 

FiilJ {\}o\t.\. Tt*lnil|H^lr>teailrldsfH Eliot 
FunfbB- PIdvcod* 
FulUtalABF Ismail qiiarli ciyalala 
FuloEh-ah []lot,], 3>.l[r Finoiodko; 

I*-] ; — f»; maffiod. Tn liitni>^ ibj- 

Ihinglitit nupej: 

' — N; vafoa. Ta u^DtT rxi!,ll|, 
F-u-mariAgupi-flk, l,lnl./VK — atffv — ; 
— ra. Te l» waLt^ . 




FUpnafaFi, ,1,0. r.^)nH, FlBbLulo fill duE. 

— la- •iiafai9- To whip JjE*«rml]r 
Fumala^jk, l,ji,i, F^'rmaivtk,- \ — )i 

— la. Tb fHnne ot ipi w^i ti>ba iajra. 
^umallngtlp 3,s, Fiumah-gfl. H gimn 

FU'PiiJingun^k, l,liiL. ^'i4- r (/<■ — ) ; 
— (a. To mnlLO, rnuin' cm^Hi from 

Fumiior^k. IjIqI. ^'iJLaiiiwArP.-/ I — ^, 

— (fl. Tni «in. 
FumLfihtjina. 3,«. Fiiuiriflvx? It ilEif 

Pf») bllTDI t'HtW}. 

Pumtli ^». Tt -(LLd rliT> ?4l?IIh {id 

Funi1u||rAk,, FiKi^mlbgalcj * — |] 
^ta. To l>e Bulky, Bllror. 

Futil. Vime it I^rck. nc-d hui^L Ihj 

Funlkig- r^^ (■□lutiilj, 
Funyig [UoV,]. Dapiliiu 
FUhr'K-ak [lloh. ], S, Firu-jfalaik ; 
mamB^apy— op^ m a — tru To upEiji^r 
Fuatok-dlTp 3,V.[r. ^KiHriiJi'.to,' — m; 
— anjmafiimlokitr"niftotlia- TopouDil, 
bniJVp p«um«l 
Fulang^ah, SpTlItl Finuletglit ; MiiDiir- 
tiPgi fvlenget; ma—;\<fki. 
To LDUai?^!?, nufae drunk. 
Pull. [lOOf butlvn. 
Futflf'. -Ut (v;ii- iiaiTicl. 
Fbyai |Hp,|. Oai4nl, 
Fuyayt. VMirUcf .>f *T.y 

hisa DLiJir J Id BodEoIl 
PhviHB* Sifl' II' fthe riTerJ 
FvyuJ. fidil on thp bodj-. 
WVna- Sefd of orBDQE, aqidRli, m^infla^ 


tioHi fM,l. Ultn^i fikrk. 

l-Jlfai<Vl»p^ /*^, monffiafo-gj 
^t^fi '»ii>''s/jmffL To marry, 

Itp. ^tiJtabcc. 

^■p^kp Jnycpko:maiigi/ap; — tn; 
■m— , TDCDiint, numbcE. 

■ uLhkifH Iitj/aiinio- wiaBpfBii",- 

Iba- CoBjAiLlorL; aiii4li«r Ilk*; mmt 
lblui-lu,4, 7h— M,-D|[bn^— .' I — i-, 
■m — . To throw. 

Ifihff k-ftk,e,Tt[r ftrhahiiki'itansititiala : 
f—a) 1 ma — a; umicHal-aka. Tn Ijo^r, 
l»Ha^ Id flhorp. 

lthjiiichau-IIO,4,T-tr. In—iM,-rnaKffi-^; 

l-chjt««t-lrfr, 4, '■■ — itoj miiJipi — ; 
f— initl— ;dAiiiiiiiKiUAa, Tolkandovrr, 

I — 1 1 Jifoi — ; "ffliiVtnihiulLa. Tu i(lvr, 
|,OhJDlAB^ko, 4,v.trr l"—io: oiaif^i — ; 

Hnit fyi.i*). ' 

lAlkrD ait LiBHig ut fl[j-H|>iH7i», 
Ichai. SpooQ. 
I-Chill'k, i.V.W. I^rhl-nk: ^i[iip,7i,fli,a; 

' — . "nil—," ni'jfr^rj4r. To jflv^ 
l-cKufnus-kCi 4sT,tr. /n— ;,i ,■ ^u.rji™,. 

I — ; PJio- '.- :|^/^\^eAamvfft'^. T-< iml ..m. 

flRalnHl. an^Eliir, 
Idd lo,afp Id, vE. 
Id-k'aunir A ilELlt ^liHe n^; to •iux 

u>v lor cLhdjd^, 
Id'Chinah, B,»-tt, Ititt—i r^nzn&.^dm 

ulLManaity kj duchiurmr, Tu llnd. 
Id-Chaaak |preHflTHiiiilii«ili, /hcAi^hIIi; 

■KrlqcrAtHi; tdfhi^ATPl: m iri'iii^ha^n ^4. To 

Id^hlnff.k, 3,v.[t. /* --tr umrr^fHi — d/ 
idr^inL,- >Jl1£rf^^i^^l ; lumrfrApniJilo Tu 
bnve i:(inAJ»ci[«, I tUhl, b\if? ivlioneon 
J tVnIjn KcB I . 

IdltluFlA. Tli« ilBy]»€Jui»yrtlerJay 

Id koiJl-ugka. iJaylprli^r^icHEerd^. 

Id IJiltfladbMi l^onnHirly , aDr>e ll riL? uijo-. 

Idlak |rf* IgtaK)' 'fo tre|j -jfcly. 

Idugha. Yuuxda^. 

IdWATll. PlOW. 

l-fjag-kD, 4,v.trL it — ^h>/ itangl — y ^^ 

nm-^--; <im'l*iaffi/a. To I. II, rf|iait) to 
uL, irp|>ly 1*-. 

|i — I; miT — ," btiSj/ufne^i^a- To po 
OD -nhnliFfl. 
l-(JlUV-kB, ^ 7>L — toi 

1^1 nut—; IIJH' ta; PhO 

■Ut IUlo ili) to cut AUfDn^L 
l'-f4kit-kap4,T.(r. ifi—ke;mait^ — ;i— 

DUf—; U«'--n. To nail. 
t-fmltpkr BpT.tF. /Fj — k,- mangi-^; ■— . 

nrr^; umifalaka. To faVit ^mr, iiirry 


l-rAlud-l|Or'r*'t-l. ^fl— t'lyPNifllJ, 

m-ii — ; u-nifaludtca To bind, itufce 

I -fJiKr At-ka»4, Jn— (opHHTpq^i— :i— j 

■Ml — ; amifjrii/apl,a- To duh dovn, 
■ ■fHjg-kBp HiT.Cr. Air — £b.- nurPijii— ^'i-'- 

"lOi"-; If nii/nistj , To lejbJ, jm nhb 
igalak, ettf. (*-Hfir>i.| JnilDlliTi] > . 1 did. 

iLHjt, kIc 

IgilhiiAiriL ypiflTn^bBd. 
I||alkaam. ITDrliir, rricnr 

iBBlkOr — mo InalS iDHcilIlvr^ T did 

I||'kat4ng'k9,4, 7fj — it4;r^^ 

malj— . To *tiir <ii Japia.) 
Iff-klnikka. tjnt. /a— ,<n0n;j— 

T& bf qu Jelr 

IUHlPllFl— ' 


ri|7— ; 





(kfr*; PJiEWjjniTii, unrdsnunAa. To holfl, i— ; mat—. To mja. 

I»k0 liDld. l-kilang-ko, t^y.ti. In^l^o; i— ; J,™- 

rflpll'fh, 3,».t[. Jnijopp^*; inflnjipiJ: , -HJdi— , To put Ic^ethir jj HLirBllifi^ 

— nii; «n[ — an. Tj pre"" i'ywi ni«b or Ifrokeii pifn.. 

ln-nvj prJebt, eg, Witt etosy oe stuar • J-k|1ib-fao, 4, Jir— (■.,- i— ,■ J— ■ 
IglB. &]|Ti<"ir, ^TpCT. ; HlrJf— , uPJLiljf.t^a. 'Pu |>i.t topell*r 

-«■"?'",- r^"^lyt'JAku, To ktup aid;, ' l'kitp4-KH3,T,(r^ /rr— J., nifinci— ;(*—]■ 

pui an-jij I iHh Ih.Lh', I mat — . To Ixmr hpaln^ ^itLtnit caa- 

l-Jakim-lio, 4>l.t. Iir—in. "lan — ; liai.- '■ plmiH. 

^■Nj. ^^Hak'-m. To plupr Jiguin-t 111? ' ttiia- llic Itfl tlmmij, 

Nip iLlul Hipfk. Sl'^ Iflp^ 
l-ionAng-ko, /■! — !ia,-l — ) ; ( — i; 

H.'l , flnj' tir, 7U l4'llVt. y\ll. H"lll, 

illlr'~ \i-itr III JtlLShnUi]. 

■ ilick, ^.\.l'. I'\iil-\ilc; nianfn-ln; ipVnrn ; 

uifji/pjg, Tu tK IrKiLLiLU a^, L-BirlLprK- 
llmfiakv, >|,v,tr. lii!iM"\raki/;'i\ii\'^fii\iiil'- 

ilii/vn; iiiirjiuirJH, 'to UM IHT lUEliLiiir. 
HtaUn AiLei.iiii 
Hl'U'lk, 3,\Al J It jlJrr LiJu ; 'pi ,- — >;» ;■ 

i\fu'-- , HHJu — Any uinii^ — 'I'hj lirrnjii 

Ifulflk, 3.V ti. li^iiUvi hiqiijm'uJ; m'nI- 

■.. ; JiHrjhilff. Tu lih.y*»aniBl IjUPrGrllinji 


l-lmaa-ko, /«— ,(o: i - .- i — , 

I'll"' — t f'lnr— t™- DiaiPj^l — . Tu ■]:«■ fift 

HlLUlilljf iNmn, mf raliii. 

■ ■kaai-ho, 1,v.ii. Im- iti^\fi^Hgi — :i — ,■ 

"'iM -, 'In IiiIj', Ll-bhI flbDi- ^viJi,2Jj. 
Ihiddkn I ,iiii,i1.-l. To iB^Lt ^n^ Jo^iLout. 
riuVi^.Mr.incllDU flllit4rit: llnii , itim, 

T" ili\ iieL, proPTH'd, CHwidLif L cmeBirlJ 
■ -irnhBiHii- k, Iklr. /n — i / TfOMffi — j iLa- 

Arojjfu. ^ta Ii9 (j^!, hiiT»y, lo it <ialck^ 
Ikikiyi. TyjiiPlHiTM.'. 

l-kJrek-ko. 4, /n— h*.- p — ; t — . Tu 

bi'llPl't; i'v Jklyij, ro frtlliihi, invt listi 
l-klfll-kD, IV ir /pj A'j.- I—; ,—^ f- 

Mi'rJI-r, To I-Hlcll llllKlhr.V Ot TI^UVj 

f in pinv, rn !««' 
Iklking. T\.r Imie llr»'r. 
Ililkor ■^Dtall H^rBRdii liy. 
J'ki|lu-ko, i.vAl l'^^o,^t•\Al^\g•^:,— ; 

vjiFit!>rir. To JoJif^, H.^ji4is fl jkii-HJk. 
l-klai^n-kH 2, Ii—t,- jna.igf— ; i — ; 

wfi — to. Id nir Id tunkin^. 
Il<il -ml fitf*-'' GrAnilmi^Ehir. Iliil nfi 

VAjti, UrandlBlNcr. 
( - kJwa LilQ . kD. 4,< .1 r. Ypi J-^io,- wMwgi—' 

(--; -Hitfi— . To pliabi:. 
Ih-kollo-kJ. 4Art[. tM—lo; ^f,si—,- 

it — ; pirmf — . Tu jB^ur. 
l-h*bk66'h9j t,vlr Jh .*&; m^pu*!-.; 

t—; nr:-r— , To ruli i^nr objei]! ^*iUl 

JinHUlmr. ' 
tk^g. IJ-td in [|ir t^rojii, 
l-kaiMI-kO, 4,, In— 1,0; PJianm— ■ 

*Jiin— . T-0 dftndlL' r- l^abvj. 
J-kDlM-hD, -l.t^tr. Jn — fu,- ^bni^rrl— »'* ,- 

"19'—, J-v ft>pj, iHf a jMi Ilk mnkEqi' 

Ikolot. Jgorol 

I kflkch*flj.kapi^.lr /n— io.^,«rir; -; IkaFpJk lUri:.], /".^bJA- iioJp,; 

■— _:"'■"— '" -PPorlLOTi. if, Jni.k lifiFpl; ^aPtjrfpi; umioJpita. TotDid 

l-kjLhO-k. r, Yji— t; mn-flj— ; i" — ,- 

MIT - . iiii'\l,'il/o^\i. Tn 1.<HJ.| pui nih-Jir. 
Ikik-BlQij ikiim alifl, I ilth, 'T CO, il/ii 

"■ny, or vou iln, clc, leniDliJiHq* niA • 

"inl n^t > . 
l-kAlAl-ko, l,'—lr.- i—- i-,,-, 

"iiTf— : iipjii— ii, Tu iiir lac aiEriitt , 

nr RrrjbJitia^. ; 

i-k*i4iko rirok.l, 4.v.*r, /.r— tfl,- (-^; ikMuKi,i,7.trrV*-ho:Bnrro— ;i— !■ 

'— ; inof— r Tu ^pmil. dL-lrlbiite mt-t nra- , Tcunlu not bit 

cunJi3i±bnlhlr nrrn. 

'-k9lut-lie,4.Vl1- /b -Ao;"!!!"./!— :i— r 

Ikoiua-ka (Sp.l, 4,»(T. /n— *o; n^*- 
P-^< '~h' fiiLi -, To erucilr, 

l-k«Db-ka,4,lMr. /n— io; niapi— ,-i— ; 
mai — . Tn Ij^ mrr^ IIitc.* rliP^n li pi[e, 

^kalOik, fl.i-Tr. I"— iX, -M-Tpj^f 

i--Bm: niflj— dn To hunL ftu IJ^e f^ 

iiii(il3ier'« h^mlL 

MITP — T" IfUl. 

l-kimo-k, l^jjil, ^N -fr:«irrjirLi'— ;i[aiwa 

'J'o lit qitlul;. 
Ikan. A Psh nuiiiii in liia Chlb^ Am- 

flfolioJ ■□!! qfitly, ^EiApnl li'ke n p€n>i. 
I^kigb-ko, 4.vlr /n— tc* ; iira >.sr- n.i — . 

nil"-. Tobupc. 
i^kfipyt-nk, 2.v.(r. Yji— nl, pAwpj^jan ,- 

1 — ; Hiifi— . T<h [irjv lor AQV pcrfflJD i>r 


i-k0B|u-h«,t,v.|r, li\—liO,-n'ttiti)i — :,— ; 
<-"i'--. Tfi B^i 'hill oTlh'' wur "(, ipn'k^ 
vt^ fire. 

I, not bit 
l-k|upig-kD,<,T.tE. Jnk—h^, ™or^*— ,■ 
i— . To «il n madl irillioiil e^vlati 
inania ar rrlish €*t»b iviib rL»}. 
Jkwi'k, Z,v.1r /"naiMl/fciflnj— ;{_!, 
I PjiaWa- Tojffha pBittizulBr F4Uii 
ik**n;.k, *,v,[r. /nitrnmit , Mng-; 
m- — . TaaaktnbJ4ctvIlhl£dPiorWr'ii>. 
Ila^ Kii>i3, vftriei^'. 
; llaoir, 3,Vnir, /myot; -.oiiplw; iiaAi; 
Tnvia; ifailala. Jo a*e, ioak al, pjgit 
li4iiii]-hoj4, />iJd4iirflo,'fi<tiii^^,' 
< — 1 ; niff— . Tob* ^ad in VHKQunt of. 
Ilflpm; lialn^u^ ktj. Bvboldr lufc' 
ll-lko-k. 4, /n— t,- mq-iai— ; [_l. 
II.*—. To Mi. 



llikbd. A vnpla who fumuirly warreJ 
■uoiEin ficiD[44;, iiLd wba lEvarf d««iL , 
tbnrlvBi. I 

■'■■miiH-hOp 4, fn— td, ntangi — .- • 


"•iiijf up. 

l-ljtpo-lfp e, in—t,- "ipFiffi — ; I — ; 
*"■ — - Thi bfigiii. 

Iliu. Lamp. 

Ilchil. Widow. 

I PeMll Kp I pint, jV ajltb mtk/KBirrkasan; 

— ra. To be ■ wi^low. 
llaPD. R«il. 
in [TlH.k-l. To~ii,vill«gH,f.i«lHily#ii». 

f ivr loiTP. 

Tu live, Jwrll, iMlde (prldtarilj -l a 

l'NK«p-kD iliiA!.]., /"— i,a; iKan- 
«i— . I'-.'Phac— . Tu nliiit I3ie door. 

IJ II a-ek, :t,, Yn i/r'o.C: .'niai^Ji^;— at; 
"a — - Toftpwt, look fur. 

Illrtiu-Ak, JxiutauniL ; —a; "-'ed; 
■n" — . To b- plrAHtd. 

l-llpllp-kQ. V.lf. /i^itov i— ; *— ; 

nrai— ;unn — ; ■hOPlji— , To UH knEf^ 

far unttios oQ (Ac;.,aEEi;|i^ wa^nlj. 
lilt. SLdr Jof *nver). 
[|Jt. Ar, to [be Tjoe plot^i fuT away 

fromLovtT (uppuilB oT/aA/n), 
MEt. Nil,«a at louse. 
I ■ I ItFH- lea. A*-t*;i- ^-i-.-^jaU- , 

itwni^i.v. To wiaiaiimnd, e.g., AtltiBB 

HOUnd n BtJck, 
MKhun-hD, 4, Iit—tt^; n?™jf— ; 
»— / ■mitoiT/Lu^. Thp ibi.fn. undfr Btr\n» 

or Mid. 
l-lohani-hD. J,v-lr, /n— fto; bio-o— ; 

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iriJb. Imp, dpadfHlt fw pradatuv *nj. 

Munlunl.h4, i,\at.ln—kn; JHVun—- 

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l-lu(lul^kD,4,, ill— Ao_,rtanpi-^,i — _,■ 

mai— . To bialWr, tr«», Bnnof. 
Im^mitfinAk. RfldupliaMdfonitiifhnHi. 


l-mamnBn-lrv, 4,T.[r. i-i»— Ijq. mvngi 
: in. ^ ._..r ...^ ^. ^ 

I n.jili k-ke, 4,v.l r. V i n— tu ,- —,„ ■ _„ . 

dia— Tu li«n[ In fj^lih, 
In-afd-lk. IpLnr. Vrn— al'^ in— ; ft— /a. 

^^^ bs n weaker. 
In-iflchinff-Alip l.liri, \rpj— Tit: ;it»-< 

in — la To }iuap^ Inp ncr^^ 
Inalim 1^. Ii flonu □lqe, |>dL1^ H>n?r. 
In-adH-atrp .Vcn— cA-,- Hem— tN^ 

i"—**,- ^lO — - Til itiiiih; iv*[er In Hot' 

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tn-aka-jkp MjiE. -V i fJ— *!* ; ^h en — — ^a. 

T"crV| fl'rL'p, 
Indklit Bltl»r. 
l"-*limc-J<, 3, .V>H— t; jif,-pj— n : 

n — !«.■ inJ — «. T*j jnlii or arrniiifr <\i 

pani]''] faj<}il[iD, v.^. |]l« lunKT. ur 

Jnakobp 3,B. ri.4IllL'llK,flniilB qn nil.ip, 

In-alBchs-Ah [IfQtJ, L.ijil, Xfn-flij 

uirn--: ftj- Jj,Ta pliii'. 
In-irivrang-iik. L.inl. .Vfn— ni ; -^h'ji— ; 

»JL -^fl. To milt aroiinda^LHl niciundL 
In-ilol-ak, l.lnl \r\.—ai; ^f—j 

in— la. To be In [hr thitirc tr:,b, the 


in-amud-nk;, ],|jil, .V«— ffft r JIT—, TO 

k-mk sad.ap^iy, Jijpleaa&l i:i,2il. 
In^mkn The joui^ kEnabao, bDf><^, tov. 
In-tna4.ak, lilor .Vcf*— a^; ppii;rf— : 

in — la lolaiiph. 
lnin(-*lifTlnfc.|,[.lhl. yfn-flfrviwii— - 

in — ffl. Tu h;i,[ ihe rlw. 
Inaaoie. ClniiAtlVr 
lnt(-ik.3.>.iT. fi- i,9imanff—-ivMrHj 

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Injitong, ^j. Tl Ja ho[. 
iPchadolAWllr Dlr«[,>LrHelLL,williDiiL 

cllvernreiMF ifl- inlprrnptJoD. 
In-CNaltkapt.L^tr. 2in—lto,-i-i—jBta—. 

To pia» ed^ logrtlier* aa En wwine, 
Incnang*. SJippera, eruDoLEL 
ln-chldChJnP-afc],1nt,?»>B— B*»— ,' 

In — /a. To llBT? CDElfl JenHT. 

In-chrm|l-ik» .\Vp»— *z4;—.- 

IF! — ra. To »w. 
Irt-GliFpB-EB, fhlu. To be i:lDHe lf«r[Eirr 

In-thonDanaPgau-ah. l.inl, ^nt — aL: 

"if^— cn;in — f n ; MflF* II Biop. To plai'i' 

InEhumun. Tncelher, In Jkt<<bipr«itioii. 
In-Ghunondk, l,jal, ffm— ai; mpi— ,■ 

cN — Ja. To work, 
I rMkang, .Apart, aeparaUil, 

lm'in4tD-n-ak^,'.lT, l<i— 4Pfvmal1^'n_,- 
m — o™,- maim — an. To rvoLemlrer. 
lm-ml»-rlr. Frutnbly h, S|>. Knao, l,tr. 
— Hift,-M™»j^aii iamfm-^its. 

TO pHT for. 
Iffipag. OblnAfD [vny tquJl ) . 

^^ ^ liwlrfK »■—/*. "to full, drop |*r™ ^n nle"- 

liH. HOtbtr. 
JP-aamud-#k, J,ml. .VIpi— dit; uini— ; 

tl — Ii," vmioapaMifita. To loult moea, 

lniakp^T,&r- fnhmcA; nUoLasj fiHEHi. 

Thj ImrB AB matber, guardlaii, -n goU- 


^YL-fnal-jikp |,j-b1, 

rt — Eo. Tfi ndke 

titer towcL 
tnfabillrtF Amerebant. 
rpfablflti, pl^,. Vfn— , 

Infirmni llloh,], Re|irni«Dcr. 


Xen — at,' men—; 
trip; 1(h vlPii[ An*! 

To SrI.I Willi 



Fn-fafAwl-ak lllok.], I.lnl. An— ai-y 

in—, jn — In- Tff bo "ony, rep'iit 
Jnfik, £, Jninf-ab. mfqg'piib; <ii/aii; 

in-tiiiintfii-iKv, p]n. y«— ,»!»,■■ i-v— T 

To S^hl Id nuDiBrri ^l^ral fAHlLicxiJ. 

In-fanghlng^akhlpiaL. Sr* — «^,'hiri> — ; 

in-t»yu-Mt(, l,lpl YcTi— 4f£,' Ipj— ; 

rn — fn. To pound rlw. 
Inflerno [bp.Tn II^IJ, plinq dI d^jiaiE^d 

In-flnn-Ah JIl4»)r.], l.v^Lc. .Vrn— trt; 
HJir-t— y irf — far iiiH[i--i To- oniLLiianilL 

HPl'iirr, phprjfT It-J?) 
In-fBlAd-aV, J,[pl >tii — ti^-; r^'-— .- 
"I— fi, To iiril]T-vi. 

■ rt-fOJiu"i.k,l,int. S'rm — irt;"!^" — _,'in — ; 

ipi — la. Thp vuTr ■■Lrdii b^hv froiii cri^p". 
Ifi-folo-ik, l.lnE Ycir — d* : rjm— , 

rrj — fa. Tu wauli tliu lutudn 
I'^-rUa-ak, l.iitl. Xfi—al-,- ",<•,- 1 

/■if—ri, th» ii^ h ^uiith. 
inrovfdiAd. NMt.ii. 

|p-fulii-ak, l.liir Aiji — al-, nn-ji 
ni — In, Tu ijull^^r n rron^f IniiL, ihlik 

J Ik* lIh'tii VB'tlT. 

l-ngttln-ik, Mat .Vr — ii.t,- ■--.- i—ia. 

T" kill leltict^L 4pe p!u^ i<i>?ri^rliiU>~: 
In liCEV B (l^JUl. 

■ ■ngiHrT-lio,4,v.lrL F-\ — i(-o .'idiii'jtJ— ,'J" : 

Piini"-, T17 kill chirk'iL Ear f^nl. Ihh 

Htt^l-iftrn' I lo URncHfy. 
Ingiln llihii^. 
Irg^tlt. lllA^JhtLL,', HhT iii»i- dnrk c'lnr. 

■ ■ngitlj^b-ah, I.EdE .Vi-tr — aJr: ~ini . 

\—la. To puml Ullfll - 
lngy«u. \iV|l(| Ml, 
In-lltjtu-jilr, l.inl. Vch— ot; jiifn- 

i'l — ffl TudEranir 
ln-llo»-Ak, l,liit yi-n— j'dtat "':ii — In 

|p-Jfnon^ak [IFofcl, I Jnt. .V,ii-^l, 

mrn— ,' iii"^fl, T-D be jfdloiiii. 

Ininal. iltJia-mhlw r, 
. Inlnumann Drliil.iiiB ruf or ^^-iv^l. 
In-ltHtok-'ah, l,lr. \<m- at; fn— ; 

en — 1 iNir -y tiuii — ; oi/^nifi -. Tu 

p(IV441tlr, iini'otjp upon, 
in-liflk-ak, Ijnt, Acn— 4ft; rnicji— , 

in- fn, To 00^: 
inimlmo'ti. A l^clier 
3i<'F»j-eh, 1,r.[r. Vfn^ — ei , in- -r- r 

irt- -rn; nm— - To *i|uhIL», nmtf 

f^aiiif- To nrnko liol. 
Jf^HiVih. l,inL, A'riv-^i/ itift-r, 
fn— (n To procmU--, hitv« s«ciu.l 

In-hub-ak. l.Jnt jVm^i-; i-jm—,- 

Jir— /fl- TO do, ICE, muk^r 
(ntuv1ua]fji>iBla» plu. Tu plij- j.t 

111 "■□"J Tig. 

|pka-k»«a, MiU. 

In-hAMil-Ak, |,ln[, ^cl■— oit,- iii«ii — ; 

11 — la. To be ufidrr > cunK- 
lil-ki^tiMk» MrE. yrn—ak^ miii— / 

tri'— iTo. Tu It waV. 
trhkittMcKt a^- Vm- rrt; in."' rn— . 

To Itfh. 

It UlHli?art,hDdj| 



Ilnob^ hmiir*, 
li-fala-I-Ak, I, In). 

in-^i^. T" >wlin, 
Inkllat. Red 
Iii-k1(pi4lm-ik, Ifint. Su-^^f nm— ; 

m — in. Ti] wlok. 
InklMn. At llio hlihF UpH, sLDiultrtii''- 


lil^kJaliiB» J,». Vri*— . To Tibru'" bLiEi h 

I ih ltkj|jini|. Taov, mhl t LiHil-fliljug, 
lii>4ilwi-ik, ].iaL .^c^ — nl ; mr^i— ; 

lb *j, Tn nio-v. ■•riKgl*. 
iq-kCHigltVd-lhi IpPH^, >'-M— fltiflrfH— J 

Iq — dHT- Tu v>T«r kKlxi^ 
I n- 1 ablak-ftk, I Lnl. Xen — ili; '•i*f\ — ; 

TH — *ri^ vmiyahbiofili". Tu jutnp uit 

■ 111'' I. 
InitflicUawflnqH ^^i \i U ihiIlI. 
Innlaiug-Ak, l^ltil f-fn — tic- mef\ — 7 

iri — tv ; umiptf^H^i^. Tc juiupdi^wiL. 
lJii*maJi [jIhhI,-], Skh-44^, 
Fi-ltnaiansp ^,-- ^'11 — ; i~''rr — ; in— - 

Td thLLnr, dxl 1 ^Enf, jricillu- 
LiltngJung. treeliL juuil^, gre^^ ^nol 

HHAiurllr In huIv") 4vi,3Cl. 
in-llkllkcnaki 3,v,lT. \«j;"Cftrt; 

■n Ell jirrD-Jlhg ■ tHfuJ 

In-lhhnkOd-Ah, LluL. -IVit- 

j^ i m'* — ; 

4K— fpT, Jo ira-v«l abuLil £vl,4^ 
InlilrnplPlh Krcnh, pui' L"'il'^l< 
In^li'Ohun'AhH l.Jnt- \rn— al; pplmi- ; 

■K— TO- Tij liEdr unilrr Rhuh at bhoJ- 
Inmpi r^iAJi. rurm of upvmi) A^hIod^ 

(i|ivr aF loD, nny. 
ln-mulFnu1-*k |Jluk.], ],tnlL -Vih — otp^ 

in — f in— ^9. To orarnur, dUIIA,', 
liinAnfi lltat-]- ?^i» iP^rluiiof nvt afur 

Ure ■an4a ( Ira nsnlBDlIn^ ul the rioeU 
InnHiwin. MarrKrt man or fLCUHLn. 
I fk-nJ cho-flh, I Jnr X'en — aii; mt^ — ; 

in — 11. Tv vaiB DOCKCf l£iT,rp4) . 
InnAlb, ifnrv^iK^a 4buil»d ij.i:e> fncd 

In-num-flk, 3,v-tr. Itm — -to; Aionfi — ; 

in — en; '■01—. Tu driokr 

In-ebiana-ii'p Lii*- *>ii— a*.- mrfi— ; 
■H-^-Td- T^ hart a^u4 *p|i#lEt«i Up^ 

In-ft<ia*g-jh, l,<Bl- ?r<.j— ni; man—; 

Ik— ta. Td li€. 
l-nDnBrraAa-hO,4,'.tr. In—liii.-mingi—; 

■vfli—, t5 viv partlPHlur cm, 
Inbunfl, 3,L B»BukHow. 
in-flHk-aki. IJnt. >'«> — alt: w^t—f 
To H^w UT pluit mtee. 




li^oHltAkrp t,iiit. 

■ N— fA To Hit OT 

■H ~'a. Td gtr d^irq 1 hlllb 
ln-al«^k, L.ijil. A'^-i — Hi£;nin<;iii — im. 

To TQmH. 
lApiflVapg- Ai4 fJ jntDlrg iwa btmom 

-M DWII M i wif a iB iun-»p. 
In-ptilng4ilfr MdL Nln^^it; in— y 

-In— M. To ga Under iliEller Itdqi Ebe 

In-paMt-AH, Ipint. ?fn— ait; tnft.— ; 
in—lm. To get urdpr Ltr Mhrllfir of a 

tn-ptlkl«u-i», <,\.tr, \™— ito^' pa'Brn. 

M"j— «n,-iiio— an, Ta diivf HAar.Aa 

m agbi. 
iry-pmllwnum-tk. ]JiK, /ibt—a^; tx^: 

rfn—lB. Tobv. 
In-p«ttfl-*h [Ifoli paloft, dmlh], l.ini. 


Inpiwuhnwiidliku. ulur Tn caH aI 

■ouI iMcb froDi bml pipc^. 
Inplll nan. Jui3». ! 

In-a»ha-lh. A'«— ifjt; men—. I 

■H— ra. Tihbffiracliild, 
iH-llehig-llr, i.i^i. Hen—aic- iiHii— ,1 

en— lu. Talean. f 

InHdudik, Unt. ^in^-^j ntti-<iii; 

*-—*»- Tfl hop. 
InuBffrtlp l^iif Tultaiir^r «rh oOfct, 
Eri-ukad-nk ElliJkJn U«<n ■■'«— nit; 

1"^™-^;"" — la. Ti^i vfl?p twIlliA brchmi. 
Iflblttt-Jk [Ilbl:,], l^int .Vi« -aPL; 

■nn— ny Ml — la,- vmipaaabilka. T" |i« 

Bldii I 

Ih-ukarB-nhp l,ln[. A^n-^ot; jum— jh 

pj>~. To Ilk* bark. 
tp-«alak'ke, *,*.tr. Af*— ; tt— : » -; 

ni-l— io. To ir»l In tT>! vwy oT-. In do- 

I*ll0 Vlth ■ »hl#lii 
iMiMflt,^ JVin— . TLHfmirtB, 
tn-HPlb-iiMk iplnt, fiin-^t; utrq— ' 

'n— (ff. To hJdo Hioeseir hfliii.[l. 
In^anV-ah, i,vtT. JVffH— oft," Jirfr.— flf* ? ■ 

■■— OM To-nukcA bldingplFKie. I 

rnaipM. Jtougl), Bot olippBi-v, I 

rinngKI. 9j, it is tn^nt^ l^Pb a I 

(cuqnK (Ul- lncemt. I 

In-^fBltilfpLM. y^—akztn^.iT^-ni. I 

To Bob. ; 

ln-«L|iWl-ak,l,1rit. &-<tn-^-ak;itt—,-i- — Ia. . 

To br VD ow^ tati Anrly, 
ln-Blkilt(^*lr, |,lnt. Ifn^-fH,.- *,«— ; 

'"^«- To hnat for lioe In ooVi own 

liuim [llok.l, TOUK. 
InalTnan [llak,]. The use. . 
In-*1«t-«k. IpIoL. Fdn— olr; men— ■ 
-ra. T? >w»p4HJiai>iDDiii. 

(Of H-dBj. ^ 

*fi— la. Ta jrB In tbe wij. 

In-un-dk flluV.I, l.iT.1, *>n— at; 

I"*" — i' ci — 'a, To Dura« li.t, Iha 


ln-HH'kB«1-Bk,lpiDE. Ita^—aliimtm—i 

ci—ta. Tq ftt aogry, 
ln.feucl>Ud-ik, l.lnL. ^Vfti-^fiif; men — ; 

in — ta. To r«pim Lo partliln; li) Md- 

In'lflbttfi^-Bli, l,lnl. ?t'fa — alsj'meit — - 

In-tmtun-aK l,in». A"<ii — ak-; nirpi— ^ 

n-^ta. To llEd^ irilrwll alone. 
In.ti(gn1*n-ak, I Jut Ifen—ak.mei^,- 

ih— (a. Tinbl*er,l>inblp wiHj eoHcf 

ln^4iipO'>k{Ep.]|l,J:,l, iitn—ab^ltt^: 

<Hx— f-, Tonpe-nkh Hftutb. 
In-1a1aljiup 3,". AVb— ,■ mtm— - in — ra 

To 9; aWtr 
ln-T4.ud-ak, IJpt V«— al^ niHB— ; 

■M — ffl, To jump up, 
In-ldbtlfl'fkp J.lTil. Y™— ra; inf=— ; 

IB— fa. Tn wKlipsp uw^Uittr. 
In-tidlld", 3,1 ]i<|i]p«. 
Jn-tlkm-akip 1,1d(. jV'm-ai.'; ne*—; 

et — la. To e**Pp prtr. 
ln-lltfljb-alr,lpin[. Acn-Ti^,f»^|(,»--ffl, 

Tq beli^b H'ini], 
ln-tDll0l, M- ?k'ejt— ; ifj— . ft (lbs 

^■l«r) faElB. 
IniaUttL-Akp I,in(, A'sn— afc; wien— ; 

m— la To 3i\p, stay, abiJr, rcmdin, 


inlltlUin, PluM for, corwctfl. 
In-tutuyB-tA, plu. .Vcn— ^a; nt^q — ,- 

1™ — (o. To iHllnc^thirr, 
In-uJIvh-abp |,iiit. .\a.[— ai: men—; 

«ii — Ea To BO book ami forth at fitorJ 

In-UftchungAkp IJnt A^m— at; jitai— / 
- fa— io; vniiuthirq^tu. To iwd: Jftwo, 
Ip-tV-akla-ak. Sen—tili; me™—; 

«•»—[*, Td Kremip me«id. 
iTivranirjtHWaa |IJok.], ,1^, IL awJiin, 

vibraleH (r#., n puidiLlam) . 
in>'Bmb- Sorr. 
In-yanetttf-ah. IJelT. Nf—sk; nten— ; 

«■ — ta. Jnsoi^ginkMiBal. 
rn-yap-ak, l,inl- Mai — ; fi—ia. To 

■ nyaprM'^A lll1y;btriiiv. 

liyua |lll>kr|. COODDUE trrv- 

lawa F'hap 4,v,lr, In — i/o.-mans—, ^—^ ; 

ma—. To i*itat . nwkbaoe. 
Ipa*l-mk [Itolr], a,v,ir. ;«— at: p^j.- 

pi — 'O,' PBiai — Ol To oriLf t, 
1^1. FrlogDHDliMibM. 
l-pa-lfa-ahr^v-Lr, ia--9k:i — aj'f.o — ». 

Td BVQd loot a perkaD>. 
l-pnluklmD-k i'it^.). Itt—hf 

mongi — ; ^— , To cbuk lo hurrj', 

l-pihpahko, 4, fNpatpaiic, moiipi- 
pBatedfi»D f*ni, ifl rtirt. 




to Ih 

I'PJihudkB, lH—l!at 

I — y umi— ,- um<pa£bHUUv 

nilf.b, mve. 
|rptlokflm-ha, 4^ Z- — Ko- -— 

L — ; Tnai — . To kt nuL l»rJ 

■LDll.CU I 

l-pjIllnQ-he,, im — *o, ihjuiji — ; ■ 

i—;mai--^. lOtlrikp llliT,liiiiinlwU. i 
r^pin4d-k4p 4.y,tr Zn— fro; iiciipl — , 

l--y indL — . To mkp dntwn. 
^-pinga-kn i.^rt"- ^i' — I; munpi — ; l — ; . 

itim -, Tf» Itad, ^iixprL |^ ptjeonj. 
I'Pfrtttlun-ka |l^p.|. If— la;' 

ihHTiifi — / j — ,■ nifli — , Fct n>4ic liuii- 

I'pflpaMld-hOp ^.'t'.tEL ii — JiV. To I'^ld; 

lih thUt lIdwd. 
l-paplllMio [llufc.l, 4,'Mr J-j— Jro; i— ; 

i — , iJini^— , t\i H'lLitiHi' LQIIipcl. 

l^ It,— i:n.' [-!;[—); 
Hi-ir — Zsl Tu toiToii gx IethI I IihH 

l-pilbi-koH 4, J*— lo; i--; i— y 
rjiiri - -m1n-/i — , To lril-(c^^H LlLkl«J i | 
lykJII. ' 

l-D-BW|-h, 2,'Llr. I\t — J, mdfTHjf — ; i — : 
Aim — . 'i'ci forl»iJ. 

IpaAll-ka llluL.], 4,y.1r tn—lo 
4ji— ; j-tt; ndv — . Tu HUdj 

IpIlD' 1^ii1-»» iiLOiiIlt uipni' 

IpJi. l^iHXhU-hfliidl »-ili K ]#<] citrriri^. 

|rplt-ak, Ihi - A.-#,inf flji ' ;i — -tij . 

111 I" Joor or Kplli IlIIl^I- 
< pkfil-kflp *,v- It fpj — l;o;in<iiff — ,-mii — . i 

I'n pU:l*1f. 
I p- paOiek-ks, d.v.Lr. /h— t"; Ti-a-ii — ',- 1 

ip — ,' wdr.p — , To plnr frchltilhLlJvf 

Ip-pa-ilji-«ki 1,Siil. Vev — irt; p^ila'a. 

Ip-pi-llA-k, i.v.t-r. l-\--t; bTdnfi — ^ 
'p—y mip — F 111 shnv injllLiiiM, 

lp-p«kaw«Sllfr» 4,v,ir In—io; nan- 
pi — ; Tp — ; ml- — . To Imd hnnwy. 

Ip-pAhlAU-kd [[loh ], 4pdF. In—lio; 
I — y ip — ; "h»— . To contiBct, 

Jp-panQjlKliPi-kD, l,v.1[ /n — 1-d; indir- 

^p — >■ Ip — y in-ip— , To naniej 
Ip^pflolanq-ko [IJokr], 4,T.ti. In—ia; 

• ji — ; ip — fi- -r-nfif 1 UBiip La. Tin 

Ippalellk. CdimalivG Ioieu of iHoM. 
iB-Pty9-\ti. ^.T.tT- Vrf—tr; iHMfli — .\ 

ip — J kihti^-'. Tu ci|i]»v tu hf airr!^.< 

IppByaikO 4Aw p<ii,/)iln]. To Hrdr ! 

Ip-D^II-ko irtuk.^ t,\:tt. rt-—Iro,- ip — ;', 

ip — ; fhJi'ppJir. To fore* , 

lp-flO0hH-aH, 3,v.[r, In — nl,' mansip — ;' 

ip— ,- Kiuip— . To f«d (]"by> wiCb] 

Ip-pbMco, 4,ilte. It — If - msn^y—; I 

4p — r nalp — . To iiijt, *!■«. I 

■put II lot.], Tajl; long black hair. | 

|4f iTiJtiATiilr 'ilirtr. An snaiir. i 

To «fip. ' l-Had^1(, In— tp; rtflufi — yl — y 
I Fjm--. Tu ^Idc^ Uy ilonn, 
■ -■■■-h, a,p.1r. Zn— £'y i-^n,- I — h y 

iitql ; bmi ontil 1-. To Eabe 1o Id4'il. 
Iraith^T-ka. «,v,tc. /n— J-Hiy ^^ ^ >--/ 
>Ti«i— y (j^lHfiflfJuiri^otflhyBflBfli — , To 
llEllilll, 9DlI. 
Jaianl, Ipiaafil. To hIkhi^ itt iliiNy94i 


IbiBnlkh ^,viT. i N-nr^Fi i^'y n i un;/ I'l'/^n i y 


1-aAk,-am, ana, vli:. Will' |aitli4Mltwlag 

r]iir*liii|iPi nj rrH|iMii|i, 
l-aakan-jiK IJl^*.], I'l it , i— ay 

i rr ; rjl Ed i^irfiil'iriiil J b irj I'nUirJ uira. I'o 

^( ii^^iIjiiu rAjJy 
l4akanB-lui, 4.TLlr. It — 'oy Mun^l — j 

i", FiiLfi— ' To pnit in Jn»iilr 
l-uhl|in||-ka. /•! -'t->; FnOrfjj.^j 

I—; MOI— I'll lj}i>ll<4'' Uiinplain "[ 
l-Bilak-tlc, i,\.tr. In — iTit j •n/m^i — y 

i— y m L«n Tif tiZFi. To prolprt, tielp, 

"»^i (t il'l-n||i| 4 ftCKhr. 

Iu<i iIlw Itnaih- W'l.rn- |^\'Ll3i pent 


in ananpua. Miii«, uEli^r. 
ihHTi-chtll :lnr iinan nanrhHI, In llinl 

IT m [Jui^i- Jn tliono li.^ fn 
l-aingyvt-kg, /rt— Ij^ i — ; i — ; 

piiSi — , <N viilii^ijUfirdy pnu inliVHil^ir', 
To- MH^ lot BlLBr|ieii1ii^, ».;., ji lUib. 
'■AP Jb^ks, iLT.irL In — ia; ■nafiHrf — y i — ; 
irfir^^. To li€ ID VBLl lor 1.HiLfor']| in 
Dfflpr Xa iltack, 

l-aJIOp-H^ 4,L>.Er, In— Lil,- i-^',- r <>, To 

dabi ill Blun u i-iv^r. 
l-upal-ak ihok. laapala, ualhl, J.^.ti. 

71 — of; Niffiyi — uy i — a; rtJHn— o, To 
HK¥itr, ini|nw:9l« ItLJr.TI k 

It avni. tty itihI liy, 

l-llVfUl-hOt 4,k.|r, lii---lo. DidJirpii— <; 

■-' y pnoj— . To luii^ vp auilhlnj^. 
lachjt. Um 
laehak, 2,V'lv< JMlnrhafry in^ru^r^^^'i ,■ 

ijiWia. fliajjijiOr To pat Iflp^hl. 

]H>iI. Their ioff B.I B ^IhIbh™! 

iatk-kti, ■*, In — to; mang—; [—t; 

w^ — r T^ «i"» CT plont ficfdr 
|l-fA4l' £■?* lEfl. in hnmr, 
I if At. AwiEvr [itfil 
Imto. UrlBPL 
lATfr-ikn S.y-tr. Iit—oi; iB-ri-ir— . — ni,- 

no— -On Til urJtiAlv nD. 

l-ilhlil-kop 4, In — k\t; hibjisj — ,' 

■ — y PiCJi — L To lilt witlt <tai bo-iidn 
lll'TAt^kVp 4,c,lr. Jnr»— to; ■napiji*— ? 

flfc — dny ■rai-'aK. To uiwvr. 
■-■^nQBl-he» 4,TLtF. Jn — lo: BiaMgi — -; 

\ — y wai— , Tfl jutiv Ivhind Uia MT, 
I'Alpdiah-ko, i.vtr In — ilo; Phon^i — : 

1— y Bitu"— , To tJirow or daiJb down, 
IUhl^akp BiV-lr. Iwr — nl.' — ohy — ^x. To 

bt iBller tbaD. 
■■ ka, Atp to, Ea. 




It hi lln ivihAftb (^aim:f. 

Iv ban (IELh' J<"rmf]i ehei Ubd ^nh 

piupVE □■ntH). At tha hdUBO of. 

t-*hJp-h4, ■J.v-'i'n /ni— ito; PJiflp^j— ,- 
f^^,■ Dtat — L ToCjirry mlo IIlC fiUiiT 

ra kWJllHIl^ &i<vn. bi'lo^. 
I* IfPfAcha. AL tJrfir buoBe. 
Ill||t-ha» 4|V,tr, in—Ko, rrriiig— ^- { — f; 
'"a — . Thh put otiii1r»n]Hiim m the </iay. 
ll-mflKh4m. To-jiipht, 
rina. H«r«. 

'tnttt In. ihJib, ftD^r, Hiy, E>n. etc 
liniPi t>rlU iFniL Tfi-d^v, 1)lj« Jn. 
lanji ka. In, nn, Ett. 
ltF»*n kivrin. \u the midJlp uf. 
Ian«n mikalut. |t«rku1 
lrn*n teAgAn. Iflaiiif.l 
l-aBdaild-trfr, In— in; jrj-injf— ; 
"— ; fJaJ — . T" preHB dumn Ian Jn 

l-alia'n.g.lio» 4,v.Er. fn- 1^; »iii<i£i ,- 

r— li" umi^, I'u pIfiiB?; to preq?H] 

tn pJlji ha."- TiLHTCj. 
r-*Dh.t-icD ^I^fll^,]. /N-frif; ^-on- 

*■-",' < — ly^-^i— . To .h«npr, fike 

lnlIlntLTe In d■l'llaDf^^ 
I ■■ola-ak. a.v Ir. f a— a * ; nomrr — : an — ; 

ff — at. To loacli, ini4|TiiH;i, pe«ih]3l 

■ -■Dr»lo-ah, 2,v.lT, l-n—a/i; =.r.jin.-— ,■ 

I— iiii,- mi—, Trt bo iHdkln/. 
l-aornlajina. IJIb-E«cLLp^. doclrin^, jn- 

iraano-kH 4,ff.[r. Ji-^; ->fliijii_; »_■ 

PfnE— r To put hiXHl or the flrp 
l-aapj-k, a,^.tr. J)t—l; nmngi — ; i^^,- 

""" — ' Tn UH? tbe lojw rbff iinbriilni 

ill DiHHiirEiig, 
lap«PB>k, mm ^loDd siJrer, rin^ bad. 

l-UdyayrjiliH ^.i.[i. /n— nt^' p^i,rjh»J — ; 

i— On; rtltfi^N T** ffHMk, ilrflJr, 

uiLiLiiC cr juillJilv Mn >|N'nlsirgj . 
Mflfun-ko, ^» — tu; nnf^iiF* — ; 

j — ; mul — , In lilil, i|i-,n:|. 
l-lagmBa-ko, J,i-,'r. ^ie — io , 'fMcxifl -; 

l-rakEhlg-kD, J.irt, 'i— ^^: yin-jh,«— ; 

I — J, To gel ii;f| Hijiiil lip. 
l-lakfld-ko, 4,F.lL. /~ — ''■,■ ,\,<i,.'ji^' 

' — ; ■iiai — . Trj lir fv t\\t'\a \n nn- 

ikIkt. fu&li'ii. IviIlim, pLi:ki'l. 
l-t4hln^ko» 4, Sw—i.<,; \.nig'— ; 

i — lmai—. Vc ULi- M'llll iJV.KIi. 
l-talaLo-k, (l.v.rr. ti—t,: 1— j. j^; 

PJIQI— I UUri f hzJ" r-fi 'J. Tdh ]ilfl]|||"Hj 

l-tanJm.kO [llok,]. ^.V.^T■ lr.—lri.:mu*- 

9' — ! ' — .' rjioi-— , I'd f* iJT |il.iiLr, 
l-TApok'ke, 4i'.1i-. in-'— lit : jnurtyi — ; 

r— .-lufld — . Tudip jlnjlliiiiB |tLV.2Dl. 

i-tjipi-Ji, j,v.ii. ittsiiii: (—I; I— i; 

pjial — t; bP/ii An, T(i pron^i-nE, ^1 mi, 
iidd iCall>hhii>4 ^~ juHiLi , 
lIOhQ-k, rt.Vir In k-: I — J; — fHj,- 

iiru- , NMfri'^ltr'. Tih '111. hi, l-llllflltt, 

r^poiiuil, podnl HUE |li',;L4ir 
Kchflng'h&i It—^•t^ ; m^ui—- 
I — I; na-^.'\o put <[™f, ■'Ip I ^m 

Itntf'l a^ [hrntL-^rliiiL iijrflliiil \\v- luJi*. 
l-teknaB-ke, 4,i'.[r. /i,-.|:^ - p/ni^ijj— ; 

< "^ mvi — . To «lrikr IjliU ml p-mnan^ 
n.K'iTut heu'ln^} handle !n irrilnr lo 

lljlhten IioihI; eimilai &N \rt eni^lying 

l-t«l«F»t-lk |S[f.]. j,i,tr. /If— tt.' I— f; 

f — f; MoiiH^pffiElff. To inirrpret. 
MIEhit-kO, 4|V,(r. Jrt— lay •f\<iit<ji—-, j — j 

(JfoT — - To p«TO, pptr al. 
■ ling. Flw Llinclicv J/F^rh ot pal<A 
lllug. E^. 
Illug al yukan. llntK'v, 

Pa Ian *|[l» This ninrnlnF, heiw (Jthar ' JTn(nB'l(D,4, Jw-in.infjnu— 1,-|— > » 
paaL tatamin^. — . . 

IHIk, A amul) ^lansliopptr, 
l-«idt|td-ko, 4,vlr, In—koi ^•i,^^^—,- 

I — ; AST — . To rtftat or mrnf Inir of 
li.g., a W> to ^r«nrji, (Aei evDIB»- 

■ inn nB^d by -mull bon] 
Jai^-ak. a,v,lp /kiiui, iiapjj— , _n,,. 

■i" — . T[h Hwfce equ"', rvM , Ut tavaX- 

l-auppll-k lllolr.1. S, fn— 4; (—1; 

1— 1 ; fax — , Toahtmiue (mrniPv}, 
lBu^kD» 4.v.Lr. ; rnaag—i l^i ■ 

"la—. To dHijh, knp aeern^ de^itr 

Ia-WAKh. To-iDorrav. 

la ttJIt. Tj-inorrciw inDminj. 

ItAb, A ctiUipAtpd banr, medium riEedJ 
MiH LrlLh wlilljfh tys. 

llabnakDn Jnfahrr,tQ,' ™4h.pljflfi- 
aek: i'sl^nmb.-||,a^—.^oti\lrJ urtrvmd 
in lu^v In 4 Mm pLoL lor («rtllEu. 



niT" . To III I. not itiliM. 
l-lQfal-ha, 4.v,li'. l«—ko: t\iii,pi — ,-£ — ,' 

•"ai- IVf L1S4-II -tpriir. 
l^tOkang-kD, 4,vtE. iir-- fu, nlhii^it^ — : 

i — ; DLffi — , To upnet, ttirnim Hlonn. 

MUifce [<■ liir doBTi l:ii,i:i). 
l-tokcho-k. fji-t,' iwaMifi— ; >— , 

To "Jt i-D fl r^jalr. 
l-talad-kcj /h— ^oy ■umipj — ,■( — f 

null— i ami— iir. To pii»li. hhfrc^; In 

l"tfr>hM-k6» in — io, mangi — ; 

1 — ,' mat—. To plant ricft 
Msap-kBi 4, Fa— tn; 1 — ; hini — 

To lie tc^^m. aa jilTinir, 
t-tapl^p-kOH in — to: DiniBft— ,- 

I — J JHflE — - To * iiprleniert, oiikbc up 

lo U ^»flll HQIbl . 7foj»riif'ho WOrfp 11 

llpanQ-ka, 4,, In — ito; ■mang— ; 

<— ) ,' iM— . Ta tiT, ollnnpl. 
Il-takfld^ko. 4,v,lr, Jd — ito; •pipgit^ ; 

•Hi'l—. To Lfc, liilrh, trtluT ntJJ, 




rriibt — . Thp IhCjnE Ihl'L, eF'T'^ce. rEFurn. 

l«fakB-k, SiVLtfL Ipfol-^ki man^r — / 

I— J; lid—. To IpII, a-l, Eipplj to 

l-ttdklwrilc'Kap^ iii— frornniirfri— y 
1—; n/ii—. Ti> b^^ilIIbt, bipHHt. 

l-valai-ke [ TIciIl 1 , 4 , m — Lu; kjcpJ' 
pi — ; I—; HHn — . To uppomuQ, di- 
ml^, HllKtrll'iit' li.iT., anylljlBp #ai>pt 
□1411 liralaiiii nun mOirifii, 

l-Wiall-ka, a,«1[. Y>l — ita: rrndnQt — ; 

r^; wfli— ,■ Bjniifiirl^fl, To throf 

|-1b«awUI|W||«-llh *.*rlr. /it— itri.- I -,■ 

f — ■; j~Hi( — :urFi^ — 1 w\ai\g' — Th^ i^atp, 

l-WdTwil-ka, A.^-li ltt—!/i': irtoupt-;-; 

1— I i pjdr --- 'l(- hIIiiiiIp, ■ppiiitjHm 

( Djh'jII t . 

l-vr!lg««!lg- ko, bs^.l-c. In- -jEu; mangl — ; 

I — , niiri — . To ^halc iilll,^]. 
Ij'anoiguV luilh pcrmyFial cndijtjfa ] . 

Afirr, I.Hl. 

l-yo^flyafiO-kOHM'rtr. In—ko:i—\. Tn 

Fioiv llw limd. 
l-^4!Mli-kB, l, in— is; wflnfll— ; 

I—,' niHTi — . Ts4«d F A blkok^ I i^T Al) . 
l^yDwlk-ka» 4,v.(r, li put ohl bLaak'Cr 

Jciu Krkito [Ml. JnuaCliMvr 

Ka— ^plMn FT>tiLpl kalion ) . Er^ ly ; Dian; , 

Kfi^mnfOi tiiiLiiv, Iaiui[abl4'. 

KiAdclflweri, HlhIhih, 

Kaag EH^-I- Mdiikr-,. 

Kunik, 2;tJtT. A'l'utatm'jL, Lmiuh; 

l,nnmi''i ni i^il'irmi an . Thj pupikv !»?. 
Kftng iHfini. t]nil. 
KAJnlk, 5,v,lrn Kt^miiHl/o.w\a)tgaaii ;lca- 

nijjh; Dia£4inn-. To !■>» away, nuurr 
<>«t.'Tln^ y«Br-lj^ pulhog ol RTUH od 

Kiiir JlchvnbUiilLT HLhwrnaoy* Wh€D? 
yZtV KkJ Hirir HciA lonjr, i^bmr 

br/Y- -i^tfli**!, i rd miu'Aita. Tft nialie 
■UbHabJla, NeivlArii. Er^lilf- laiJ. 

flfflh — ^tji — fln^Jtiflts^ --HI. ToHMZalcll 

-■orhal llKlli#h t- lihi-D. 
K-ibo-ci-ahi a,v,l,r. Ain — ai/ t— an; 
l— On, mat— on. Ttfy/tr irHli faith. 
KabDPt0au- VVa.vri. 
Kkc h BkchakAL ^Etf ^ laFSvami. 
KAcliinin OaId luBOHliy latdag}. 

KkMIu. A.aiall,iljju},|t)k. 
H*d— . l!upliaiiicior"P;fl^. 
KldDhiwek, 3,v.Ij-. Kin-ftKJLluihk; tEnf- 

chl-men: tdJc 4|HiRH,- inBipiiwAiii. To 
ratizli ^otflJb or HFrnff la jld^ «ay, 

Kidkichino. REILU- 

nar; LlanL:^ h'IlhIIlJ tixd In pi\* mi 

^'9 — in,' jii<ai?a — . Ta dkvlrlt InCa 1.whi Kin — L ,nUi<9— ;it- -^m ; 

^iff^ — . Tu r(AHl lin flr#k' 
Ka.rArtlp. HmiLln-KH. 
Ki.tiyd [Hp.|. Hol^ 
K-Bfai-ak. ^vAr. E1-— ^; mdnir— ; 

iL — €i!mab—. Tapull tip by tberootd. 
Ki^t LikVp m«. 
K-dD*'«kp 3,v,lf, Gin— ,tr "lan?^; 

L — fH; ndl — Th* ph<H. 
KagAwla. \^»tv ipiciA 
Kagnic. Uca? lEik^a ^llh- 

KAgktai^jb, Nbw- 

Kff karokfl. Sert^p H>rkHfaB^ ai|y- 

tlilDif reHoibJirr an Mi^^r. 
Kb^ fianal- TIiilb. 

K^g AAlkail. (fliiinBe<l in h- ]>[«*■ aafp. 
K^a nfl«nnqab «i oi*i<. TJ>c ViHian 

KAlK)<ak,^vAr KiuEbditD/israii^lad,- 

kavac/ian; maktiaii, Tc Jeavt. 
Ka-laman {llok.]. Cm lifml f l€» pglnA^ 

Kl-ltFH^ Prin-inl. 

Kllhfil. Slli-Lfipr itirnJnjiun. 
Ka.lkjl-«k, 3,p.lrL Kmoikniliv: phoh^^i- 
J;aii' — fn/ itio — . J'i i\g jn^iinl ■fIII' 

KA-tJiak iJkt.l, l^.l^t, T4 be a. r'Hth^-- 

AJLlovtk, l.vJr. A'mate^; inffiia'4'iir 

^oiivnybiaitoia loioiopi^Uilhenand, 

Ka-lppakuchaklcl. ijiclir-dlo}, Mj AHl- 

Kalpkil. YDiiJip! 'pn>ilU of kogon br 

litot ?ra"9 lH«t"» tp>' *QneB anil 

KlktfHn. L'rlMl. 
Kihalhuk. Fprj««ulkrii, o^pivHLon b^ 

one of »iif«iiiir Btiea|il'i. 
Ka-UmUnJ n)p Tbc nev pknU. 
Kbiij IIFiili,]. GennAJ nune for wood; 

I. prcil^ calif , 1^ pina trch 
Kalu-ak, 3,T^tr. fli"a'i4iPfo: — cn.-ei^— ; 

irrd — ," •rfii-aiuko: iw^j«(j. To (jpI 

K<k«at«i. Thp Ublnjf Bwax, TcomYnlr 
KlkHfiflfl. J'uDa;, JiuflEiibk. 
Kahabi-n. Flare vlH-[i^ViiiiKhlikiriflprD- 

i]ii»d, . 
Kflkaohlkp i.v.Ir. FitfliJ^af KaI . ■umpo- 

ali^i fliMll Bill In toitiid'. 
Kakfld. r^t"-LI fall af waUr, arrUigrd 

t-n ^flctlngj niiFiFI Q«-h. 
K«lc«'an, N«el of bjnl, m- uf 4'liii-kn. 
Kak«gkan4», 3A- Itlldiln. 
Kaka-lvv. Diaawling, aillij. ibfiral- 

KjikillL TliF pnvrr to ipok. 




Kl-kimo-tk. 3,1111. KJlm— 1, i^a-^i—, 
*s— Fi»/ niBiti — . To be quick. 

KJtHI{|hln«ICd QuIrirjMH, pHce. 

Kahuan. PailnWrVM- 

Kkkul- Rqh. 

Kiltft iUik.]. tinnycomti. 

Kaljtfjthjtb. Siinib fhT eniHll In*, itLn^ 

Iniv^B, pliuoe-llkd Lop, ^n4j I'Lt'iyp 

■Droll ta HHtoL by iJDhBit{>BL 

j6oW*n/ mnitii/nfc- ^clJmbr 
KalalllBfl: AllaWiLi eTV^nlglil. 
Ktlll'Mki^' JEftifainv— aH.'— dJi; 

■no—da; bbt*-"?!*. To make lurkH, 

Kalalu. Paekitawh^. 

Kalalal vS. Hap^. 

KftltllLlr» IM. TQOJBifljiiALaiJW. 

Kjtijing. (^pcr color, erea un iron 

KalpngkJinB. TEm am -. pinen.) Ijn- 
K«i«p> A lam varie^ 4^ l>«it 

Kalitui, Sbiflld. 

KallH. Bukef ^BUoeaH flkl). 

KaLl- Vatr^^-iivDrJjiiDEiiut-, 

K«JlbJn [Rp.], Squ^. 

KalirwHud. Wfahriwind, 

KalEkong. HdIbo. 

Kallmmataku- PupH ft ib^tyt- 

Kllka {Ep.]. CarjTO, IcmL 

K«lk«1alu. Vew, newly cuHle. 

KalkAlo, Oamfl wiLb aLicka, jackdhm^fl. 

Klllt. Edlbl« insHl ioaai id tub pEoU. 

uaed ■( bMt in bild tiapa. 
KpllPh. Bundle or tti^t Ifl whip lin- 

Kalrtila IBp.]. Sbeep, lamb. 
K«40k«d. FlTe. 

K« JohOPD [ IlH»k.] . ^1 JE^UD- hal, 
Ktlalut,Tn:m]c lor vi^r part of p<n- 

■m»ng [y^Vfl'ia] baodln. 

9B — ff! ko—inn; -mka — g. To [um 

pamlde ouL 
KnlallJlkld^ tbe TUHc- o^a roof. 
KaIia. Rtail^Tcajl l^ppfu-JljUHlarBflr 

KaTtlborhailtlb|llDk.]. t^a»n,fllieai» 
Kpfupl^i Ail ^ibl?^ t«l?n»pL^bB^e:t. 

KJlhiipioli,]. IrcpDur Htr«1 Aln, 

K«m- l&p-l VpA. 

KtmaAlTp EinmoBit; M-nnpontfl; 

JbuKuiii; mafcowioiin. To put uodn u 

Kana-lchan, AbHiice L'".^)- 
K«il<Uahhna*DNdm. ETcrjalfbl. 
kAHutl* tS^]. Tfunatp™, 
Kaihil [U]. Cuul. 
KamTi^al IIIdIi.]. Cow-karBbao. 
KikiHiUeir, Hl|T,lf, Eiuncb; mnrjniHa: 

bmdJua/Mdbi diOl To tniucli, put Ib^M 

KiAtb-wtkn /pj — £, piratigi — ; 

— •Dei. Tuliurij.niilie tiBfrWpbe igitifL, 
Kiiiiplli {llol[,], A Mr^ kDils or Aa^*. 
KAWul HJ*^-]- D^dl}' JMjiff. p^Htn. 
Kinak, H.ifX^. Erti irvn 1^ ,' "•an^Adfi^ 

k<tna-ij -lotiMiif. Thp i«t, nuine, fail, 

a^k (IvIlDKed b; quolatwa or fnna vE 

Ltorda) , 
Kapuk an ma- I ■■y <to m^-i^lfh , I 

KlrLChio-hD [Bp.|. PadLwk 
Kmeh. X,'.lr. EphvjIoj^ r.aiffir,' AArm- 

MokdlmiL Toflat, 
Kmntmng. C»pp«r. 
KiniTunvjn (uia» u Lumiwlg), |v^ 

^rt doitTr 
Kfrkgt- I^pfc, ^rLunbling -rlnnw lliat 

iiurl Ibe fret 
KaiQingaya. SomaEbLrg nlnnn vricb 

Kangiiu. Mi^k, 
KJi-nfll-yvkp 9.1'rEr fmfl— t; uidn^ii— : 

ita — f/ij Tuflld— - 'fnt nli»l, lEidlu a 

Klrf-ghaRfli. ^TbH I, pulitv. 

rtinakflngH, H) shoulJec blaJe. ^^t 

Imit'Eion R"iiA m ad? dI tin tan. 
Kangnun, 1loa]« in lioU*i] or iloro. 
KlPlBll. QaEH. 
Karkkal. Used !□ pbraH "f^ai £anfcoJ," 

jLo^t Anlq^Kd. 
Kankala." flur kaang kayap|. End. 
Kankinartd Pj-lrd B«»c-cak», mv4¥Iii. 
Knflktnl. Abiii»t, 

Kann«J 1lnEciihTi^>, AIbo, hifiiMl I, eli. 
Kmnaufl. .4 FonqjirirllpHliiiilBr U^Tlie 

oEd-luhliHied AnLerln^u LflLe. 
K'lr^lA-i^ [-5p,|, Aiisuru^: 

PifBif — ; it — i^y inht* — . To £in^. 
Kan/Hu [lEnt.l. rpmot feanl^, various 

kinHlg. intio VlicTpd To t« preHDl. 
Kaoch-eh. a.».tr. jfirunfitov ihjurijw'^' 

J^O'kitfq,' fUdtuil. Til dk]i (F|r, ImhI?J 

ha 14 ore lopal wElb a taod 
Kifld. Lar^e j po^n lor pl^'t Ji^fLL 
Ka-ofa^k, i.'ir. A'liir — A'; Hi'"ijHr"& ■' 

la — DPI. Tu hIiu, r<mi iilr, 
KapE (%.] Tfilf^ 
Kipldtvi IJIcA.]. ?4H<£iiLd reUtEvt. 
Kip^l- OttTon. 
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Kfiaye^p JTifj^p^L-,- iGp.vnn, 

lap^DH ,' 4ia±a^fa. To pray lo. 
Karko. ^oma U9«l by pvo^ilv JroiQ doihnt 

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KaiBiamud^ Edible; alif faoij Cur 

KBiBUpga. Ijazlrieu. 

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Kailkailn- Sfore aniuioiv. 
Kulr>. Again. inHirf, 
Kfilnakp IpiniL 1 — J, ^miiii: l;irtiii"j. 

To np«l, doaeiin. IWjUlii aod Ide 


ka^iiiaijiaakaain. Todaarmiakeagam. 




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K-HatO-IAfh [llcifc.]f 3,¥.1r. Kin—L- utIIj I^> L'liJ'rLjic, l^pLtir 

m-upjff — , t^"r, nfci. — . To hp^d Kawl-Lan llluL j, Jr-Hjglcr. mck. 

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Ktl4faUlihU. I.'iiiwri Wf peujiJeH nultt- 

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Kitilr l*uii''k ijl fyif. 
KfllaUi- A i.^-oitiltr, -ijni, Enirnc-lf 

KdEePBilingBLJ. h\r-[v l^Miay. 
Kjt-tLrtB.|i» i^.t.lE. Ariia— i; Pii.|.i^ari*<; 

i!a—ti! di!ffljit4f- -ji? i(-uiTi,iJii.J.-a. lo 

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KiU'flluf>9. Lar^'. mod, bon-l-iJiflj^ied 

pcmftri lial. regnTHl^l ii^ iJilerlchT lo Ihp 

n^llBr H'j.t^-'-ir. 

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Kilfil. (FQf natttJ iftar lailo 
KBtdian. l>a<h. 

^iiiQkariHAn< Wife's fftLbrr qi iDot^fr, 
KBtanL TYnilnr nhooLs of riiito 
KaluEum. Ncrrilc. 

KatBBnBBJflPI. SJh;||, 

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Kjltutf. TPlI ]gutll»Ffl al dtirkKP. 
KBljru'ong, Snian bouae 
KBufM^n Jllvli,], Vloeyard. 
KBukauitl |1Ihp]<.], Urdg€ plant kJIIi 

l»iTih lLi3t44onii Id tlr \^^y season. 
Ka-uiBlTp ? KiiatiMit; a-tM^ain; 

liauMt; tiiHi^iimb, To asiL|)r wood 

Kitii rsBir^ or vIbiv, 

Kli-ifufltBn. FlDlafalDB:, rompTHrtioD. 

up aCler. 
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trvit ikiLb a AlTsv.lirrTv Hii^ur. 

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l1hU.p| Alifit -[i[d ntan uoi-k oijI «liine 
lu plaw li/ou. >a oin* ?jiw<. hfm^ litic 
if Buyono icvii hiqa, lorfell of u |hl|r iv 

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^frf,- Extn'^m; jFtatc^fJ. To i^il inoiH. 

^tkak, A"iiiif,[iu; ''•'•••gick, iif- 
l,rH,- >i"j^E''l'. Tn ujiderfliaEiJ. 

hCekflKck. 3,v.lT. Ai>iiiJ.tftci,- monpetet; 
i'A*fccn,- tnakp-kclf. Ti> [ilvT bdfl? Dr 

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l(ib«DBJb«d. (S) ADel*varni. 

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ngi^^m K Ijsed u Ptpiriv. Imii^fiia- 
■irm in aqkliif igueaLlndfl KnapipH'- 
l-a„ oi uTviiiT WlLf dp joa penlBt- 

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Ken. Tfh, lot, Filh 1«Hp»lairy with, pn- 

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KingBB. Largs irA ant wlEh uvrjn 


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^ffon; tenfftnai piakettt-chaa. To 
out hair buubit at the eoiB. 

KtpalBn. Pfhw to put. 

Katfak, S.'.tr. Eimttfoic; naiflei; krl- 

TT-,p^-,... .... ..,., ,Hr— J— , iDHdDf dual iM atli»r anlBialai 

t— ^,^nH;tu~— tfl. ToMralft^, a^vtr. Ki^Uiko! ma^alth; 
<^^oiiiiia,*.\) . , i^i«- To undfMUnd, 

KiwJ, J^ridpi". I KrtwBlj. O^kr, graTe. lunnrf. h-Jfl In 

KIwa M liaw«h. TkB IMtJ m nilddfei tbe ground 

KiWU. S«r. 
Xlchlng, UoU. 
KlEhiB. Sbnrti td ^Ha fanllf, jflFn^ 

Qdw^t, b€BDB edible. 
Kkhttl. E^cbrowH. 

Kldkichak. PTiiiid'J'FelLvt : P^h- 
aidtifi Ijidi-iolian - rrali/Iliifrlmi. To 

Hrap0 bMjiFoh or atb»r v^Ubln 
with A tnlfe brfnro cmk-bip. 

^irfx^^ maLifu. to make iqi|dH|T, 

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^udd; i-auMc^flnj wflifljpflffrark To 
Xhritd, — kDi -tne. Wtb<i>iu.bfi(its, 
WkAn. plac*. ihir-MiniQ; tiaie. perloj, 
day oE. Ilcie of. 
Kinjkaiiiiiliii, E>-«]7 dsy. 
Kawan r rananl. Tn IIhl middle or 
Kawjina. Middle, center 
Kawal. 3>rU> diif lo ot^en. 




— fi,- magltiM. To f«el phyjiral »■!■&- 


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- i?ith bdhIbI najii^R. 

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Khmiin SniJilJ l^iiLtCL 
KirniiBktiAn-g, WhJU'OtnEr 

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kiinileit; m^li^il l^ith ot 4llh(hiil 
Dirjirj, Llir rvr, m oh^ct), T" ibuf tlic 

KlnhJml. l'H>vk cimoli. 
Kin«fa. Rnasl^d KrHTji'tirrfl 
KiKahapgi Dri^^l kamhi-o itieal. 

Ktna^mnB-eh-i J,v,ir. A'lHiirH^i-d npi*^ r ■ 
Urn nii^j in jT : I jn [r£ infjrn ; niiTliiiiir'i I K^. ' 
To tilt;f Ltie b#ll. 

Kllniiek, 3,VLr. Jiin^rnaL, vankilta; 
kiDtacHf PintTni. 'I'd ticCl £ pbyalizul 

XllonQ. Foreliead. 

Kltonoin- l>rii|^]L ij, inednuii »!»<]. 

Kluchffk, :i, AiMiidita,- urnn^'hil,- 

liuci'rH; ma^i\"I. Td din 4dl4'r k|11i 

gup, ^mH, rikn. h:I,& 
Klud- Cub. 
KIwichaL Pai-.r.r. 
>^iWI4hp ^.1,1 J. ft "I b !"'*■; uianjiifu^ 

itilfHiL; F/iaAiinl, I'u hLtr, 
KiwaallAn. P]di« fi?r maur, 

qip'LHa, In much, iiidVE, 

Klnghl^Bl- PT-tif^lTiD Ixxifl H|f hq^^Id m : KQontngi 


Kffag. A plau- uF ^'uv^n ^KinLliaiL 
Kir^Ui A laTE5 y«l]Dir Linl {onuniatQ' 

k, fl.vlr A'jjh/uit ; •iMHi^n^ltiOf 
kSben; I'xsgft Thi Ihlicil ihiiih^. 

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fOhj inirl,vt6fan. To tliI>, ^ctuIp H'H, 
U IeiO] hi'itli <,Liii1}- 

Kbchfll 4 ^lU'E tiiicl. migchdlj. Tluj 

Kdcbang. C^LcrplllLir. 


KIJeKcnoehJ. 'DjiiL i/ nil. 
K«eh«PB*t ms, lut]. U>ll, Chtb^ - 
Kffantl. HJilF.^kliL, leaili?r. 
K4CKol<Ked. Din imiikFl. 
K!4ch«Jellp 3,V,ir, Anju'^x'r.tP.- tfORff- 

mrtit la b-lidv duihn, Hl^rl a jlLnlr 
Ktidcfiinganr 111? cro'v^iup at a rWtr, 
KifiDllnng, A mrrfty of rioe, jtIIlw, ! ^^j'^L 

1^ LEp 
Klplangaiin Ah\I:/ furiitltj, uLJ Eo In- 

hnbit tU? a ^'lrr4 K^ ti |^«'' wonll , ita 

blinTikrtB u-<i] thciT. 
Klfiminir. Dfbliir, t)ir tw' ilm lun- 

Kin4lklil. A fvid mlxlurr of binorM 

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rtihil not bNirrln^ 

Klnidtin. Rnd. 

KlBaHAk. ZpV.'Etl ATirr jsir^iat ,- tJLniigifiaii ; 

ril-t4hg-«k, A'iKi— ^o; kipx^ — ; 
li — «^; ni(jti — , To nirnHurc onn Ibing 
HCHhrJEn^ ^D llw HlinL'iiKJoiLM "I nn- 

Kill p. ^EiiKU<>yrd. 

— 0"ii — ii"i; '10 — ; Lviniaici4ttt , niTii' 

Cliff. To BhBV€ beard. 

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To BiAWV btATii 
KEtpo^g Irgrcqptiiii uE bp. f/ta/oivl. 

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tt^voEn; pnoliifir. ^"n '^iLl. 
Kllalj \Ea. pullsrre']. fJuluu, 

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Killngok, 3,v.tF. KliilitgH'/ ; -rjittnsil- 

i«5j ti'mj^ii^' midtifirtjy fcuinlrEntfl. 

i3i'-lr, Kit— io;/ii(iii?— ; 
l-M—cn,- nifljr— . TV Pit"* 1n rlvc[|, 
KbdtliaWBk, J.Vtr. A En J^iruA^,- Jirann;' 

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KAdkAchena Imlui^ of htehtAgl. 
Kofi, I<^D doth oE Larii. 
KollnjrAitivl ISp.l. Goveinor. 

Kdawk. 3,v,tr. A'm^qovii^ r "itig-igatp 
k6ff*iaa'i , njHiiEoi^ii Ji Tq Aip*. 

Kogki'l-cliak, %.v It. KnhMI-u-ii^.Lci - 
j<riHrgo£a.|rf ; fvffkn-i-eKBi ; ninlk-oJia-id. 
Tft liuni [nr taro iij HpuiaClr]! tha 
hsEr of anfillLEr pisi-'^r. m l^aFhere dF 

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hti^j tD^iutffn; Ttil^glrafr- To druin. 
Ivat ujMoi, rap on, Irmwb 

^OfiaaPi; PniTtosr-H, To Heraldl til? 

jHurg; l(ifl(»istjt, mabaaofa; t-'ornp- 
ponffta. To Htrlte with (Ih 6"t. 

Kei&ff. Ut^ nibliv bUtvt- 

Ka-klfl-Ak, Hi-rn — ui; DiimpD— ; 

piii4p— fln, Ta flcrmlcli. 
KaEr«. T<i# KT linger JtRil {hitmBnJ. 



V{M'A.m'Uiav itv thb i«fji*(yr lasucauk 

iud, - rfn^i: ihJwiwAvJ. Tu liiit olT 
U-j:,, lii^.Ltl (siV47]- 
Kokol»ngn Einl Irap inbtHtL' nr illik-^ 
Kohud. Ilkkir nl 4inin(iil. JiiiTi'a rIiu-'l 
Katrwi [llirk. i. \--ff, — nur. --imir, 

rfi' I riiBT'Hl.iji ", «-4'olIl]. ricb?-. 
KbIi [llrik]. I'b-I^ 
K-4>(dl'ik, 2.V.III. A'lPi — rJ : nii^i^ — ; 

— ",., |g,rr^- mi, "] i, |.hjL l^^.- ^vHelll- 

kaiikr nuitJiiirr. 

Kalang, ^^. \l luck". 

/ir^iir, ^•su; m<l • I'rt liii'k itF ^luil 

iitii li^aJ. lu -tiliiiui'l 
KolangdE. ]Lii1L<Kk-. 
Kblat. t'.viA Ih' iif iiirnr 
Kttlem. Ilnli vii uribj'^ 
Ko-lld, I Ml. 
K4lpb, niiun.lHT, 

KallUB- l^n-i'L^ l"r lxi.<f,tA, i^iiiIikIiIj 

tilH'tillriil 11-tlJi ^l'\i'l\ 
Ko^Jo. Miin »l !]■>' Fi';: 

KdIdMoI |Jii-k.|. ^ii;:<]. •J,\,v\\^ 
Kolokor-Bk LM.ik.t ^.1.1'. Ai'ir../..r,././t . 

HF^I : "II, Mir Uir, ui rJ II^ClFvii uJ. Tl i 

1l-)[i^ H liLill- ihrlli -m MiJ^T 
Ka-len. iirm^ Erhi' llitlH'hlni:, 
Kolong, <'tii>ki'iL v-<'^- 
KO-lDnfl-ck, :i, h'lMi — J H> ; (H iTfj^j— ^ 

tfH Tir, IrJT.'.'l , [\h |I1H |>]tiril»lt< 111 

Ih I'l^^I '. 

KeJap-ak, -Iji 11. A I'uiyfi^^ in L : lamnttit} . 

ti-<\^Vi>\'i\ : "rrJ — fl". Tu "Jh-lT Ili4' 

HMop^thi '•i-\ ilr. A' m'J""^!" .■ — ''n: —"if; 

/\ii/l.i/l'if: n'ii\"i'il'ii. 1-1 nfi-i 11^1 liiH' 

11 1 1 inl>^ 
kolat. ^H'■rHt 
K^ir-tfh, J.I Ir. r<'iir i/-, iMTHJiT^i'i, 

A- nir r "urt. ffd : i-irui ^rt rlfl. To cul 

jLiH^tljrr'" lirfir. 
Kfll/flp)/ep. lltAi ]lL>|i|Djnjr. 
KdI)o II^Ei-]' ^^t^^- 

KeniBabi k, I .V Ir. Ainu'i^^at . 'I'oifirib ; 

Kammr. A]H.~H|iit1n, | 

Kopneng. ! .u rji? Jh hii^r, 
Kami. Jilrjui'. 

K-blHAAnJik, ?,v,U-. K\i—iik! "lEfifl— ; 
A- — "Htmil.- flpj. Tm-n-n- fh-|(li elolS 
ur ixLivr^ I U) rmp. ; 

KOhnpini l^p.]. B»ll. I 

Kamut. Thuii rjniTHBrl , h«l of j^nlnmL 
KoeiahD or konaafl [Sp.), Hal»Li|-t, 
Ktnaei- Horrowr «Bdih^ ! 

Kangkanga. Kfik, 
KongOi n. PijEp^ti- 
Karggk. Jt^Qllqqf^ kaniM? JlQm, Ud^ 

Koi>lQ' Flujit mfiniHEii/ Bltijrvr, 
Kai^tthnln iHp.l. (.*uiirci1|: euiiii''4']fhr. 

(^oaiQin. 1li|ili k«^^ ikP^ig. 
Kaflun. I'll; pjI^iIv or iili^iEi-. 

i(-iHiii| ; f-nrlyifi' fii H||i]i:k itr i^Liiici^ 
KepJil I idiiti-aA a4(ii^. SMnnfTrull. 

KD^pll(0p-qk» l.r.lTr h'lfif U. ii'^Jir 

iu — : ^-■— -^u; irJir^Hi — , 'J'l iililmiI'' 
\t£.. |iU|f«1. 
K«phOP- Lliiinrin -It in 
|<4pfatBn*k, \iaX. ^ — ): lw^PXMt<^ (->■ 

Kaphlan- MuhIitihiih, '■lllrLi mhi, nar'-ls 

lix-ik:^ III'- ^'iJir^ liot nrhl "ii -fi\ 
KaijL 1]i^ LJiniLW-lli'imL v"'.. 
Ka-ilkai-tk,3,(.i:i. Ki\\<i—i\':m\vi'< ■: 

ill 'Mm \'l-liti Tl* '''IiIhI ilklci llMlzHb* 

i^klir' Hll IbllllL. 

KdiIpij I Sp I. Kllclieii. 
KailnolD \f^\>.\. n-ok. 
l<JJi]pn Ttv T*-\i'y >^ii~ii] 

K-OtKqi-«H r'liiks- I. ;? ^ Lr. tifr/ HiC- 
ji?i" (^Hri: ii^pii^ui ']'i| ilunv 

ilJiiiM IhT \i\\:) : Ihh Iii'-'L I'lllk Irisii 
IhTKI^I hlllll Ih l'( II] IlIhIi- 

KtwekoHn TH^rii Iimh'- i'( I:ilir4 1'lit. 

Kttl. If 111. 

Koljid^ Vth\ khijii]i4'K 11^ ^'9^.' In sufliD 

iHh^^rijH Im-'tlth -lll't 

KOljin. Siiill -ir eliMunlr^l Turiji 
KOlangn IJjirili'ii qwlli MlhU'^Fi Iml- 

Koli-TTlr Hl'ill poll'. 

K-el tm-ck, ^.v,lr. fiiu— A" . M-<\iir^-: 
I.- c : DMiic — . T"h rjt t^n rrn fxJ l-li. 

KotiT-ik, lint l^li I— h i - M Til 
In' ItVl, IrAHt. |H-in'Gr. 

K-aEmo-chitu i.vlp. ^"1> — rfiit; 
jiPTHJT — jf ; i. — c^nrf ^ i"hiA — i-k^i\. T" 
flit DfT luemh^r i>f n llviri: 'j<'f,*-, 

iZ< Tunis''. 
Katahi Mcunrr^. 
KOTong. UfhiiiihE [Hk'31 |i I n LnjI ilidHV 

Top^ r£i-iai. 

KOt«, MllL"l| «OILil. 

-KOtuelm l>|>-|- HmliV, '•iiiiilur L4» Ki3- 
Top^n dnnl .Ain^rlGiit ^jti^iIi^. 

■tQifrcpiB. l''>°'' 

Kb^ad. KAin"lnMfir< 

Koyatr Vuime EiifiJ in rvl. 

K^4rtg' Cliilil H»l Ri* "F Hiji i-rnr* *-l 

Kub^[JD- SlihTu^ |i3«<* Bl «oJ oF i-rf.w". 

^lil«i>b{llK ulnir Eh hlhUh>rJ. 
Ki^atwBb HbII nl itnjtblnjf JKiiMpu.-«'l cl 

■imnv pBrln, 
KudlwB m.\ karha tSp m.^a^. HnlF ■ 

K-Ullwong-Bkn l.iut. A~p4— Kv; Jitdp?— v 

^— any man—. To mm sioiLDd, Kp" — Afl.' woNj— ; 


mak — . Tu 






Ku-mHFi.fih* l,<Til, Sin— Hi; l-it—; 

iw — '1. To p> arfjL-i, B^h fhi-th, KfL rmi 
tf thr v.aj( (it.Jlil. 
Kumfl^bak, !,'-,[[, firjiHJiac^X: ' ituir"' 

KunlAdonQ. ^H. A P PiHJi rr Ji>ii H|^ II |1>i» 

Uhlv I **L'riK, nr i- m^uLli-ii |[>» 


KuPFiinglM. .I.r. I1 nuJ^*. nauitj JiL< 

P'Kg It n Hilar 
Kum^t^L AcrlilL rcitLirli, iri-iuiLinff tt i'.\< 

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KU-mawil-Bh, l.iut. Kin—.tH: t-u— ; 

Lii—ifi. roliupmhi iiinin-j-, 
^ii-mtwIfl-Hk, riiil. kin -^k. kf,— : 

l" — la. T"" hr pi""!. 

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k -la iiiniil;vehnitt,l. i Tslieii ipIpJ^pI 
ihElli 'fun), To jfa miiiH.*)! nirtuin, 

K'Ujni^h«U'ah, IJilE. Kin ak; L-— ; ' 
k—li; rjrrul-i'flniil, Tu Lhti ■ t'*VI t<l 

KumchvnB- Eroi]>.li lir \,\l ^I' ilin- " 
irHtiKi^tn i»iiiji]p, pji..ii| lAffra innt). - 

Ku-nlshln«h^ik, JJiiE. UTrjF -nit.'lu— , ' 
iri — To IjF imipt, [WflGtf 11 1 . 

KUmpaL [lint I. Kickl? In i]iil hehx. 

KbpFflt-ah, ^»-Tr, A:Jif4r|rfHi^t, ,in,' - 
— '»HL,'n.<f — a™. To picli off, p^l H-ff, 

Kvftvu, Hln-ck fiMdx ukTHl Inr hta-}> 

Kuwim. fllEiplJ r44l enta 

Ku/uchek. 3,*.tE. A'lrio^E^-o- narfjji*- 

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Ki«i>r [IFnk.l, pcpdtrailvrprcinniiri. Hloe. ' 
KvrtlcKlji1%], Onanl.iioni't fiLiliaji 
Kwabla [^jpj. Wnom. 
Kl>fam^llQh.J^|K4<^i'dW[TBpnn]oi]ii TtiiWh , 

your". I 

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noun. Our.oiird. I 

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lor pliml, Vfflir, foun. ' ! 

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LflflAH. t>Vj(« ted bird, bm«t( , 

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™a[niij*jnflaii. To cawC n gtom- upon. 



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Ma — an. To p«itl Up K™»t» "lid wnftU. 




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LD-merua-ak, l.lht, tin— a^; f — ) I 

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Lowlb ^aBke^: for J^ari^lng faUti, poCa- 

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LM-mi-iit-Bht Jjlot. iili— afry hi— ; 

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"Jic— , To roll n|> u lilorLkpt -n iLiJti. 

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MiBchi, InCj Inttritli,', vinplidlJH', iiijlo 

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HiiElmengmiPig. r^iniiaiNl. 
Mp-jktlweng-ak, l.lnl; Wa — ai.; 1 — 1; 

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Maohunot^. For midchlichlngui. 

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Ma-felul-Bh, IlIiiI. >a nl .' -i" — ; 

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Ma-rvyjilciii.*!!, I.lrt ^ o — mt ,■ rNrt— ; 

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Ma-fulafip-ah, l.iTil. \n— ofrr "^nf— , 

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Magaklu. ymtii al>»ut lU to l!^ ■- ni.-. 

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ji^a — 'J, Tu mt niicsci' "ipriil m1"l ly 

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Ha-laaart. IVIIrti^. d'E iWr^ .1, JtUtI a-^ 

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Mflkflfrtek-Ah, l,Pn[. ^d— Hl.t, mnjirf'''': 

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Mukn-llpak. I.jnl. V^bo—,- i^ok^iiMi 

TmiAailala-. To be alil? lo e€«. 
Mamakaananr Ihttrr, ren "^rLiin- 
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Makalalcak. I.inl. \',Ldl^k^ ; -iialsMl f 

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Ma-kaalillp-Bk, 1,^1. (Ir-VH BUmlup]. 

Vi —ak. Tji |4 abit <(i enUr. 

Mfl-iiHaia-ik. ijDL yiH-0£.' ma—: 

p-a—ta. Tobforbw-BMlnnntil, tl«p. 
Mn-kai-falii-kDj 4,iql- jVd— lia. To be 

a bk, irinma 
MlttlWdlt. iMiU diK f riHQ oE^irrJ-- 
M«-lrekJ1cViBni|-ili,l ,iiil. i m — 4^ >ld— ■ 

j"fl— rn. Tc b* ulnD" Jiv^h. 
Miltlmbti Mind Ipu^ve oTIilminill, 
MBhfffi-hChftng Lr^nvnlly with |Jii«l 

rtidlDfr^' ALI Bhnn a1ik«- 
MahnSfl, WlKilF,lgHnrorBDrbn>km;ril4 

Blcioi:lifDB lapplLrf lo m naa ^bo 

MakflkadGhSnotkhu jplunlealjl. To 

tHHlOH r^l,Mi. 
MakDlap. 1».m-«lfbt«d, WKk-rFrd. 
M«lralullul. WrnikM (a^.. Eb» ikin), 
Ma-kaly«1«d-abrp UaL Va—^; ■»— i 

nd^fiT. To H* fiDdlstlarUy ok BaanunE 

crill0 elB V of llgfat |v]tli4]. 




Mllhtlp. AflH^mDQii, rxily Ihi middle 

uben Lbe aiui hIsqIs aqidi^^IiaL. 
FAakunudlan> Rjiruvirirg £rpiit m:LEuq». 
MA-k|itHri| ii'Vk, I^dL .\a — ilJl,- pjld^-,- 

btfl— la. To liBvr a liLlnU'r idi ibv lidiul. 
Hihwifl^ IJ4ll-'i], DnrH'^, Itlx^ tliJufi^ 

bOHtiltbl fir CH>nkt uuniJul. 
MAhv^an-J mi- TlisI i? If ivtj. 
MtVyifL. l,owr. n^C iJi^lit Iviii.A^j, 
Miluipan |tL4iL..|. »>Liuv, niter (an 

iiiUrvnl Qf tituv) . 

Mulji-lnfl [llokri, WiW. brifcliE, AniiirE-. 

Malika. Uod? [pBiwIve nf lAgfl^f, 

Maldkal [llab.}. Old. 

Hal-iMakal. Utdrr, 

Mi-Jlli;v-ik, l.knL An— o'-.- lu-i — ; 

ma — 'a. To ib- lodlfltlDCII y, IiAvt lui- 

pvil^cE FjTHl^Itt ItBbLLuaJ L/. 
UAl4rt4l- Euj, 
Mt-riailn'akp ia—nt,- n.n j 

I-4Z — tif Ti Iv jijtventn], himJrral, 

aLut out |#.ff.k from pAr1^ln|- (J, de 

lAuming iroiD, a fniii. 
N A- 1 fllCp pan^ak , iLlnr. L\4r — mk-i tn"-^; 

i\9—ltr To rt wJd, 
Malalenganan. Ohiar «Ki-'r. 
MftlangBg (of Pfia ImjiN nQ^Q | ItjBk'^. 
Ma^llEtiunB-ak, ],3nl. ^a — ut',' Jnu — ; 

nro— l4L To fargEt luaed ^lUi isitan \. 
HC-llBWIt-iki LJDl. So— bIj; iun—i 

'^a—ta.-f- "lait (TiL24J. 

M«III(J|( |l|Qlc.|, pim^rwlt, ||*rJ, 

Mallll^AlL ArDund, in all nlilhi. 
lAal Iml ime. RquiiJl 
Ma-rinDatak [ILok.]. I,hit. {Uuj'E 

MilbllttcefiQ. ItoiiiLd ti^pi>lJ>k. 

Malltan. Fn^ndht, AJlh ^IiiIhI 4:iii],l7r. 
Ma^llullu-ah, I^dI. .Vo — ol; n^— ,- 

■m«-~lB. To b€ crazy, Idbbii?. 
VAlmAlanttl | nkmpuBttTF of malandl ). 

MalgTuKlKBg, hal— , HlHtcinE. 
HiIdKi, 5,b. Jlaic, « EMlLvni, nUn^l 

□n cnil. «.g.. 1^, cblvkeo, £d cniBdlfl 

Hvlghptan'lh, l.inl. ya—ak; ma — ; 

ma — 'a. Tg Bl4«p laU !ti Ike HMrning, 
M a-lDyuahang^alf . I.inl . Ya — ai; im — ; 

nar—la^ Tv Iw faint fzoEii Jjicb cf food 

MariM. FrDD>, 
lilal|KaJt| IJnI. j^D^fDot; nor^,- oia-T- 

pafo. t-o bn-or iimiifl fiuDL. 
Mallllya |Bp."J. Hainm<i>-, 
Maluyakik Dry [lA nalonpaj. 
Mama [llfdir]. Bajo or betel nul jutnl 

Waiitadfad. Eedupllcated Eonn fniu 

IHamadhlt. Uumm^hnl jauiva^iEiiii, 
Mamaghpn, na — . Dry, dried ap, ifc^f 

bnlng irvt 
Ha-miibataku l^iual laljl- Ao — . Tti 

' Ma-iHala'ak, t,inl. \i — :»iii — ;u\m — la, 
I To liibniH^tcliil-r. 
Marnanga. T^ bram'lL *^\l^, put i-nt\k 

1 Hi-mangalJ-ik [ILub |. |,|ii[, ya—at,' 

""T — ; •im—rt'r To Imul nllQ diirl.'n*, 
Ma-mjingoaMgo^ak. l.Jitl. .\ii — ah; 

It"" ; «j(^— In. "iit IhT final IIk,JuI. 

lUamanga^l (fruni thditeklr ^m:, 

iiMh'itiiiic, iiip#rvi»iun. 
Ma-mtlal-ttTp JniTil- A"n— aF'v fruf— ; 

fjto — ru. Td lALrJlLiT n pig nr cliiiLeD. 

To k4«p patli at pQfiOJ N I'nn |(|E, .lILj. 

Warfial^i. HaJf tleaiL, d^viitu. 

hamjitanQLi Ii^se. 

Ha-mapgwrrt-ali, ],ir[. Vn uA.-Mi.d— .- 

jrfQ — Ji To ial\-]t big B'h ^itB liLidl: 


Mjtml-B. ^irtiiiji iiiiljoMDl. 

Mamltla. ytiti-'^. 

Hamhia, Nipfi — , :1,v Raaiing rmit 

Uumtruin.'TiDk.^ of fruit ^urLuif. 
Mn-momonek-ak, l.lrt. Sa—abimia--- 

ma—ra. 'lo hmT jircibnf aTound llii" 

ntcmlh utJ-t i-jlIiqi^, 
Mamanga. rriilrful 
Ma-Wotcg-ak, IJilE .Vu— ut,- tFif-': 

T*a— -fg, Tu (la^e a c"lil In rTi^ >ib-ni|, 

MarPiiiBni-ak, l.Lrc. .V^ — aH-; mi — : 
qia — la. Tirilahen (hiraii^) aiktti'itai 

Wa'nakall-alr, l.inlr Yn— ul^ iwn— ; 

^f — la. To flel zOfQlE. 
Ua-nakchu-ak. Jjnt. .Vo— ol; jttu^,- 

n0 — Jffl, To flnt Tiatf r 
Mana-kop llrvm chakopakl. \ u^eIl- 

erer Qf toLAnn lii,|j^ 
Ma-nalan-ah, n^l. V0 al, ; ma — / 

ir/n — la. To n'alk I li.KlJ 
Ma'nallfflng^k, [,ist. Xa—ar^; -m—; 

OTB — tit. Tty dnncc ivlLh ths nonicil 
Ua'naFD-ak, t,Iiil. Vm- -ok^ iNa — ; 

■jiK'-ro. Td Sefd piga 1t.U|. 
I^injilirtmr, Su^dmly. ' 
Va-nana-ak, l.Snl, >"™— at.- mni— ; 

■"B — ffld Tc hfl^t ytntrml dimifla 
Ma-pianiiPD-allp L.JTit, -Va — ak/ wa— ; 

no — ia. Ta * atrt, aitvni b3 Hii -Bratw- 

iag ot rle€ ploEs. 
Ma'noQha-al^ Ijnt. ya—aH; •na- : 

ilia— fd. T& bL locia ur luncWon. 
Ma-nlll-ak, t Jot. A' a — at^ Ni-a— ; 

ii[|— lOr Tbdipimdi (nrJ'tuikiniJi') 

fur pig food bffora bainole Eopa arc 

Mangaat. Hona any Lira m T ]Idwhj([h;ii T 
Mingaban. Tbc aiaEirj-, crHttoiL 
Hangachluak, l.Inl, n'air«v4kataL; 

nan iraciKiM ; ■nan^^ilf u ra. To ?aHll 

biphiv or litmg tnyvxy. 
Ha^ngalu-lk, I,1n1. ^'a — ok ; md— ; 

irri — IB. To ^IJkPr firewood, 




Prii-nQJitu-tJiku Ipluin] iai\y). J^ong- < 

lalcu,- mangag^. la vralk In proeea- 
BJOiL, tmEln^ slii^ld', on lli€ nv^ tn 

Mi-igBkad-ik, l.lnL. Vo — aitr vi — ■' 

ina - li. Ti> lulrit hIubFI 'irri in o^fl- 
MAngrAhlu, S,i. T%e aim HliLn^H. 
Hang^iklu-ik, IJDf. X an^ — at; 

iffiKI— ; •PitKg-^Ca. To [I" P '|J!»lln^- 

HinflihlangiAk, l|Lnlu A'l— at; ma— j 

MO — M, To wewr un alfU<'ff or wbIhI. 
VtngdJdk. Hrp Uml Ibj-r r|^r 
MflngAljTJ. FluH'tlDtfi 
Mi-ppolOkai-ah, InlnE. A'" — nt,- itro — ; 

ran -ru. Th» ^'P/i nfler '"rr 
Mfi^nQ«n.ak, liipL. ±\o— at? ura— ,' 

"iJ— fff. Tfl nVit. 
hfl A' n gi ng-akr lanl, lVh — nl; m'l -: 

iiPd-— fa. fi* 1^ dumb. 
^•10"* IfiB'h flblkal. To tiTH'skfu^l 
Mi-ngansp-a^p IJiil. .Vff— aLy nra— j 

fiti — la. Tu liunl g&tu*. 
NlfQtptt- y-Tit timr-r 
Fri ■ ngi pi ngiji n. Otii«. 
M Ang'P 1 1 o- Sbv^d tiDi^b. 
VangapoD. Tmlinm. 
HaiHBpDQ T/a sHn||. Klci«i llme^. 
hliiPiaiiKO ya wfilo- Kl^lccctj [Imcsr 
h^A-ngApya-fk, l,lnl \ii— nt, ih>r 

Ufa— M. To^rt; 4:fjtk,l4j. 
hti-n-Qiia^Bk, l,ia<x A'-a — oh; mo — ; 

WO ■ nt. To «tcL Otatt in a mp. 
hlmAulam. Nin^tiai^. 
rHinf|Ai*al0. Eifftit limes. 
Wa-r>BAVcDk<''liFJ.InL. ^o — a£, irio— ^ 

ma — Jo. To'niiijiii fnv. , guHnTa I fi.ili- 

Ma-ngByfl pig-Bh, l,Jn1. ^o— at, iho — ,- 

«fa— in. Ta sIhji ^Ivob'I) qT AdMji|ti or 

Mimaltlh SLriLigfr, vlnhnr, 
WanfllmaTonan llmm mtlopiahl, 

Uanpipni|ipapkak, nAngLpnlpanahL To 
li"H" nln; n^Td losl-li. 

fiiii-fiaii-jhk, i.jile Vi-'-j, iriJ— ,-■ 

pjo — 'a. To ItQi'e tlnmatli o^br finiiii 
Ma r>Bi1i n . drndltion dEtI^, Kxited* Itli 

iHMf iiiiieli mjlur, BQiL ■"rrcuijkeJ so 

tbdt lf\vst lu # lAd odor 
HanglElug, 3,a. JVoii — . To 1a^ an (j^. 
MingkaU -parir t^LmilLfd, don#,Bllf«i«. 
Haj-flTiaMB^ A i^iiffiiHitK r«Bp>( qh, 

litilcken ur pi|f in vuir of ii^ilctiraj. 
MB-ngochB-ak, l.ioK. Xa — ab; d'S— / ' 

ma — la. To oitcb -cAoiil witb trap. j 
Maioodoohioni, l^u, 
Ma-ngofb^ak, 1,ln&L A' a — nk; ma — j- 

f/s — la. Tocaldi ftiPiff wilh trap. 
HartB&l-PD'l' Wbnh dn«H iE mxltcrT 
Hmgaiflk, -flrri, -mna, «C». lEnOeolion 

oJ man||BH inln dJ ohangari}. fTba 

UangttnHai. Qbk^VW^ 

Hi-iiQ4nlQ-a< Iphtt. Xs—ab; ko—; 

"la — '0. T4 OklH'b >nnll A»h wiU 

Mangfl-pakH Ipint, tivigSp"!;! xian^ipp; 

MDH^plO. Tfh^ Btk rUnrnt ^ Ic^Btlnlj. 

Mi'hgm-Ab, lanl. A' a — alc^ m<t — , 
lira — ro. Til frAlaw ^Idii^ dii« d (ourHS 
■ol lite iiv*r, 
hH'ieairag^ak, IjDl, nent aa ptebd- 

MaMpF^ug Nan. VlcI^ji^, oe «|»tailaiu 

r<4'napuB-taku» pLq. vn~fc^i., Tl> 
Qata, QTdRmii;. ti> itL^anuif, (Uhi^ 

Ha";-llducniGhl-ak. I.lnl. yafg—ab; 

ma^fl— ,- Pirfl^S - fo To be tli& Lnsl. 
M di g -u nu piarBle, i,inK. Sa^ti—ok; 

■wirrnp--; »ttaiijr— Iff. To be flw. 
H4ng'iialO0-ak, J.inl. Ani^ — o^\- 

jrraiT^,- nUn^ -(a, Ti' gD nr cnoip 

H^B-nlthok-ak, l.lrl. .Vo^nL./ i-Jd— ; 

ma — lo. To ute li\f i>f4oit In fl>ilijii|j. 
HB^nJaf'l-B>*F l|LDl. ^a—abj fia— ; 
DTs- -Id. To e^t '■"1" <'^ iwlii int 

Mji-nJkia iihi IM. tia—tic; urd-, 

ma — la. Ta go up a a»^p hllE. 
Hd-nllib-ak, l.inL. TTo — at; ino — ; 

■mo — la. Ta feel lor ^b under cilge nf 

Ha-nipli-niTH I,Iae. Vo^d;,' mrr— ,' 

mo— /d To fbop JovD EnvB. 
MAiihii- Ma.rs0. 
Man-lo-ng-ak, l,lnLL Z^'HrPi — fftj -nait — ; 

■ino" — la. ToRolowani l.lKiaiiTisoEa 

Manm. FviLrui, 
Hjnak i|r4.B |. riiiJilf-^rL 
MS'nubli-ak, ],inl. A'o nil bloat ; Moitn- 

4fs; iriffHHtrffro. To tiii:ijx VAjkp?, 
RilaPlulalUi 3,A. JEIipjIk- 
MB'iupkau-akp i.Ent. .v^-si 

dts — ro. ToL^tltar fkiv^rs. 
Hadklu, 3,B. Tte rain Hhrpi. 
MA4kH-ik» l.intr A''r--0,t; 

ma — ta- To hn-ire ilLinh^-jt, 
MiiHtnflari-Bk, I,iBt. Jfa— dS; in*— j 

itio — Id To I» frovii, odall; lo graw- 
Ma-anaeng-ak lllnk.), IJnl. Jho — dib/ 

ran — j na — ro. To Uc «Fa^, inauie. 
Ha-dBaang-ak, I^Dt. >'a — Oit^ urn. — ,■ 

va—ia. To he aTi^re 
Ha-vjit'akt l.iaEr Vo — n£. fio'",- 

pui— Jo. To be tungrv. 
llll4yDng-ak, L.lnl. ^'u — ttk; mf — ; 

■14— fa. To be wild, vklenl, Lad-ltfm- 

Hapaghalan. 'Hurire. 
UapiHd. Ehin rkflTffl). 
MnpallHlohD. L<Hig hnd nan-"*. 
M ■pan-Ik [Ilokl^^ lilnt. .\i]— dfc; 

i-a~- .- -10— ifl, TOgg^iJine. 
Ha-pHma-Bk jllok.l, X^M. Pfa—^ki 
i"o— ; mo — la. To ]Hve feT«L 

'■*— > 





MipllAl. IdBH. 

ma — la Tu huTA b lootli jpIbbIdc; 1h> 
IjAiflaiiith on iLr cdvc 4i>l ii lodll 

Umpno. 1^)1. 

Va-fJskB-alr, IJnt. Si — ab; ma — .- 
'^a—la. To walk bn ulr-'ih, 

Mfl-pUfl-takU, p\a. Xn—'aku: um—; 

mn— . To hljB 4HTIJ, tako ntiigfi^ 

"^o— (fl, Te iWRtl. 
MiuflflHingoVfln. quickly. 
HA-iangut-AlTH l.iit .Vu— uH; jrrfj— ; 

T^D— /a. To fsrnl. Wr ihe Crail. 
Ha-iJipul-HO |Iiok.|H 4.¥lT ^a—lll! 

manapul,- ropuJpii, To ne^\. 
M ■■■■■4(111. ^]|hi|i:tijnp, »rri«i ap- 

Mjtiiwi^Alill-^k, l.lnL Vi— 111- PITH—; 

Ufa — ra. Tr> b* eich low a Idh^ (Ihk. 

hflveftrQtLiHV-nf HlcliQ»a |lv,U|, 
Ha-iBUHU-^k, l.liiE, \s— at; -li— ; 

"ic "-^0, To iBili? ■ tnistnkB (T]i^) 
MnicnoKh *!■■ — . Evapor*t"J, 

Ma-«fj.4h^ Ijnl. .Va — ik- mn— ; 

""M—la. To hf Hl^, tlrftl of, in^ 

4b»L« for. 
M*-BJli-ik. IJnI. \a — ak^ ma--,' 

I'f^ ilPEzM (itniin), 
MailliiT. Tbii lwin» iiQjre !□ n ^fijpcii. 
M^4luw-4i(, i.jpi. All— fli; m-a -,' 

DID — ro. To br c^htr 
r4«-tflp-ak. ],lnt, .Kd— iT*v jitn— , 

nrrl — hi. To get Vnl. 
Hauvi-iiop. Stant 
HiiDiialiiitli ^VMtive Of nttndlBk). 

To be w1dqd. 
Ma-wnl-qA, l^jnt, Jfo— ai; no--, 

•T<«--ra. :Fo ibDcl on Ibe head, fall 

■HI— H. To sleep. 
Mi^fritg.jik. IJnI. Wo— oft,- did .; 
■no— |q. To b« dElguated wiU. taid 

■•HIRI. Up>kde dows. 

Kl-iaa-ah, S-f— at; nw— , 

•ta— la. To inuiilET, Ih bsIodIbIihI 
Ha-Uhunah, ],ial. Na—ak^ ■»»— / 

mo— ^fc To b» qlivt^HTHl {iStI, 
M lll«Itas«p^n [llok.J 4ppA p^rt. Crou 

hH^jMp«t1. Sunt, ronQdoi, ms ap- 

poBed to fMuanybfa,!. 
HlUkUlahAa- TkIIdt. 
Mt-UUIiu-ik. IJnL .Va..-Hi*; na— ; 

■V* — la- Tp ba ■lire, (o Htc 
rifMaw^n. Jtler Oa llm*^ (rtUiSI ^, 
MaWc. L»(ik, blondaiKknr 
Hatekwafjlrplpulpul. of tebWflTakh. 

Hf-tiriall-Ak. IjBt Jf4.— a*^' rta— ; 

KHi— H, To bftve A stiff nv^r 

^Iliil (llr ]« put [tl wall! h- 

Ma-ll4i^-ak, l,in[, .Va— at; mt^, 
wi\a-- 'a- To be uLik nf, diggudei] viFli 
lUFVd iiitit iifMlit^, 

Mal-malBn-Ak, J,Jn|. ^ai — nt-,- ma — i 
wiit'—lfi. To ^ a lilllr hilluT 

Ualtlgtda- l^lnPLT-lni]:!!^! 

M^til-ak, I. Lit, Sa—ai; r^ni-, 

Ma-lbktriB--Bki l.iul. .Va — /tkf ~jo — ; 

iiifl— ra.Tu JbH limp <n» liiimiiuLinl 

nan, oF tree fhm lellp<t|. 
KatOKi BeniiEideT, niHSiiuiDcnl^ nark. 
Matqniik. 2,v-U. Jfrimlo^al ; •^lalaiw-'; 

ma'onai; vi)mal-aam. To pFa."? h 

nmunial B»B1IW*BC B-urk, remindpr. 
Ha-E4ne*B'>h, I,IdI X^—ok: ma — ; 

nis—rfo. To be amioyeil, JikiIhirI, 

made '■rt4jj'' hy nciiv. 

Malowab. V»r^ caiiy iIrkfj. 
Ma-lD'^ang-^k, l.ini. .^'a . int; nta — ; 

(t*d~J[i. To be deaf. 
M-at1apjik-ak, I, juI. \i — at; na — , 

tna— In, T" In; iLcifqiml. 
Ma-l4itiiyA-tiku. j»lii.v. ^a— latu; 
ma — . Tin Funfer^ lo Luni-ptHi; (pq diph 
En O'o|. 
Mjtum. ITipv. 

HAtfftle^. ItiiUnil^sltoiiriiereHl, aloopEn^. 
Mawfalatfat. Tn hfl iifca roivor lina. 
MivfflllnkD |ll4>^J. 4^111. I'-Fi jaul- 

^a'tfi. To be ablr 
Mawill, i,B. IL la ^clv. IwvtnS tu dai«Ti. 
Ma^ifiw^ak, I.EdI. .Va — irJ.-,- n,p 
\ qia-^fa. To b« tbimtf. 
I Mjt-yimena-Ak, l.inL .Vi— at; -ptt^j 
I "ifl— la. To br smoag (wlUi -Jnai-r, 
I MillkAnO. ^qiL^EicDH, 
iMvnanlfalak 4fi-r fn.artlralak|. 
I Htniaui nan—. E^ual f k|v,^II^. 
M>n-kwab-ak, IlIhL Teft — .mt; mca— / 
mn*— .^n. To be don-n, belmv. 
, M*n-llfHI-*W, J.ijilr ^Cef—ala miK-^i 
I mcK — la. Ta eoDaiilL bjids at /crri. 
I MDHlakam-flk, l.loi. Vnj — oi, pjim — ; 
I titen—^. I'm iwEnovi? j^naiH anil wH:«d« 
I flora vplI. 

; lila.n-papangj|JI-iiHH l.lnl. TpV-i — at,' 
"^fn — ; irtflu — fa. Ta cmar tetj *o«n, 

I Mfchpniiplti biobec or erooktA ti^imi, 
I MEdchlIcA (%], Sur^wn, diwlbr ^ff 
I medjcia?. 

' "i — I": iimi— tfl. To ffo iiilli, 
I Mi-kjtdlla-ikH Mnl. Hi—alii '•\i^; 
I Hii— fd. Td Al4b. 
I MEkAiMl, SBwitil. 

I M^htktlu;' AfliiRled nitb. In ihr mi^lRt 

ME'Kirj-Bk» l.inl. XL— ii£;iqi— ; «■— ra. 
To oome irrlh, be witli frlrjjj 

fdik^Ema. Fl^lh. 
E MEktEul (nitEi Einin}. In Che midst of 



V(K!*UI"I»\R1' OF TliE WOBttT L,lSaL"AGE 

M1-1ulul-a1<, J.lnir Mlh llhanFr ' 

\i— at; -hqi— j' 10—11, To bie Ib Ihs 
mldjtl of. - 

Hl-btDh-flk, — ail,— an. Tr> Irt lHTl4d. 
Ulkaofan wmr\ natdli BuriaJ pltc^ 

Mikiptt. Tmnt 

MIkApdiD. Sr^^dlh. I 

Iri ikapoo- THiLh. \ 

M ikapdD yi dung. kLi^mcli. 

Mdkiipoo yAd tW|. IVrlfcli I 

H IkipBB yjt wila. l^lphfwritb. i 

Ml kail D, TliinE 

Mrihiwiie, Kjubtli. 

HJMl — , vfrbur giictli . >E^ iirv Lnu aNiikii 

nrtit BitoLlier or Dlb«ry. 
Ml-klaai-ak, Mot. >'i— hiA; ^i— ,'| 

ni—la. T"H mmP "I 111 |»n, 17 i i 

MI>lf«rt,MW, ],i!it V^-iit: «■- ;; 

nL — tfn. To jra In Ite qJh^ 4 rlrepin^ < 

place for riirFriJ . I 

M l-kiragraglo-ali. I .Lnt. .\i— si'. Tn , 

lalip ]"rt in flpiii witii "yiii™. 
Ml-Uhon-tli, l.jal. j^iLhLni- M—itc; 

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OklD-wck, l,v,lr. /■ -t.'Hirinn- -; — fn; 

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Ofvick. Tip lop dI BDffBT 4]an» ahhI r^titi. 
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irx — '". To li» vain, prudJ. 

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tin'cliAslig-ali, IJiiIl y^ii- ^^.-nifrd — 

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On-chipig-Jik, l,lnrr ^^in— a'j ii'if — 

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i,m—Ib; taiHitn'a'k'i. To I* 1 i-iiar 

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fii-Pelsn-ak, Ijnt. A en — mt; Mirn-— 

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finQakiAi Alinr. 
OfigilcinikH ^hil. 1—1: -^ra. Tv bv j 

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Ongsng, lull. Foollah! SjI1>-1 
Ongonga. Cnnti]. 

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Ortk^m' I't-cn cioVi until. 
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On-kiyihkib. 3.^ nUHpH. 
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fin-kBmd'ak, I in In Jfrn— ni, rwn^i 

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tu— ror To inakH JfnilLinol hyr'L 

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ITT — Fd. To call aul la Mi^r? avn^ \hr 


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on — M; Miwipaiotfubba. Td Ii» on IIk 

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Ojiena;iB> TiuMblc. c-intuHioOs wniro- I 

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JH'— ro- Tuflnp Willi th? ]*AB BliaE^hT. ' 

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ttn-BMOfrilr. I.E^E. iV-^t, 
Sn— Jfl. Ti> -wlilsllfl with LiMr 
OFi-OAU-iKp liint, .Afii— tft; 

dH — To, Til WK'll. 

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a^— ^o. To alt cro^liTjytrf. 
fin-piVaHal-akrilotJ f .iut Vri.— nit ,■ 

Hi^t—; cnr^Etr. To t^e & "ill^, walk 


ttn-pllln^ilr^ E.lpt i'tn—ai; p?'eii'^ ,- 
Ai— ta. To Lin ihJi Idc fllde. 


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fM^up; opi^prrt; ni'WjkJNn, Tri f<prL» 
Oppjk. I^oli^r Irjirk or Fin^k ul (-qnt 

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Oub. FrrAlt. i*p(l«. pffwM'^fliirr, 
OBIrtg, [liiPs a, ihiir iii.iiT. llieuHKT- 
a-jnjihi IhIjll, .Vj-mt; itn— y — fn. 

flu — fft To al»p with Ihrh riirlf^ up. Th»Iip D(nii[». 

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-an-linlm-ik. Uni. .V'*— -rt; mn,— ; 

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On ■( Jlayinan-ikil .Int.Yfii— at :m ftr— ; 

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Ok — tn; moq— a. To divLnJn in iitJI 

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animwalln, H^, (The dogj 4ur« Ili. 

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fjio— dpj. Trh nlcJi small SilIi nit>i Iiod4i 
tir woriD. 
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Dnwai-Jk. Vint- A'pi— *nl; iJfj— ; wl— . 

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pipt— y in— *a. To how l&e lifacl 

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dflOnng, <Jrf ?iLEy. 

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□Ichsk, Tbf lopmooit tiai-iil cf atrtf. 
Otak |IIhp1(.]. Marrow, bralaa 

Otang. yiem rr.F.i^f muBhrooniirH^h- 
btmitbl ("ikiJr iinFtil iltmttfiri. 

Dtfl-chp fl,v,lr, />— t; ama -,- —rn; 

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Olbi. Dealh. 
dTO-hi — flf, — tHi l'*H>, ■lEniflMiice, pur- 

pom- "^iWS Jia™ Ointl i«ii.iii fji^l;/" 

"wrist uua (a tlifl Dion^ tomt^ 
OtOk- Sbarp upprr pclnl of Jivbla^E. 
CHolyflh-ikp ipTXr, /n— tft: mi rn- ; — 

To i-Ei^l^iile, rmll at. 
Ofut. Bat. 
dtfft-chflk, a.v.Lr. TnaL-tttdk'}; •nattgo-^ 

/"d ; -^c4rn ; F" ao [/a J. T^ rnit Jr, ^>OTra. 

UBlCMUr I V,2). 
OYim. Bin aitakc, ■'dmrm.'" 

bwaa. LaxjfL' 'aIhiii^ basket Fm giuH'i^ 

ttwHi JLliLiih«[ lor [ht>l!jLaj-j u*e lamie 

aa pi rati. 
Oriu. Mcbnan?. 





pBAdehflwI^eh, 3,vLr. In — it r •poni/i^i 

— m,' uri — . To muH to gu far avaj, 
IliniKl avay- 
Piifsng-akp 3|V.r;r. ^it— Id,' itt'si — ; 

' f- To OtBITJ. 

Pajtmo-fl-k, 1,^.11. f>i— it^'Bfvn^f — ,'ii"* — , 


Pfl-at Alall. 

— en; T^a— Vf inUhd, 01411- 
Piitflng-flkh Ji7.lid in — imi itiftn^i — ; 

— fi; uii — . TD make hot. 
Pab-trjAQtl. -4 ihinnllHiry huilJing. 
Pafata-ek, ^n— I^;-nf.ipi— .;^ft«,- 

Mv — . To 4]iiufla tM %'VfW leg., riot ia 

PaahaKortakS-lth, B.^rtr- /n—J^t.-jiPflii- 

ji -i —1,1. Xv m'^^■ hrnf, i"""'?'"', 
Pa£hananflk,a^ I'ttatkawigl^^; — fit; 

— en: PJia — flh," pamaeftapgH-a ur 
UII I - ^a I J^prrj^ To hvit hand in 
^lund. dmnn In iLnn. 

PiGHiinga-iek,3.i-fr /n— fft;nin"si 

— Jr^i : Jhpi- J« "Ti- hmkr iUDh^'FLi H>r 

Pactiflh. SEiek bi anpi'ort ^"iJaH. 
PachI |[lDb.|. Prieo^, "FatltBr/' 
Pachidi:hinBul-ak, ^ in— .to. Ta 

Pjphm^riiKif, j.f.Lr, jifjkiii*ir*jL^j;TJ : 

urttir^jJ - fifr.' Ifii'PJ. iiari — fi^'l. Tu 

cauAG tiF KftuDEile. 
Pachlpadn If "no alluk ah pri^lthbjcFL'? 


Pacrtag. Vounp nfl? planER r^A-J^' Tl^t 

P»*14"Q- T>rni. [jnlr, IwiinilBry,' 

Pidchokjin. ShVhI Ihm]. 

Padnc-kp <ifV,ir. jfl— it,- — -■«, - -im, 

firs I — ; nrQuiiD. Tch^Bn: a:^ unrt. 
Padno-ohh ki.v^tr. In — t, elo— a^ jMiJnoh. 

T-j □■nke 10 »iork, 
PaAchanfl-eki 3, /* to; ( — >^ 

I — ) ; "Uii— To hiH-B in llvn Dr?. 
Pigkatang^Bk,J,v.tT In — ia-tnaiv'-^i 

— cfi; rpiflj" — , To bloa" a diarou] Ore 

lo TJiikr it hnl- 
Paghat-flk, e.iMr. ^pio.^ jv jut / — nn; 

— 4>l Tci |IUL llUhTri* fv 

PaQkawBl-ah, J^TlIf. f n^lii* ctffta ,- 

Bimisi— ; ^h; mi — ; Hifli— fcj. To 
Piffhlckth, /rpa^K^-phi,- roBnjn 

»pln, G.^., a|i«Qnf OTL topL 
PaaP'O- t>n«*[, woods. 
Pagpah&cna. Hh^I oE IIlhi CnWht. 
Polik, 2,v.1i'. Pinoujl:,' Dianaai; ptiett; 

nfapoin rtr To lutiil"!], nupplr. 
Pal*k. Wii^. 
Palak, 3,T.trL (o1JLPTparldBki|^U?J fniiii 

IplKlkA), TopiLt 
Pa-lglel-ek, 3,y.Lr. /r»— iu/ ntaigi — ; 

— Fn: Bin*— ^. To malu afraid. 

I Pi-l|«-H( Sny-lr, ft— tf PTflnji— ;(— )| 

I ni — . Tb khown 

] Pa-ll*ng-ak. 3,t.!t. /pi— fro; ,»i^j— ^> 

'—rui mi—. To onue lo ic»t. 
! Pal mo. Otl 

I PUHAOi lloliiSDi FILEpiiin. 
I Pakaan-ak, 3,*.1f. Jj> — int- Drdirgj— ; 

I Pahaail-Bk, l,v.(r. )-em~^elii Men—; 

H^"" — 1«- To come lobeg far »oniBl bjog. 
; PakachA. AltitadJe. 
Pakafajreiak, l.inl. >"«— ot; ivai — ? 

«<— EA, 7o ride iHnebai^, 
I ^tMtil-mK3.v-V.jH^-t,mamgi—!—c^f 
\ Tu caun- ta apoa^. 

' PakBii*k,3.Vstr, PiimalianJco;m\anis''anr 
poksfcn; namoan^ To b*d ad anlmi] 
III" pcnoDi lo vail -a table. 
Pakang [Jlok.]. A. kind of ii« thnt 

nealk IJlllg nalar. 
Pakaainnk-D, i.^.tr. In — koi-maigi—; 

\- I- Tjcaiia?[fl 4<iasilD. 
Pakat, Jwull tboTDs, 

Pakai|\an-Bk, Ipi'.lr. /1 


miKpi — ^ 

— fm,- mi—; umi — ka. fi' IoehItp, pm- 
iom i:it^%J. 
^ Pakawlirtk, l,v.tT. JA—ko; •hatt^i—; 
— fn; riii^gl-BiHiii, To raflk? ffood, 1*- 


PBklEat-akp 3,V.tT. /n — io; p-innp,— / 
—ch: fji-— . Tni jiLB.he red. 
' Paklnk-flk, S.^-lr, / npvf ISviefcio^ 

Pikklau |JNjk.}.to 

PikhLa<rr-«K JltotJ. a,,VnjVitlrwu- 

i-o; — en ; pit—. Ta BonlnH. 
Pak&dall-ah, S^v-tr, Uputcdsei / Pirnn^- 
FMtorfrt; — fii; mi^vfffo. To analra 
hard 1vi.S£>. 
PaUJ [IlotJ. i^U'i. 
Pakowrafak, ^v,lr, inpattinyabbo ; ttjdh- 
, jjipf^Hiift; —en; nhpoiritvaA. To Itt 
I rlii4ii, finte Ic dniwnd. 

Pakfl'Mreki 3,*'.[r. /Sqditoi; n-arfloito,- 
pabanen^ vt -: piiifidilotd. Tn "Cnks. 
< as Tllb a aliei,. 
' P-ala [T^.L 91iDr«]. upAir. 
, Pa<a. Nml. 
p-aliak. t,\.tt. yn—ak 
To more, iakc-a'ijn 
; P Altaic Jn— Ad/— Hj- 

■ "iHUji— ; PKi . Tff DLike MOJ- 

I PalalA-Ghili, la^itoj moH^—i; 

^; vi — 4 To KiBko Mpp;, 
, PalBlB-kok, a,¥.ir, >-waAa>iirUii; — Sen; 
! — *M; "H— j; uakip^tmi^Lu; "w-ia- 

tiiu^. Tn Loffl up (e^f., a vini 6>r 

ctuiK or Ea p'Lar, 
' Paiala-wak. SiV.ITl VnpobicCi^,- — n«Bp' 

ptai — n. To Irl go, or HtHpe^ IdvoIiuI' 

Paiahari. PhHappb. 
PalBklng- SmtTL^nff. 

Palalu lllck.]. Tert. 

— bh: —-an. 




Pj|lim4«ll,3,¥.(r. lM—«4iOi^n^ti—^^a/ 

. — «k; >ni™*-; HKl— Oita. To hllcn 

PBl«itflk«na [Uok.]. itRiiji. 
PilHi [&p.]. FluH, part, 

Pjlchl||.Bl(, 3,v,[r. PiimiHitfiJa: nomat 
cAii; — en; no--. To roll b^uau L^tn- 

• etprr 
Pililt- HuDdli dT lia^ nt, 
Palfbt-tH. 3,»,lr. 7ji— loj wifi—; 

— nty ■»!( — . To «iikIq ffo tbruuit^, 
P-iriChan. GrlD-rubjiifl, 
P«ll-Dh*liH fl,*-lr. P^iuWko; —chen; 

— d^^y TnopoTid To ab«tprqt « knlFa, 
PAlidpH. Rwl-broKD berrka warn u 

PjiM'Mh ajPtr. In—i; -hipivi — ; — ev- 

"(— . To B«iid but fTOBi iifltHit pLa«, 
Paljkal-flk, g, v,Ir. /n — *o; mon^i— ; 

—en-; -nap — . Tu CHiufl -dlsiu mfart ^ lo 

lorm^l, oppt-Bd; to Qiftke to miL 

PfllwAlwAi. Tbe jihiI^t nf biLT tl 

Palefa*4t( [irplt|. J,T,lI. iti—kt; nOA- 

pi— ,' — an;tHai-'. To Lc4 ^ rrliM-r, 
Palolan. A liA».l vraii; a mr Tinrd 

P«ltP[| [llot.t, Aifiin, f'mliA. 
PaJtDie.jilf [llok.]. H,pAr, husKcrfvit; 

mamaJloff,- — ■■/ ma — an. To ^hcwt. 
PalLd-hflk, j,v,Vt, fq^aliio^itD,' irimi- 

ffi— S; —iei. Tni h^buu -waler 1& tn^t. 
PplLJpa, Sj, It n|i.» luit irfvtrh. 

PumilUnQan. ^ In jidjd AInl DmL 

PiFDlanta [Sp.[- Npl»» gvikpETr 

Pan*. Elnmnf, Itcaeft. 

PlAAB'hBn. IdiiitTHT, 

PVFIAKhlln. Tbaaiiu-<, 

PanjnjifllAn, Noatriln, 

PanEti«J>< flLi,kl. AdH'. 

Panahjiflhjt Fi. ^Vnula fin Io^-h.t ^d of 

-PA^ngt, {%la^ Ihiw^f jaw. 
Pang*. I*rse JtlUfb nf liM. 
Pangaah-thp 3,*.tr. Vn-^Lu ; — en; - 
—cm/ nio — - !> hii¥t. HMd. ■ 

Pjtngtflklm.. —Lb [llofc.L PIe-«! 
Pangnchlnsan. WrJMr ) 

PHngifona- Hmaehciitf, hiiniLr, all v\at 

P«njtmk. Chilli.*! fit orotic hnuifj. I 
Pangjinarii L«r^ WHHidi:D Iraj j 

Pangan-ek, ftufluBflnAo ; ^^r ! 

T& ftri. J 

PinggpDi Living »1e.l(MU. 
PangAlD.w«l| tIMi.]. 3^t.Ii. 1-,—t;'- 
d™Pv— ; — lecn, ^^-. To im, flall." 


hinfljyj.»W, 3,l-,lr. fn— i, r-n 

ma — To hurt, auujl, 
PlPfl^ri. A T<"L. 

, Pfengltlt-«h, 3, r^'-to; niffuji— ,■ 

— «>■ "hJ— ^ To d^ A nlnrk color. 
I Pangluan. I>uin*By, [ipmlui into IJm 

. Pi.ngttBit-ilr, 3,?,tr. /n— fro,- —en; 
■Hi— J nmi—ka. Th* "tarLlB, frighlrn. 
PangbpnjtnaAF HAiidJ». 
Pi hgslD. Fan Fw ol pip, 
' Pannakaiallalllokr]. Tmpiuiorr 

i PjhPHntlHll. FIh of HADfl IrH, 4 VB 

rlety of a»H:U. 
' Pintltr. A dnar-opsiilar. 
; Pinlog- HraialiiilUiD. 
^ Panl4lal, Bmrandiridng, 
I Panyo I£pr]. Hnudlur^b icf , v€iL 
I Pa-ong, SLorb. 

' Papak. Viipga or laLv of kil«. 
Papap a^Jnk.J, ikill. 
Papingluk. l,v.[i. Pldiiap°^«>iito ; 

— *"f' —fj "la—-^ HLQ nindtiau. To 

pU^Efy bj SFparAllLKtr 

Papapnganan. ^^«E]y iiflii, hrhit 

Papalai «t papaUlan. annzred ffTcv^t 
■ «lifre irllglmi^ *acrifleM itir nmdc 
Papawal-ak. a,v.[r, ln—ko; imin^i— ,- 

— ni: nr — . To llBblrn brlni in li^ln, 
Papll [Sp.f, Pap*r. ^ ^ 

PapDkB'WekpS.Vrtr. /n— irt«,-PiiDir>7i — h ■ 

— ITfH; IHi— rj. To clfaii, Riiil.r whit^'. 
PapDl [Pp liopo.'l. Sle*mfaoal, 
PlUa-lvkp3tEl,F, /p^ft.mffpj^i— ,-^j^; 

urni — ta. To caifa Wgo boin^L 
Paaaha. Fjhodj iove. 
Paajikid. Ucw or raatinvk. 
Paatk' "WrdBE Eor iplllUng- nuod. 
Pailllno-ak llk^.]. V/tr. ?.— £0/' 

- -en; — tn To ipiika cIm.ii. 
P»liip-*k, 3, In -ka: motvi—: 

- ••n; ml — ; uMi — ta. To fflu&e I0 
tmn. )i(i in, come Ini to bring in. 

Paaktva [Hot. I. l!:aat€r, C^j-LHUnni 
PaalEp. fi^rr], 
Paimi [fip.}. Ftrer. 
PuDHrek,3,-p.[r, jK—ti;matgi-^!—ffK; 

mi—. To bi]i>lrlF. nune |dji InfiiiL^. 
Pupatik- CcdDLHrn WKi Kitli enLfill 

Piaulut-ffk» 3,».lr. 7t— to; t^oki/I—,- 

— en; mr — . Tonjftlfr (e.p., B«d). 
Pakung-fak, 9,' ir, fn — •rikm mon- 

gr-^eti — int. Ta Fnafca an^j , olT«idn 
PatuiUBk Jbp« puoiofltc^ 7n — gko ^fanfii—s : 

— ten; *^— j; TJmi.-jta. To eio*e lo 

^( or BlancE ap. 
PaTacnirTK ivm- 
PAtUltak-«k, ^,v.(r. In—ko; maig^—s 

— en; -^J — i. Ta Ihiow apward le^., 

ft kJbF or ftfitme}. 
Patalp SlmilicUl ocLattli^BanadfTov?, 
Pfllang. Waad^n I-ItL id PfipnEi'a. 
Pfltflngan. R^aUDfr |»la-» tit a tlH^li. 
Pjltani {Ilek,], Beu, llkt Lima, lumB 




Pfllflilu. ffhiH) an pun Dif ['if 741; 
■■rrnihi'' {\L] 

Pa^afa-<Hmk, 7(i — iiEo ; — iren; 

jiFE'— II. Tn fiy fthllr. 
PAtAyek, ^,v.rr. I'lnitan^-i • jiratTJdlD',' 

paffimr; imriM'ir'; pirnn * ro<[Ti, To-HJI. 
l"«tlllBH| l.:^r. I'lmalitfli,, MJPnnfil, 

juliih'jir •i\ai>alik. Ti< ri n^ tliir 14^ J. 
Piiktt-leli. IfiMtU-ab (u-r piiNrin^ 

*0) i rJI fli'pjjjrrf tft .- — Si:i\ ; - m'. Tn 

Ptto, i>iiL-k. 
PjiI0. a nin]]*'!. 
^■lofu'flk.^.nt I" — 1[' ij iin "fl i'— r — n; 

Pilolok-fk, -l.i'.rr. Fn—i;i! •wirTQl — ; 

— r II Tu nu-r lu falL 
PitDkl. \'ani'lv '►[ tiTirfTr. m.l H.iii>ii3f. 

I'hlli'in>^|i1p ■"■li-'H H'lmkMl. *H|r-i|Tlf i(, 
Patqlorro |Sjh, I IVLnJH'tbni- 

- ir^'r; Jirrlr— ; Ifjiri— . Tu nuiH ID 

Pitong-thi ^,i.lrb I'PMaHnyA'^.' JN^rfiir- 


PfllAy ck, M,L,rr. J'j tiilf£i 'u , Niirju^^oi ; 

pjttlcPQ. Sli^k re Ih^jil Ji"ii|r "T Jnlm, 

iMiijrur of Lri'LId 
Palu-ak, "^.Vnlr. /'■ ^4^4 'mL ^ nmrpiirrij, 

— ni* ; Nli1 il" ; liir JiriiL ^itiTr '^'- lui'tnHl; 

In kill Ir.Ri, It rnnv ^itli liainnitrl 
Pl^uGhthi ^,v,r.r- I'drnin^la, ui htfj dH'P ; 

P«-uifak'Gk> In — l^; n-nnpi — . 

CM, H\i -, Til -mttT. 
Pfv-falj-e^, 1,i'.l[. Ixpa — Ic : tiidu^i- 
/Ht — ; ^F"-'",' rHM'fHT — : vji'pa — £j. 
Ill dJ-n U<ff< hiHl h*iiiI iniil I v,4lIlK 
P*Wnl»l||i-e|l, ^,ilr. 7jipan-t,- m*"iffi- 
SMI\ — ; par — t-K : rnipfl--. Tn pnll m"! 
4c^., ji ]>t|t IrfiD] tin pTi ;. 

—••n: jhPP — . T.h maLc illis flrrl bunt 
lip rtflL 
PBABchiwrfld-lakkiF 1,lnL. .Vctr — lalv, 

I" . Tu cull B "-in} 'hrniV Iroat bail 


Pawlt. '.niic <''^' *^ "^ l»l^^r 

Piyi-lk, ^,v.Ir. fri^i^'il,' miKijIpa- 
f/tr — FT iHf^fm — ly niflFpffiMi — i. To 
niuw lo Bp brought. l<i«eTnlbriA|ci,a). 

faylu. aii^ pl4-[ 

Pl/!lgpaB|ILH^.] Ulilll'^n.nilfrv^r^nB'"-. 

Piyl^l 'ko,1-, /« — to^nJianpi — ."1 — 1 1 
lul — I'll Ben J 

^aysk. Tjt r>T« tm^dl b«ll1' lot (vchkdnji. 

Parong llkk,]. UialtrFUD. 

piyoiHJin. HLi'p jtlil. 

Pakk-«k, S.v.irt. FlMt-pkj —en; — rn: 

Pl'chil-ffk, 3, P(ii(— Ln; PnoinV-n-n 

IfP^dii, mtfii — , Tn pli'k if.g.. tioei 

liitih Itr |fFi]tm:1 Dr 1|i( fliiw, 
PIdpld. WaIJ. 
PlhK MaJTjT, TnillHn rf?a. 
PI-klplklarftk,3,f.I[. >^'ti<-^1 u , jirn rn ■ — ; 

pf — rn; mn — i. To Itur Inlo tuait} 

l»niT" lr.e-7 clnttlilr 
PiKJi-eK, H.T.Ir. rtrrrA-rrfn, ai ir r»ji*-ii r 

— fl\: ma—. Tlv Lwifc or Iplr dJirfh. 

pap^r, l«af. 
Plhfth i-kJ^*, 
Pikultk, nl.vlr I'^trltMll.-n: tFiaMi i;;iiJ ; 

;jPitdJfH=1i: riiaprJL-U'. Td LtizJ 
Pllad. Tlalt for i^liitij. 
pilflk. Sil-fri niHWJfjr 
pkJIeh, i,vit, /"ful/ir,. niii\'Ui! piVrrx; 

mdrifP-. To fhoodr llteR^tiLBEiiL l^J^ 1i» 

jiLil|^e^ dlvxLmJBat^L 
PKIt#k [iJuk.l. l.Hr. PiinNr:.-i; - n; 

— n , rra— nm IK iJi'tn . To forte. fHnii |i*l L 
PLnjichak. A i^ia^ -f kilo" -Lip|ii>r1pd 'ly 

IKDIiy itllrkit, 

Plniflptlrtft. RlankiJ. Lurifp, nany-CDl' 

PInilfihhi flliFJi.], TqCiu^u rhlled u|i 

I nlu a cim J. 
Plnartgui. lk»iL?'[i]illli't. 
pIpQfd- STiiLi'li. 
PIngl. Snidl] branHili it Iwt;. 
Plpgiu-ik, J.v.lT. /'tumjNrnirit'.' iii4rjJFj 

^11 ; — a- J mi — on. Tu Job* ■ loathe 

innH^? LI iikJi. 

PLhigl^L A l^mbiXj nlJ-l|> wEiLi'li ban ni- 
r««d>' ^KfO tified for tTJnjf parol. 

Plnll. Sad hnry, jfro^a on buali^ loDkn 
I'llu Jirnall BtFattiwrrj, buE drier, lio]- 
]o' liLe rajpberrv, tAH(T3 like nrilJier- 

Plnkl, IT-Ih'Il 

pfimitna. LFTintL lL«iir-ai 

Plntang. Rplril, s/'ilo oE tch^iiiS ini qibi, 
Pip^-ekr finxplti: pjlo™ ipT ; — en,' 

trjo— . To Jul or molJ Ite cUy in usk- 

Itif ^urC^^u poUi 
PlakL A piect. 
mtkl-*k, 3, Pipjilfr^t' riHl*Jj*r; 

< cq; mu— , To |»itvk or leaFL iHollis 

jtaprr ur I at 
Plaklpiakltk, 3, HvJupllrtlim if 

tlw piecrdLDf f . To I-nr <nli> many 

PlK^laatAi. A pea^Ea lor varti. 

Praia jSp.V ATnat. 

PIvlak, 3,-r.tTr FiiiJiflo: pji-hh*;/; pia- 

r«a: nupyl, Td Viil vprm^Ei vrilli (lie 

ftn^r^i' Dalla, 
PWlli 1^(h dK<lr>F, flFnulfi"^- 
Plpgi, Carii-hlfrtahdl. 
Plla. C1*j for pirtlejy. 
Pllagb ^Totor Himt hn fncliiS tJid-acflr- 

Jn/ apparatus. 
PItll iMIHUbwai). Blinkvl, 

PilArtfl-*kp ^,v tl- PiKi run «£'D ,' iCODli- 

/cjifli — TU •■ ma — . To "plil 111 twn. 




Pl(jpllang-Bk, /^n i ^n^ i f oupln ^ 

juaii* pW» |vji(,i]|. 
PhBklUciL.k' Fl» ,'|jy-tl1<& iiiiid in riwi 

Plllngan. A v&rlely uf ^rL-cDlgrid, 

P\ta. SeiTni plto-tipDOp 'fl^pnty. 
Ph. R»1 ArtL, dji hi tu^tU ivana, 
P0eh>iB. Line oT apht bamLiiia lur jii in^ 

Kipr lu tirtiisiril ponvr Icom p\la^ In 

fSiiMjtdJtj, iWiKP in iakr-t. 
■PbHkBJ. Ilai^ bii|»Ij (ht'^. |«iJ, €la.J. 

Pohf. Shgiildnjr. 

Pakljpig. Paid. 

Poklla. UFLld. 

P^banfli TIpcij", Je*i3y, jslldft H*r tpiI, Vw* 

buMb, HiihiilKE lo duiv'bpny, ihTemuLOt 

P«k!li. M^jtiiiN'. 

Pdkpbkak, 3,vlc. Piji.;1 pcH-o .- — h „; 
"-Tii; ^rfo— ,■ uatifii/L-pakiia, To Irreak 

— at; i\'u — ^ij|, To rholrf itp hi'ltti ilLit 

PolliliL \V(irlriiLurL 

Poiong^vk, a,v.(r. /'imJonjio,- ~o*o- 

j,Hi^,-- ffrjf „n— , Ttujniir, inniiiijiin[, 
ppllDO^ llitviii^ cularaci i-n ijt. 
PDrfi4hflU-ali» IHitoJiawnlL 4— 'I ; 

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Pttnsdx A Tati^ty (nl v'TijIe imlltt. 
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n-liile, *ith B-polfl." 
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Pongponga^ rarhUnp, 
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to Jndl'idimrs df i:]i]Bt€T€d aWtpk^ 
Pa»nj|. Lowet f^n rf Inuih of tier, 

a^tr nnlfl. 
P«p*tlUh, inf. To be a nuiwit™, dia- 

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f<oWlg. Tit? luvi'l. 

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Pokpoaah. Thfim af "raitjrn'. 
P4l«nfl, Hall 1^. lipmpQ). 
PBtok, I^ntrk; Jitnniii: poitn: 

•n^p'H. Tq Lr^l. tlir bi'n«K i^f a bij^ 

ao [Imt L| can pot Hj-. 

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Pof^ Abdoiutn, lEg nia^lj. 

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Pttlt-fl. SLi:<Liieiiii, |>aiiL |]K,[2|, 
PotBlAh, HjV.Lr. r\i-ilt<fl.ii, i^nrnroro; /*■■ 

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PaUHflk. -i.i.ll. niiofOJLu/ , KU4i-Jitofo; 

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Poluptoh. ^iDaEl piirTbdll, 

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Pref4U, IHp. and M.\. Pt-^h.-i. 
Aipk. Tv,rnl;-AT» LutL.'hi.A ot/ia^ui', 
^Pukalak. l-iNiii ,j r.iA ; ^lai'.^nt: 
pii*,-i'ai : niei/„kalatr Ti» alaa ■ tinUfl 

Pul»y, .\paiii^!,, fSpimiarLl. 
Pull-cup VrrrJpjjio; — *ji,- _p^,. 
^flp^jT-,- u/«iput\H,I.n- Tu (ukpjimiv bv 

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Puminad-nh, Ijnl, ^ rj hj n^a/at; { — f ; 

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BumjifiBal, a,n. If ^row.^ j^^i,. 
4>umapjtBJ, A prlewl «| Ipava 
'■Lfmiivilp^its, ft CTQ'-* lielit 
PumPtattfL Mmdlv.fjiliil. 

Punchap- Ary (hprn. unmukrHl fleJJ. 

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Puntrng [liok.|. Lbi^ ^allliu;il. 

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— "i; — f"! •"a — ; irmi — tnz. T^p ro^ 

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PuaUflnIa liiiik.l. plLi fi^i^iaatlrt: 

•^amtitl-oi piatfj^n. To L*[ 
Putiafiff-akp 3.V.V!. P,-t„itoi-ffU,- pj,a- 

fii4r//riJiy; -flji; ^u— . To bwat., «,1, 

or na'ii aiirrjis* jflfl(l<;k j. 

— an, irtfl — aa. X(t buro. 
-Puymnga. A JtiDrlul inju(jc, ri'J inKjde. 
Puyang. T,iig ol i^kidr-i- 

aaad |4]<Ar]r FiDf^Eilob, mTitpati fin 
bchal LimtLI. They pa. IpI llirin go. 
bddlk, SrnWlo/ Mipirr^,- T«ri^crj,- 

tiimriltm. Ta ivujt lor. 
Btdud. Wii4: uu^ Fn vmunp, 
Baan-Q- -PlLT'lt pire aaed rfnn lorch*". 
«i n umtil. Jfn e^nip li'l Ikhn so 
BJlfASAa |Rp. auWiln]. SalnrduT. 
aafag. Wd Id H:b ii^pn. 
GftlBng. A f«T[iimlpd nilxlun', ^alur. 

Oifan [Sp.V Smp. 
Bifug. Millet, 
Ha|Bn. Near. 



vocABr:r..A]iY- ^iv THU Uivrnt: la-Nudaob 

bg«n. Plan. ?h'eEf bbarliDd ; utE^bar; I 

lire bnrdcrwr 
a^gfl. Mill bal. I 

eihJl-flJ<t i', flino-^flA; — ri; — fi;' 
ma — . To \iw qlLb ■■■ o^. i 

Bi.ka-cnak [llcik.l. S.v.Lr. .SinsP^acit oli.- 
i^i irnnlraJ,- — efcflii, ma-efoii'- To 
£VHp ii'JIb A IrtOQin 

Sikilaf-ik, tifDiit'oJu/aJi:; maqii- 
*flfN,- — «n, mo-^fl*. To brood uvei ob 
a bcii. 

bkiTTi al umitl. Jjl un^L 

Bikamm.i. TI^fif of liiniinif soil lur rlo- 

•llkl>t um»J. Vou^. 

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f>r nllirr nnjiralj- 
fiakcKlian. UVlrC ln>-r], jar. nn) nrrfpn | 

iiurl[y iim^il fur oth^r purpm^o. | 

Bikan. I i|i«rEODBl pr^nouii). 
Bi k ffl umti I- X(Ph- 1 ;n^ ; 

8dkfit-<ki 3, iSti>irA-/alt(i; utaiuit- ; 

Jrrf : — '^ , ii-fl- ; ',u•^'alf^^tk''. To I 
mCT^' Hin 1.]ii- Hltnu|i|i| i 

Saklng. JEirii. iib^ElniiPi nbilliiriil, 'litLi ' 
'kiilj oil? Idu, flii'^ ur ^i^ylil; '-aiJ 1i>' 
hn^'H' Hiitt^n ll^? liL'jrI. uJ u turn. 

iakmall, Ili-u4tt IhIthL I 

Saknih. I lucims In^n^ kInrLi. 

Bikof^ak, ^.vlr. lfiiial-ot<i/- : uranutcn,- 
- ^ir. ji|^ .f^i, Tu fhrrnni ur '-il iLr J 
Iihil; ri' txi^'' tit III A znw OH Jl vaM 
■iiLirii I III! 

Sdkpil, HkA Ril. Ami ilirr , 

BikBl iUok.y Wlliu^^ 

AA^hfd- l^-niiin of pine liuiber ol iflf- ] 
fr-ti-nl EisLun->i|i| (olcT Frnnj IIj^ rsnti I 

Balak-Bk, 2, .fiLNdEol n ( ; r-gurwiJiLl , | 
— iin; Din — m, To get In (lie IIjjIlI uf 

Salang-lAku, [ilu. .Vm— ^Dtb,- man— J 
To eiioiit on laigav (Iwj-h|. | 

Afllipli ■{■If-pmiplHW. 
fillliMJt. nnrbAf Bprmr, I 

Salch^njtB ESp-]- RvrdiriPB. I 

BiriTud. Knot in Mrhia. I 

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— ft. ; n — , To Btiiog bmia. ] 

Ballul. Fron't OE Uppvr string oT BOittiirg. I 
lalminQn UHttdt ; gUn ov^r a pIiAuiCl i 
Bt-iud, fun Ml. 

■A-ludchu-ah [Sp.) !, 'ainahta-, 

i*itaii nwio/Hdu; nimuhuan; na- i 

■aiiriT^bOrf. T[i£alureL i 

fialup [IIdIi.], alnaaun at qtusLlI^ tra ' 


bngaann Lb^l 

UAgaohiP. Cluii lor oorpu at tuatral. 

BflnfltriBAI, ^M- i'iTn-ti\y, a Hnmider- 

ablo tliue aga. 
einfiAkTck, .1,v,tT, eiacnunyagko; mn' 

14"^^; — en; maaaigag^ Tu iiiBal, 

pa-iph, jiop 
BAHflfu. A (pEjih Inul, TrlieluuB. l\VBi 

[if pig not iiHubed I1LI ufVrwihlK, mm 

SanBl. '^Ijaad-liaali*!*' witboul gmvi. 

ai^B^^ Inn lilade vhlli tiinilk, um! 

Jnr leu Luvlof i^LH frEnn ■oil. 
aangkap.-ak, ^,vlr. ^ PMnyAiYifv ,- wo- 

•mnjitop; — tn; ma — To th'"! Dp -od 

SinpltiltlPt. GlrdlA Elf «iirH|f, l»iaLi!«l. 
lanBlai. CbloiH^. 
SinflD |ircik.|. Ycibr, af wmd 
einokirek l^lolt], Bmti-\goi: (I1iu 

oilier bA [In pEi eupptjod fiuat ana- 

tLl). Tube buni-, lint<'«oiuelliinff loda 
bngyul-Ak, ^,-.I.t, t^imy^yutab! rfo- 

"iffF(j|,iiif; — -an; Pna^-opi, To nliorpeii, 

Id pojnl IOlJ;., a p«DcE]^. 
Binlikt BinoHialc; nanasiii 

— dn; tia-^^m. To get In lli« 11^1 niJ; 

1q 19^1- ■ i-liailr or HhBdi># over- I4 

prcitHiL hid'. 
Sip lb. JlidlnriplHn. 
ilfllD l^'p. ■!-[ AT-], ^ial, \ii\y. 
flUiloak [Tluk.f, ?,v,[r. | — 1[ naaaa- 

SienQr Ttflh cif do^oT plj^ 
Sadp-ak, 3,v.l.r. /n«ij[tfit,- (— ) - ( -)i 
•ns — L Todumor 9lop JL tlv^ r f>h[ fi^liln^ 
eapalEaW-ak, 2,T.tT. SimopoHatai; ; na- 

nm^ltai--; —an; phh— cm. To kicit (as 

■ bOT4»}. 

Sipatoi iSp.]. SboH. 
bplkD [l^p.|. MaEiih. 
Bapkl. Tbt hair grovli^ down In Econt 

of Ihfl rarB. 
■Aplbk. Sur OD |bf brtfj, 
Bappllt-ak, J.vAr. Af no-jijiFif .tf^ : diftnmD. 

pf«f; — nyiNO — . Toikblpwlth ■bUcIi, 
{UPUA-Ikn ?, ,?.na^H|>dJ',- mranif- 

tap; — an, ™a-~aTr, To saarpen wood 

bi a ]Hlnl. nair i^lpt by cEivppio^ 

Btich ft wood. 
bapnUh llliik.], A,» «i>vpalta; 

moHipnJ; — m; «»<-. To rtnJ. knrii 


mvp—f—'m; nu — . To be (d frtiDt uf, 

to face. 
AaaanCfap. A place ol hldEag, drfqrtHC. 
BatAku'l umfll. Lei oa^ 
buan.nk, 2,v.|r, aimovnmkjmaiaifait; 

— *b; m* — [f>. Ta k«Tp in tha riEht 

path, icshaJn froD waitdBrln^, HaJ 

8a ma^ Rin tranEplaiillniE line- 

Oa-nchnQ. A pub {kaivt In front if ! ftlwMlliH i.itr. SJnoiHUe,- imuic^'I; 
hoffiB dorlu £aii(<av, iijuopod al mti- . — rfi«;-io— , I^ pry up or oiff. 
<luat« of Hrt tuHt , prar^rH «it md Ni^g-iKi 2,v,tr, Binoffiit: dtOai^; ob- 
and ^wbfL fournl hiei tire groand. V^^i mo— on, T^ aplBili. 




nulrer. Tatb^Etlr, fWs nwiiftd the 

mnMifciftj' — CByjna— , to sliuffi* play- 
ing- on)*. 

Beki^kp 3,v.ti-. SinkHlko; manklilj lei- 
(en;rt*M*ir. To ^liH)kF. Hlra-iQla IxdI- 
jihI lllet. 

VflM^t. LiLDrheor, rood LaIuil an Ir'iL 
or in lUlcl. 

Iti Juob or cnpa fr«D1 tuih Ivn^ni- If 

aift, perHEiBfllbTanciuiL, He. ilr^ it. 
aiichidFu. TtLciame. 
Slacfti. Ttitt la rlffhl, that 1' »"- 
Binl. TnipE(»r-«IJ<E cEilGk^it. 
aiam. ?>Eii«'i alUfflpgD, aiQtty. 
Bla >nam pil. Vv. 

aibilVr. ThuTD J, wlJil roav ii<t.]»). 

■ le h bIl TTBltliiA nrt . 

Sk h Dk-akpSiTLl r. Ifiti^ttuJcal; .-iFiajLieAr^i( : 

■ — cp/irni — am. Tn catoli fiii'i ivitKure". 
Blfihbh-akp^.T.I r. M'friVilf^f. ^ :.°i mriiriN'jt : ' 
— dh, pnii- dp. T" caich iBi-li i.i[li 4 ' 

filtlt. Tliuniv jiliiril ltd tn pigA. 

tifffolthf! moai^fat. To ^t TuiKh lnr u, 

— ilH; PJifl— ,i*y «aiqiij;iii^,ta^ To di- ■ 

SlgRid. Footof M. 

Bllli ^a Ln^ct DtukinD nuEur •(■Wf^'^ 

1i} UNre. li'vpB in hFgh etaua. 
aikii, pqrhiiLiil prmidUr. Thou nryoii. 
aikAb. TrllialBtJH>ii, JinriLkv, ^iHlrea^. 
Ulaeli-ik. i.vtr SMiAf*ak; —sn; ' 

— im; mo — on {cf. lnalkacl«K^ Tn ' 

•Ikflf-fll^ 3,V.llf- SiJr.,tafi,lo,' qinoUab- 
- — flv/nHUJItilt. Tt> Imltb trjuble wllh. i 
■ikapaL T«i («iitiviia. 
Slkflifftla. File »iitATOB. 

biad; — an,- nri — an, Ta hlek back- 
BJkkl. Us iR«»- 

aikfr' Eibctf. 

aikff. IHrt Ed llir b-ir, 
■Ikalh-ik, 2„.tr. jHT.iriiat; — sn,- 
— Dny Ru— db; iHHilibHitdy ■tjanjtti'I., 

Tc» faUKt II4, 

WhIIuU' a rona a' hir4 cuepI' pLaJtnL 

nf bKDbiHh 
Stfll^- An iDlmal wlddi -feHTH uti #alTcr 

uj oAm WnBUr 
Snap. Field or an ulau. 
■HIU' T«nip. torch. 
•Ilallyp [fML]. W|i{ne«,- Hllta*iH. 
■Ilu(-«k, 3,¥,lr. S-^imko; paoki^iiI; 
■; mo — - To iltan. 

I SlmfAjin gr flnriBn |IL>^,), Oliureh, 
I l«DpJeL 

I — «ij' ntasBiet Tn. ihink cF. 
'aiFfiAlim, MunlLHTJie, bMrd, ulilRli»ri 

i spare ailJ pEiueT ^ , 
' a ir\tim- Taale. 
QJ »Vtlfin-AK. ?, ^'fKl'pgl-■^qe^;, ; um- 

nlmaim; — .1^1; nto — rru Tn lu-Hir 
tlmul-ek, 3, Sini^jiff-: Jirdtr^njbr .- 

—t" ,- ma — . Toejil naif. 
Vn». Fprt |ijpp<iflil« (iFilia, r^i^n*^, 
ainsBi- Urallu-ra aiLHi tjiclur.n. 
Slnikiakll. LlcUrliy li^E^, 
Slnakl^an. Unlclkly, inutiLrllalrlL, Ei4[Lj- 

tIfithJ5dwjiehi. TiAnlfjrino. 
tln«k>-ang. llflvlug nuimn- ^lai-li "kii^ 

ll£TJ]|,r KnH \\k& nitliC >ni] nklll. 
BInaluvrakan. l-ftni,' vurvtHl ir< -il A'u- 

Blnfoji. On* i*IluIi; ntii oE rurn; rn-umi 

pLeve 4if mllitn |[i<ht kpti tjn 
Slnftlbngachflr UnelitirKh I'f t"^lti< < \<i-h. 
BlflTetBk, Kifty biirrli^B •ip.'la!. 
BJntllliig lll'jh. t- Rintr lor rij'jCL'c 01 t'nr 
BI-nJaf«L' l^ne Ijuili'Il uI rjrNO. 
BlnkiBtul. r)iLi^ |iiiili|t4iI \fj':(\ wf.iHi. 
ftlnkaha 1SLh.|.IJriH' ln't -it mid^i'^. 
BInlad. Smnll i]]btfkb'i^ dflnr Ir (hlh Jh'Il 

Ihe uiDlber hi^n. 
9lnl«Vflart. Thr -othrr niglil, we ninliJ-. 
SInllfu. rinn tlmuKand. 
AlnlJImanpaCdO. Fiftji'ikclj- 
Sinluwbi. Aaln^Je lieArlihf ^^'Ji' 1 j<,^j, 
Alnpinga. A v^rktv of iilI]14'I k-Llli 

1>ran?biiig bmil*. 
aiPoNd l]|H.Jir]r :ihr^Ld. 
VJnonS-difrdoha. Tno ]>j Ivu, Ih-u ejch. 
SJr&ung. nnen^h, 
B^nttaifiaiFiB- OFie^acli. 
alrtOH- Milk. 

BInpilakO (IJ^'k-]. Ore buiiclt aJ r&ian. 
Blnpa^^a"^' A rc»iniriinllF, naliDOipeflpla 


Blnpos r* ItoiftB. EJevm. 

Bippoo yM twa, Ti«»rvi>. 

BInHp ya Kvtlo. EljeM^tfl. 
SInpBtak. A haK fif Hptll tnlma. 
ainldlan. B«ll al leaUtn. 
BEnvola rSp^Jr Lvdr. 
ilplng. ^nrtaio, Jua mor^a* 

BIpFt OW Ipkt. T>Fn|^ pincf FB. 

mu-^ To «irl dtmo a ti^t. 
4lp«lp. B^Tk, ai<*I« of fimb, 
ttJpt'ak. 2.¥.tr. flimplffit; — flq; — un,- 

■irB— 'iTn, Thi nhaw le^r, au^r ?A-BeJ 

re]eH!tiD|f tit p^p- 
4J«a. T^itn InppoBlteDlalna, hBre>. 
BIfrl. BTOOm. 
BlBFa» perBonal proDouti. He; utif; !l; 

alDlHj bimvlf, rtc. 
ttlaJa arkal. lie hlmavtl, ttc.-, aJoae. 




Bill-ahp 2,Vntr. finiaitfity nOnili, — an; 

pnj— ffN. Timivfup Wllh A brWDJ. 
Blaik-Ak. 2, #?pj i*»i t-iit,- manitMt; 
— a^, nuicijl*'. To bunt fur lire in 

SJ«lk-Ak, 2, ^inifli'ai;; diiiiii>i£; 

— upi; irrf(-«n. To wbbIi or dnfn rppo 

jit A 4'nlandei. 
SUih-*k, 3,v.1r. J^f pj rsii (a - nraoinA-^ 

- rN.- ir^ri — , To fry in UtJ. 
BFalm. Trrrp pindH' wilL a liair iiteii* f'W 

diilinkak, lE^r Ir. ^ Jir^ni m pitcA it-^ ,- mrrnO 

■irNrrjri; n'ltUMfieii, Ta lifilT Ip irLll*!, 

lu IIlIilL. oI, 

Hii,ri?J. 'Jill" fi^-m Is [hrvr^ca^il i.n 

'in ml, 4iH Hirti"' 
8lvlan< 1 fjritfrr. foiHl ace irnif nt in jr rji". 

aivffll-pk, !f,i.[r. lf<B\'fa'ali_; wa-iiiful ; , 

-'f; Jl.^ — ■f/\ : framafllka. TljJll-^hlVE 

GMlAEhik, ^ J'^jiod.^ J'-N ,- ,jiu),^rf- 
•orf; .",- (iTHiT,>riB«rf Tu |in'"^ dimii 
Jit ili^ihaoi: unity, 

Safll. LE|h-. 

BtlganB-'hp iS.'v.Tcr WinTp'JHjUT^' .' i^^pjj 
i/iTJis; — a-; Jifrj — iriLcr-i^ iHfl.(,r Th. 


fioflpji^ Unnrwiix. 

■vHigg. f'umrr lInHule^ 

•gk*. MliHrpm><l -ilickA in Ih^ Intll. 

Sokan^. \\"liLiJ-|in|*.||i,.j, biune, inJpjLr^? 

a«kai llkik.l. Chti^u^. 

S4ll«<. A iljirk. IkiirJ i^mnL, chC wliirli lli-' ' 

fnSnrui \A Tim^li. 
flokatrAk |llH»k-l. NiPinztofoJ- : 

iTdhw^rl; — fiji; mu-MJn, f" iHkaikj:ir 
niij.^. J. 
SoktMl. V\,i\ib I rot i-erf aliwl. 
flaklana- "Tin |«rkcl lidl. i 

Sokad, Hfn^w oc -lafF lu f^ai^ In v«lk- , 

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Sehql^ L-'Hvn Hom on Qie Ivod aa gif I 

luildh. ' 

SakeriQ. ^duiII Ixtnl cif i^ln^'. | 

8ol(pDl-*k, !l,v.Ir. aiitolcpoitn; mstot-' 

P"' ; ■—•'": "J" — L To Lr^ib: n niriitg, 
SDkud [llaL |. Tonib | t^tv flRV-lmillLHhj ) , ' 
Sakyiip. Kiii>v|HD, Thu L^rot^ hit rtial ' 

j[ it 1" eal-u one grts ier_v UreJ ib i 

i-ILiulhi|jp, I 

aolfll. l>-ltfr, nrlliap, n cuT-p *|irr, 

Borfll-Ak, tiinulalli: Ulr* i rrjirj r ,- 
— nn; \na — on. Tu iricc on pii|*T. 

SolchHchD jSp.^ >4>ji[|n, ' 

Solfok^flk lllok.l. S.y.Li:. ^mo'lnksi- ^■ 

t^HfJIS^HfJ; — cq. To inJUES-, iinii^ 

|nv,ll I. 
eallid l-H. Uld\. 
aaUi- A ]Wit liiM fwvm pnwutt. ftti, f ■ 

Sale-ah, j,'fn4iithl; pnnnDloi — m^ 

ma — . To- learn, if»il. 
ftdlDhgi Slora^ l^ubt for |hntr^ 

fipiviiDi, and kniQM. 
I ftOmm^k. Tliaiigibt. Hrpiaion. 
ibnga-n. Vrllaw Inkwlt auc of uull 

, asnflct. Malice, lialtc^, 
asngiang-aitt d.' mivoniiiHut^iiii ; pjid- 

, iop* [Hot J. M«a,<utf Q^ jL i<tl|>[||], 
>«n-»k iJluk.l. :iA-irr Him/'olt: ^tiHo. 
j-r,' — '^1 ; iH4r -. Tu mnn-jFe iiIlIl b 

BfrpKp-flk, ^,v.lrr r4iiH>rjr"ip<-.t. >iirjjLDp- 
■"f p" — ^nv (i[ci— ifn, Tu -nrk uilI lOL- 

Ei'iilii ol nlk^ir uf '•fj;ii\i/. clU 
ftdpul. fcai-t liun -lolli/ 
OoiD Miuk I HrMdisE, Dt|tu]H', 

iftiHiroNfl.- — art; PJiir ctn. Thp hi- ^irry 

(ur, lijiii' irim;i up. iiiiy. 
eounel-vk, 3.V.II. Jh'ipi^pjprJ^o.- urd- 

""■^y^'n"— ''ri, miEiiodtm^t^,- i]ii\iiioi- 

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Biiain-ak, Bitt^i,oi<^i .(.fluoi^f; 
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avmuariaik, IJri gin—ak; I— k 

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BujnnJtf. Sorord. 
aumtEganghji, I'IcihJ 
■u^elut, pill. Sin—. To be auutlfTM 

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aupDk'Bk. AJuujwtaJlvitoNupoJ!; I 

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avran^ Juin, JcJin, 

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Tafungau. A fruit lenpinbltiig g'^P^ 

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Takohak, a, rinntfdto; fctcfti-j; 

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Ttk4b. TlitbFHuar urftiR^i. 
TakOcKug. SiiL4k]| l»iiLel, il^i^ as au:4il- 

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■lIi, vpuiil^ traiiHlt, lu carcj 

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■Honorffpa; — On,' irfa — ai>. Tu uju* 

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ap. (u vb'Ad) ; lu lead., feed, Tiii>pi.rl. 
T4II Jllok.]. Bope, 

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malair To loil any rrhiijiii object. 

TilD-ik, e,v,|r, TiBiiokminuh; — un-; 
mo— an. Tih f^J (he pojf <pJ4j 

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TalBpyak.-lLr. Breain., waves tm titt 

Tfllun. The ciLllivBlfld gnniBd urninjnd a 

Tamrfut [Sprlr Druib. 

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dflmpot, — tn; uifl— ,- iviMtupattii^ 
To KTllia *ir.t Ebv palm of |ii^ hhiiid. 

Tamiam, Taate. 

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ta—mt iiala — . To ralae^ ILfE. 
Ttnoheh. A kaiA, Id. womE. 
TAng-Dhjn-Ah, Z.vAt. Tinanp-al ; mo- 

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lana — ai 

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rirtOCrt. J-knl palate. 

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ranala^ LruiL-BJAd alti:k fdr lumliiif llu- 

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TAngofu. I^Lui't lit^h oT La^r. 

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T*ngi. D;t^li:ui,i^i«r. 
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Ttngiui Hdlidi^i 
Ttnoedi UiH^ oi neck with lidlr. 
Tf-ngfllc. i.W'r rih^ihtr.*, ^fdi^^^y icn- 

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TcngttngiLir f-ty In tlie v^v 

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pul ^ pirAji an ipju|j ,' --mi, K14. an, Tih 
njBki' Liliinl, In Tuumi or aijuart "rO. 

Tingtangcb. ICjelld. 

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Tjpln Bhiu. ^hiK' {'hthm iliTf 
Tipli I'iI'l], rialJt Hurik ntnuni] njLsl if 

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belli K <\ur--[ nr 11 IrrniHiit, 

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friitll 4]li> iMl>M- Lfh Lirar ib arjur n- 

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Titill-flk| lluL ),:^, r'i1'''i'lA'p' liib 

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T»fa»ig. Bull. 
TivTbiflkan. A Jmll ffrouiriL 
rawlohak Lll<-^'li ^ rcHffvJfUo; 

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T«rakn. Us^^ker lor IraitaporUlidtL 
rehktk, ^v,lr. Ttntf-kioj manffU; Ifb- 

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^mictur?, Irf {^'fl'i pflaUm/. 

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viiBPUblRii; EiiTk- 

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TBhfn. Oilier, ■□pISki, 

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kftp; • — c; mallbtng. Ta llr a ihhuu 
Lin ^EtiD}! dt IibItJ I'll trap. 
Taiikuftfr, 3,i'.tr. T'^nl^id.- nanii-ih, 

tekkvOH, Puii^-EU, TO bomw laal 

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Tiitiha |:^|^.]. \VJlr<L^<. 
TIartipB l^^pj. Tliti*. 

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Tikam. llottirr-[iE-]Wiatl sTull -mirn ut 

Thkingan. Bifl -IwlL uum d" nrn'riml; 

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Tlhloh.tHp 7<iii[irf*ri; PpairitlJ; 

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Tlkknok, rurpiit^fr: ji.aimru,' 

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ef(->: iiiiil,\£rn, mvntUtt. Jo bi-ai, 

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Tiling. KlH. 
TIU, IriHirjp. 
TllJrt. lELH:el-lril. 
TNJiN4lr jll'vk.]. J.vtr. T^iiNJriJito; rnir 

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i'HirI\ . i^'/iha': mol •mliau. To Imuxl. 
Tin* L.Sfi.l, InHll^h, 
.TInith fS[i.l, i,i-,[r- Omiifli-; jiiffiiiha; 

'inar.-i; marini. Ti* i^>« ^'iFb pniJifM. 
I TInfgldhu. Jldurfi reprfWiLLiilJipn, iin' 

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Tlnapl, While blairbel <vi-lh ninlr blvfl 

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r^psH?. Trr PipllC lotD- dub; plaro, 
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Thivri- Orlatn, Imp, urn-; lDd»i< 

tntli^ nrtvliiE;, etc 
TIH. X&Id irblct hill fn>iD Hieronr 
TJm jk*Ul«l fonal. 1 ^p rnt fcrmiv. 
TAahH. Til* iApproilnuvly} mitjijii^ 

Tachitng. Wih||ijin> bnii envEring of 
1nfiv«Hjr ?lDlb, ukrd jn Bun, rain, ai ou 
■ AirpHiil. fiLDeral. 

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Taring, Talubiri^ iHoin >»r ■ n>4tl«- 

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Tfifunj. |«it (.Firs' 

Tsglogo. Tup of heiid, aiimwil it mnar- 

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TI}ffltlK-ak, 3, TiVi/tlv^t) 1 valtlv^- 

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frOHP- Til J rive liHtt, d«Ed.r, 
Tokanph, a,v.[r, rinoto " jfcu ,- mvnt- 

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t(i(av4«;i"'<'M:iii. To[i|]. 
Takchbin, .K sMf. 
Talifin. Slacfl. 

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TflrfnacHoti, 3,* T-hihto^iI, To ifo tip, 

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Tomf(k, ;[|K, rffleiTi/rt. It prn-rnhrj, 

sticks JDTlh. 

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I'lmlfOin- To »U>|i. 
I TemekchuAb, l.liH. rr«,«p(i*ifa; , f„. 

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Tomenv, 3,p. It HJ^nhdj^h i eIih' tllrl 
TD-matgKeh4'Akp i,lnl, J'n—ak- U\ ■ ' 

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Teng«d. ilmnp il Ittr 
TonQlib. I'll- EC 1 1 nil IT I HIT "uuf nl ,xiu 
TflrtlOr [Pp.|. -Stupid. 
TQOVhtk, J, J"dHoo,«'.^' M.i^^d- 

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F^T[i.-ii(|[i:LiJiri t" Liiiili], 
I Teonrk IILnk.l. ^.v If. 7'm',i>i.tu: iirrj 

nhove ■nollier lalili i. 

TfrSpik, 3|!l[. Tw/i'^Ift-O ; h.j"Ji'.-r>p ; 10- 

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I '*ibH(" nf a rope (it isninp". 
I Tlipji. Tlici?rdlnarvrLiT, ii'HuirveiHi^h. 
I TepAk. ■>pp(iul»ilL]*Hjr It. J I, 

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Taknfl. lUldin bcEiidHlp on n 4)r ep^ai' 

TakOb, Wood^D }^l|)nHk, ustd by (hnj 

Takofftn, Tohukan Iiuuit nf b SEtlle- 

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iDitmai; umluit&i Tn «)Tr»lp ponlub, 

longj lok^hifeni ntat^korgen. To pio- 

IwI.giiBiia, HiBFe far, 
Talmud- PmL 
TDFa^he^ {Elok.], 3, ritrofodito- 

inawtaif; mta^Jtan; maialaS. To copy, 

TalJp |liofe.J. TeBUuQBl. 
Talalo [lhk.|. CDDlru]!. 
Talfak. Ytr. 
TaJaltk [Haiti, 3,<.lr. Ti^etoike .-ma-if. 

■lokif; iEsAh; T^oUulcii, Ti^ t iil PJ l, 

cun [g rvffi|detloD. I 

Talp4k-Bk. H,v,lr. Timolpikakj —an, 

— *■,' mo — a-L To bm'k oT ■ little 

Talpap. S^ami with nuodsc poLnL I 

rami |llak. j. BluhH leg. 

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f»<™,' woJopi Tfi fty\i up, 

Tofrll, T«l«ODp« bUo^rC , HjUd l». 

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TopkBl. a*^ or IsilL of b1ri3. 
TQpkau. rinFrr, 
ToiAEtiB. Tiicas. 
Tdtopii. i?iDdr] mpii. 
Tala. Biijl liuffalo. 

Tdt3(. ^J'-l^t of PEE, 

Tn4dan. TiinE tor'drjtii, Tarlr^jrimily. 

B'aimar To poDDil out Ihark Ihit ILt4rL 
TaLe^fl. fjnly ihrw. 
TDlDnp?iaek-p i]rf„ To b« abov», 

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l(-p^iiM,- mvinrllvi: To apic upon ar 

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Tudklmk. 3,, T^PJtilbialio; wanrjit 

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Tudlutf, J.«BV» d^ on^ pEel^rronUl? 

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Tiigwt. £aiJitiii:s>»Et'nh?LI?r or uiubrrlla. I 

Tulacbah [Huk |, 3.\.xi. Tii^!a^'/o! ' 

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Tumof u, a.H. ri'i— , T" "pTDUI. E)?Trtn In I 

Tun>0'itllp TiimnJin!,'.' Jifw^Jf; 
TiMfoJiru. To Huni.1 Imck, ivlurn iiil(,. 

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Tuuninn 4'liij' l'ChU'L fur tafn/i —r fnu"*- 
Ttfvrilkt £ Tu\tiilaai:; nT»irMi^aj 

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TiiwUf. Jj.rjp-Ji'jLii'Hl |h|4ipr -t Irpp, 
x^liinr Iruil friMul l~ it-rnl nil FTiriTt 
111 hulLLii^ x^tur b»i. 


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Ulalaino. h rir\ ^nid j , 
Uling, iL]iiiJV-j,Ll. I 

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Umirang. U'^IJIds- 
UnUfOnp al lAlalrJ. RriH|:^r.hnni. 

UniBfsng-ik, j.Ijii. Y>ipjiiir'jn.7rr,t. r — )-. 

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mfila. In g«t, IdL# |ij^. 
UmatiilJ-thp l.inl. iMmalalfal. _; 

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UiTiill-ak, l.inl. fimaliaki L — ) 

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U ma nil. hnmi)^, 
UrnaniH-Akn l.lral. fiTwonrttai; 

Tfj tirni ft child, hav* ufl'Bipriiit' 

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Umanap |lTi>'£>i]ft[ inflnlliv? ol nn*- 

pakl. To fluJU ]h.A;^ lor [xUS^. 

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— "r. To rmny Ign tiunband "i vihl, 

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Liiini/HriUQtirj, To L4 aahani^. 

Umal; lnmi.i. .'^ceIiiil, rjinLt^r, cMCit- 

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Um^lal 1ft laytlm. | dm glad lliBt y^i 

hn>iM|hl ji, 
UmjAll-ftk, (,i-,tr. /njiraifirflJ.; f--(; 

—/a; (r^MI';/|.T"lftte-or caTi-j fpt 
iL-"iii jourrirt ((uod, ■■?, etc. J |v],a(, 

— li; '•ini/U-kin/r, To jlTTil'*. rrfLpll |iJ. 

■miTPil fir^i 
UfnlmgiirTi llroni at^ncl-y. m toaJ 

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LTm Iglat-itt, l,in». /^M^yi^Ja^,' { — ) ; 

— f iT Ti> Ijt urTii JrL I 'rn. r«j|jni | 

L^m llfiig^lhp Lint. /arvjiJi'i^.^ r 1 — Ij 

— lit. Tn rri-l, 
Umilit-ftkp l,iiii. I ■•i«'l\i.ili- : i--j ; -^Jn, 

1'n ihimv lo xkiHhr^ 
' Ufilngta^ak, l.lnl. Jn^inrnjarrul,' i — f, 
I — I". Try l>r Uriil. ib^lUHTiJinnl, Inined. 
Umlfium-iK, [.inn. /nvjrr^i-i^NL , <^>j 

— ftf, I'll ilrirk. 
Uminunkftn. TtJ-LEilin^.riip or trtiiitf. 
Umlpftngo irntui Ipmu^hl. 
Lmlttoali, 1,1 nl. Vflnni]"4w'-r i— t ; —In. 

Tu uriiiulr, 

Umltikthla. Our a^Lv^dtt, •.\ir *ivn 
bmifi'ikp Mile. Jjruriiiir^-p- [ — i i —to, 

Umfia.jihi l,inl. fHanioaat; 4— | ; —fa. 

To ball I,-, [ik- imlli. 
UpnoEang-ah |l|nk,r, Jtrjtrul^iU' 

«*"."( — 1 1 — ra; f luoifiiiiisi-r To b«rov 

V'>i>v^«hp L.lnt yniFFrmriiA; |— } - 

— l-i. Tu hicik find. 
Jmya-l-jilf. I.i-,lr. /Ki-injjff iiji ; <-|i 

■ -I" ! maifiai To trine iTlislrpI 
Urta.nlg. RsEIlht, piMi^nwivtlv , intrftaH- 

iriEl^,*ll]l i\Mi 
LJnift. I^i|i(iir H»n^, 
Un^ai. TV uwtaiBJ juiiLU or inrljLlons 

Ja bantbon h^i rjf\n, 
Ununatr Kuhfarr. 
Ualo [^r|. Juflls ttat\li firH>iirli. 
Uya. KEnJnrnA, 
Uri-in. <';»tii]v, kind. 
Uya-Dhak, a.i'.lr. Imni/o'Il-v : mo-gu^ad; 

"fl""-*" .- ■^ugail. T" put iarib. 

^Iivldi "111, etraijitbn out 4iiiJi. 

Widiik. viMr To b^. 

Wtdaf, Aadft. Tbtf rs ta I IE titse* 

widw.d-oraira^ r[ti,) bokj better, 

Waka. i *lcnH ^iXf. ii«rf tor ropt. 
WjiUAt, Girdle at <vii«rri liarV i^olIi, 

WOTD bir VT>0]«Dn 

WilB. Mjftit, mijaiipoii. »iDlilr. 
W«nva, Blrer. 
WanSa. Lbin pEnrtti. 



WiiaF- Ax lor Trm rl topping and itetwy 

WHjit, liaLcIkBl. 
WjtBflk, 2,v.tE. Iivvili; naKgit^a; to- 

Wtl- Vflin, itiery. oorfl, tvqnlaiin 
Wamul^tn |UDip-iiPiLiif4Mir'jqh. WaiU, 

4ir recapliclF Tor. 
WhvQ. Molar Intli. 
WbflwSg. Tr™or o/ 1«dy^ i^ped^llf 


Y«4 li) Anil. (S) InfJ. An. ifflrmHriTP : 
evLlajF •Elnk. I 

Via pig]M44lrp ],*,tr. iHgaan^lMi^Bianc- , 
yatrFijaJ.:j;y44iFJj|ol.v,- ifiu^atMpHil:^. 'T- 
bp tidEeiiL, to i4|Tlhr Iwrdi In try aIou d. 

vabyib. Fu. I 

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—am; voftabs/aton^ hmivAbuflUD, Tu , 

VAdtnlt. [jirivili KiBHliopper (vdibLv. ' 

oolay Al nlB^illr I 

Varong-kD, 4,v tt, iKffaJimtba.-mmng — ; ' 

1 — 1 1 ma—. TauAifj .ilUl). ■ 

Yloyak-«k, rij/armako,- yaj^- | 

kfn: -i m; mafoggas to drap, 
VA-lh, fa ralik, Iiifaik: noivLr- ! 

iro-i,' ^ai; um^i; iiA-^irfl Tfl Inrdl^. , 

YikSlil. Ihn. 

VaTigyang-Ak. :^,, \i-nt; i-jdh— .' 

— O',' "Jf — rt'i; jrl nulPiptii irplir . To 

Vanukah. (^l^ yenukah.! 
VApiia-l«, 4, /n -Avjy ^ratfl— .' 

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Vaynt. Bertfe iblack, noiny^. 
VjyainAk. SpFtCr ,W ift,-"f4lji — ; — im.- 
■10 — (TIL To ■fiimi.uiljeKnm IrMiilhf 

V«har V-lr. iniirlo ; maitgif-jiie; Kiegr-. 

To nariy, Ulir, 
Y*k)i-flk. .AmipEl. 
VAki.. Earlliqtulu. 
VUkAP, lloD»;li». 

Vum, Oil Iff bniri^r nr ol'jlpr. 
Vun«nahi "liA, — an, fto. My, \-<iMi, 

Mb, rU'„ hiriJiM «r tlottra. 
Vupj'upnfk. 2,v,lt, yi'-al ! !"«.—/ 

— mt; ma— 4f»i. Tu lifnwa Are 1o iiari 

vtnrui-flk.' yf— fl*:rrjfi— .■—dii,' 

ml— 0". 1(1 lUHJi* U|Hr1af. 
Vvy^ic. a.flf. Jtid/rJLVit: msiryiiji'Hi / 





Ai Oflcnp, one, U, OEKnr hump. 

AbdbrFKX. Poto. 

Abldm. iHlSlaflali. L.ptit, live. 

Able- Soutakiaio, 4,aui. 

Abovk Tatr/ngcht/eb, 3, 

MmvtHi St't^-vfvi^i iMsitf fAi<rd, lie 

li ahutL maalilauak, In beab- 

AblsrbHt. Fain. malerlAl fur jiuiilftrv 

Abirimloui- EntoMmaL. I.Int 
AbuB«. Aivkek. i,v .tt- 

AcDDmpan)'. fjitigiio, l, 


■MiHufUif: milUJf-iiial'; all IJtit, 

Aehe» Id han. Jfab^i^aJr, l.lnl^ Qf tlifl 

sUaucli froiQ ovarfALln^. 
Aevrn. ^te^n. 
A4r4H, (O go. J[4nicik>iii^;at,'L,m1. Iiuaa 

wklb iArf>|, UltrHUD. 
Act Vni4M£aL, ^Jni (uttd wkllmmnl ^ 

■iai,, miiHl ir,t . (a d<h putrtftl, 
Aellsn. Unal, atatt^r. LrtDiu^illiLii. 
A^llva- AwBioBalitcm.faernHK. 

Ad^4. ^>4li«k, 3,y.1r.. u child or I 

Adult, t« -b«. Vain^anal. l.inl-, giUwU. ' 
Adi. Patehalam,- pane^slaaek^, i.-^.tr-, to 

bevti'ilii'. Mi^Mk. ],*.tF. Vt \\tv LvJili. 
Afraldn Vmiffir'ak, 1 ,liil l. Id Iw l por^'';- ! 

ff k 9p<.U.i t4 iHkll. 
Aft4r. Jtfalu>«ti,- fmHi^qfdn.- mfl?prt«; 

pnbrwIUfilll irfUpDt. 

Aflartlrth,tD«h«d b^od In. ItacJiaair, 

AflvrnHfld tfoJvijL, «Lrly to mi^lBi . 
■1 ifb^HFu, Into. 

A*t(rwi|Pfl»- Ana»«i, 

AffVl^ ffoain, Adv., kiMinab. IJot-, to I 
do^ kmaiaalc. 3.-v±r.y the £ajii€i poito- ' 
vijv; 4,,lo ciiibb todaorBuks. | 

ApBliot. jn^JiiMUp, in liutBpaellliiD bs ' 
qdl aEbri i(*it*feH S.v,tr., la «t | 
{cininii^Jfo, i.TAr., to jHit one i^ueC i 
UOlbTd ! 

A^. J'dif o^H, K ILHk *lii](i; pil&IyiuHi 

Aeu«- nt6apAg. cblUi. 
Alfl^- ^Oieiw^ on ilfme^ 

ALIve< toM. Jrirfri'dtunt. i.Lnt.; anjia- 

All- Abiih, adj.; LarnfUirfl. nieliEi J^u- 
E^inpch^, lliiil La nil; J^ I'l e'a, all 

Allovi. Triple, i.vxr.. pniult. 

Almo«l. Atil ankn!- t". Jl m neinly-, 

Aloni- to be- ftiatgoi^^ •naasaigaic ; 

chcgak; tAabirkedtlUDiffilt; all, I, ml. 
Aloudd rtutng^ktt. 3,vAr., to aiW. Iri 
TiolFnt, fnlJAWud ij thfl inliibilivii. 

AlthMgh. Ulvlin^lvaiatbi, 

Alwiy& £araifcrtiKvii; 'liiN; uiuid 

Afharlc«n. Mi:lLkiiiPi. 

Among. aSicilMlvr. iiiiEiE''"' "iEh; mi- 

^Or^HVifDit,- qidliidiltdrt^Jl.,' ImVIIi, t.lQt» 

10 be- 
AiTUHi /.LHJiuytL A.i'.ir., ■IIvtC ji dillil. 
And. Ta, conJii'ncCiiHL ; boI- p<ri; naA-a 

^1, vIgl, mud IlicH; cftoi pai^ Jatjr, Bod 

Apglco'"*' A'^J'inv. 

«iB''pig flail, I.Jnl.L to l>»L "aisong^tia, 
v.iilii.. lo bt witli each aJlicri fli**r?jrjr- 
frf, I^VlIv., lo be an^T^; jHuirnqfc^',, to n«lL«. 
AnllD ballafB. ^Vftr'ni. laoiing Hir'^'l 
uno"* lIlT nvi^J linlirn-xiTi. tnlil to 
IntiHbH nb<rf>'>i4dx -^' fiildll 4h«[l« JLE 

biirL: vml Iroin fni plau. 
Ankla. &4«fr'i:'i>|D'i projntlne bonr dE, 
Anna/-. VJ-n^fnUiJ, 4,*!'.^ I*tlieri mn- 

(onjfJTOit, lial-, Hnn-ii-rJ, In be deaf- 

«lPd T>J nH>i"r, 
Analnt. IdhOHit, Q.TLtr., v^r^t, ?,r.rrr; 

IJffp4lfltDL 4,TlIt., 1c»-|I^H> f-n HILHHpilli n/, 

Animiir. JifaF, □.; itLiror^ft, i*.ii.tF., Id. 
An(. ^xi-, gBH-i aJfltiajnj, large, rfd. 

- VLnr; itaimiti en itE4s>in, sqiiH. Jf^-. 

0Bd^ whll«. 
Anufld /^iKiUliin. 
Anything. i7b£K^ii?. hi pvt 




Appmmr. Jp-pnJJa-l^, l.lnl., iH-o^ oiip**lf. . 
ApoeTIlD-. Vln"irer^, S.iel. Vi l* hungry' 

r,JII1., to t\AVf ¥aV«lLHrUK; iii4ppo^|'. 

Apply, /^uaj' a. 4, , ii/Dta^. ff.vir ;i 
Ivlh ni^aoLne b-1', IeITi ruT^ irii'it . i 
^i^.lr. nn^ purffliv U^ ■nullL^r 

AppoEntF Titlrtric. nepitTfllP, d^ 
V"-W I 

Apparllan. / ott iciUlo. 4,i~n|j'. miBl. | 
ligir^rriuAc, -i^v-.ii^i tUlitr lljirJiT' Hinji , 

ApprahnidHJ. Vo-ajirirwii , pcr-Pdili^. 
ApDrtuch. /Sr<^^it, nl v Ir ; ■uiKujrm ■ 
ff'-. l.inC; iiiHnj^n^D, v.pliL. aihpiriHH-lL 

Arla«n /I at-fHylto, *.ihl..i£'-l up, 
ArrTTi, '/■ir^iTb gtn.i jiipi/^, itpprrj jh^' 
chiriS'i. 3,, tu Tialk Arm In imi 

Armdel. ^bf,i'', 

Armcr. fralit. 

Armpit. Vf''-«r'l 

ArmstralEh. fkOp^i eiiimtl. ^xM..tK 

ArnatlO' A-iiJ-f. 
Ardnntf^ Irl'ii"; vnlH-'f'a. ^i "■pi'^H Inn, 

IhiL oil krilrn. 
AraiJifl anaielf^ ''"ir jun ri^N rtn£ ^ IJnL, 

ArrATiQi. JMd rrursmle, 4,v.rr., pT'pnrpi 

iFJoAmf^, S^ in Uunllri rlimr nr^ 

Arraat. Jpl>^■l>FA-» 4.v,lr.. cfi^h^Ii. lavp. 
Arrive ■!. f'-i r-An»ni. I.inr.; im-\i^mb<r!i. 

lilt: ; birtb -r™^lL;" Fur/ktrfi, flnl^ed. 

Arrcpvr, Pfiltm-'H, rtinc; pa>iTaltfd. Ix»k 

jind ■LiriiTv. 

JMIbIh uud In h'l'ya*. y^lipon. j 
At. finfl. ad], and "oojjidK., Jik^i haibii ;[ 

■i4rr: boitb ailv. [ 

AUBnd. lirnidifiiijdi, LmL; Fit-ii^t, 

1,1 -Er-; nunfiti^fr, I,1q1, ■ liill; ^tom- 1 

^oiTflflt, IJnl., ■ nv«" courHt. 
Aatiamtd, 1o ba. .(iPJiBA^t, I^L^ eid- 

Alh*t- C/fofur, wood, DjH, nf iHiliKnfl tri 

Alb. ir«idl; TrfaJ^t; H^asarHir. nil, 

?.vl''.. come In t-ii, [nr ■oEnctliirjfir ; I 
i7iEnir(,o, EarHiift. A,(,ti, 4k«' 
"In-lk tn") ^ HUii-rHTitHrfa, v.|h1i],, piih:Ii ; 

Dtber, iilnlir-amlii. T.plu., CDe liBlllr. 

Atlaap, te b*, Uafigjus, 3,«r, Lb, DDOtb. 

Mu -Mb [ool Jh asleep." 

Allan hhtdp to bH. Jfarodd^. ■^-('■■■Il' 

lan an) . \ 

at all; Iff km, al tlie fa^lUr vll U| 
ticju^a, at tlirir boiuFi <3 maaehSB; ' 
ri DLRliii fxtuuN, at Hic nme IIdw,I 
ImnirillpilJitf, i 

Altampl, ID. Ilpti.iita, i.ia^ Uj. [ 

AltflFid ta. fiojrri, un^rLillv, reg- 

Aunl, 10 have ■•, /DtN4, in^^lr-; bIkd 
(i~t^r DioJier. 

AuiplcfL ilfy\MSiai. l.lrLE, l.icnn4iilE. 

AulhDrfly. JruMJv., a-nnptl. 

AuvrHflrr vfvda. .1 ifrMfr. — i.a, etb. ur 
ai-tdi, — Icni, IjnE., uaej jn intern^ 
llonm adit tiwd B4 u I'l-rhikl ■uilIlitTy 

A««ne«. f-HT^Ht, a,*.t[., relflialf, par 

AwAkfl. /^Jn-Unffnngt, L,|nl..a,.n,Kf oiK- 

p-flf; fumafanpvta*;. ],iii[.. m I*. 
*if«yb Ailrkacliovfil-. ],|itl-, In I^l 

Uiiradrbainiiit, Mrl., ftd firimij'. 
Ami. Tfi'^t. HiyliiK. iiltflrp |Kiiii|; imiUI, 

pip* HllpBiBT. 

A^. ILflia". fur l\i<a\y "■orki ^I'nnninji, 
"Jtnvl ax"; palfli-fi*, lipnille. 


OtChmlor. f^i'l-afo 

BlDKi arhrJ^. oniiif boilv < Oitdr^^, bai^k' 
tmfir HtE mmn -r aniniali fmrfil. nt llti^ 
li<dcl <hr i\tr\ %ktEi ih? laaJr ' fdjitprf <■[ 
1 (Mi'brr ; fi'f Irqi, prnmlnml fnpm u^-i 
or dla^v; intalnngnk. I.irt. lo look 

B-lckbUa. in rJi irJqiul a£, I jnl., akiLmnir-, 

itir'nrif 'Hit, £,v.Lr., Ilic unip 
B«Ckb4M«b T^^^i^i, prccitln^iil fiiiia atK 

or dliti*i«. 
Bad. -^ ijav^ ; fo jnnp ,- nnq-g qpniiiiJ, anili]- 

ainbl?- n^onao/tii. IJnlr, Us bNnimr; 

irHTpypnp, InapfreJ; Intajm, Rlthy^ 

^'iiio^oi, lorn bibactfo. 
Bigj f'Aolrnb, of cIqiIi ae fbv i.r1ri]h'i 

pum q'Hn jjtrx, labald Blnl ami iilnJ, 
Bagaage. -iu>r. 

Bagv^B. ''2ik'dv, ii|>»[iqr 

Bait, j'apapi 

Balapca. (See D^ar^lanaff t 

Bald^btadad, Potl-a-; fmliisxff^ 

Bill- Tstfaiop; nittal.'m or^Jnopfruii. nl 
L4in»^ raefaiai-an. fiaua^- i-n ^ai'/oi's- 
^t, l,lnt.,lfhplap. 

BAnrbse. Ff^OIh', tai&H "varl^yi ai\6a. 
mnil I , UriPri ^r bucket work ^ ia4H^n, 
laiRf, thin riln-DBl woUfl, Idue HI njn T 
/tifu, Ute^, iLtck Italia, «torl FkIilU; 
5''a, Id ipllt Eor l^i^ln; Jm/h^: mtani^, 
aplitd A>r tfinjf P^^'i' piiJFi^ apllEH 
Edt t^log p«ii«i Etml !■■■« 1>^va VHtd 
brfihivi f-uar. Eulic far idirjln^ ht- 
HHoCed lirlnha, rapHi. or £a«»; lofeng. 
liil>e for B IhHd p JDHit or flsh. 

BaflirkjL fjiaf, am i HLinq, hum ™- 
rL«.yi wi'JVfBip^ bif, aatgular; pow* 

bklH^QDI of. 

B-indagt. faluA 
Bank. 7hE, of a river. 

f.lBl. la Irt bipllHiL 




Barb, Saiii<T?it.'3t eptar. 

■■rk. giptip. of Irm, >^ly; to/, |(J], 

(►irKl. 11. £nmmiHgo a,»., dun. 

B*rllfl. ISMPilliH.^ 

Bill. |Sb"F«l. Fj|!«ii.; 

Hull- Pa\a->gkiiBii. 

M»th:»%i^ A^Lti, for Jia-lhcrij^ iiiajIp^ 

HrrW in lli« hfldi In jfiy Lhj t(i* 

bah, gen. In Ttejoi ru^w, ior OHnv. 

■rLy-flnoJl Aih; r4lOib», foi houw vme-, 

aimpJr, iliflp 1 ^oifniii, liead-lniitrC, dn- 
nE* Willi graw; /ai„r, nf ul 1 ; rHrr^'nii , 

mr uLl I /1ti or l,ufsii, T't HTrylitii 
i?]kldi«iiB Id IIlh: rjiounUlnn; fiiiiin', 

round, eApRiuHnj pidn, flimiw netlf, 
covered i tO^upiCoblHUijfleleBeuiwii ft,"- 

rnofn, douEhlfl banlwL for JpwIbi lio^Thut- 

tpJ, for MTrving- dIrCi iMioff, laT« 
hvket tor flvlilrpj l»Flup, fur KuFlfd 
rim, vtrloiji oUh- ia^wii*, ftir cutting 
anjft,- U^ fflmifiBJiiif, riitau. tlie i 
™«Ki *HTw, lor nMivjnir iJh, ,tf., on | 
tbfl behl; ofroh, for getlierlnji «■■"' ' 
riupp»ralii [hn lieLd^ drcua, iftDrBM^ for I 

Ji('"""'lOp-J»™ ; palattff, ViMlfWn lArt of '• 

tiiftilm-aaHsl. li«ul-lhB*bl. nlthdcL . 

ffTSHH' nfnrf,ibiT«^,tnTl»iv[ft,[ipiHHi'i, 

He, laimchng, ait^iluiTj lo Jlit bu- 
, l»L-,»yHTiii|,J'?r1mi^pOrtaUoiiL latin; 

fufil, >M^aa.n trieacopei rorctp/, amall 

UlfwciK , H.fKi, Ear ih^ltrr from Ihft 

•«l. fiM-y/of/ii^st, anlmfll. 
BllhB. UlBSW2b. IJnl,; hnfia^B,, 

b) iiH for bBthiiw^ an<>it,, ■!.¥. 

Be. ffr, ll'odsffit, l,iR[, 

bKh. J^■l■a, BlnnJ, 

Burfa, A^ft^, iBijpi, olmiaur tDoffalaf; 
*ifO"5,^(ia,i tiinib, blarb«enlH;aiionp. ; 
HlngV t»lh, aLfQKjjAf, Md flB"[«' "la- ■ 
Hilf, ntaJ] filaaiii /ofoita, ukbII niL 
B«ii luntnd ^ itdiHTHHH ani] in [ 
*iiiPip; allaksi. wWM frf psj a,*!.; ] 
ra^B^, whJIf slum I ^lo'kifphi, TrdiTlBli- ' 
avom liriiErB; Miigait'^tt. to Btr\aa^ I 

Se«h. rii^ifaif, H>f briL 

Biam. Fm^bo, ri«flHiip, of iQiif. 

Baana. ^Mn^Un^, rike Lima IxiIdb, but ' 
turn piir|iJcirh«i1iair«[|;yHiialiii^,LnJ^ ' 
Lbnel, not utach EBtrmtHj; /Ofsrons 

/■np, IiaIj^, lirJrAlln^ DvttiM oh pod; I 
ffa&, nedtiraialHH], vhtllah QiBrlEAluDL I 

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Bunch. Hiii'fjinl, .h| Tiiho^ /fiOF, af jn? 

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animal; filklt. trt tlm 1^ 
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under llie Mnrn-^ av/rirl, clilJd on tlip 

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Calling. Loiab, wixubm, 

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Chaap. Nilaka. 
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of, il tonsff-u; maiwie, Brti,- mJi^Mi-, ta Itedi palaJaicflt, 3,v.[r., 
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uotlior, •agtikJ, bUcLl ijI; Aalnd, talJ 

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fild, tiu0oJLHiii,L, ],intn lo b«r a cbild , 

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Chlnaaa. Jhng}"! 
Cnipa. fo nlaha. Ifapsapab, 3,v.It, by 

CKdI«. SeliUl, ^,*.fr, ahnilt tire aeriii 

«fitl^f 3,v.lT, Uia j^aiDV; auauai^ 

?,Vnlrn, HDio4h?r, cEi4ili& nnjl, polalalr, 

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Chnlan. Pkli 
Ohaomu- T^ngflt,^ ailndi P^litk:, 

3,, JDdii. 
Chop dowrtr tfanipiAdit, l.lnl.; fipEofit, 

a,\.-lj.j aijwC, 3, qll pf lin, 
Chopping block. Cttamaitam. 
Chu^n, aimfoMn iJiiA.]. b\iildlngi mi- 

mitaaa; igifMia [bolt tip-]. 'r^pvvioiW 

boi; or orgaQUBUoD , mii^imiaaak, 

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Cigar. ^'naskJiu; lufaioi afOi^; pat- 

thiKli.i.iXr-,aifiariK: nyi^iih atsb. 
ClrfiUfdlH. Stglalat. 2,-\/.tt- 
Clapi En'onpoiof:, TJnI., IteliandaL 
Cl«ap. Tdmir^, A.v4r, 





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ClHn, Apfljwtiiu; i^umaitffr-,' bolli adj.ii 

ndit, IJnr-H In bo cIhd, 
Gl4Ar, Airlirfrit. i.^.ti^ to i^^t h^uL ■ 

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CMmta. ifBioiaktufr, |,iiit„U>biiablciio, 

Clou, raflp^oii, :£ji'.Er,j iiapAipdrii, v.plc.^ 

Ciolh- Af& 

Clfith*. F^1Dhaa£, -^OH^kal^, ft,„ 

lO puE DB clothe; ?Dpk f, clo[|l€«. 

CLaud- h*fao; m^p, olaudv^ ^ndfta^^ 
cl«id> nd vt iunsvt 

(rBck^tnn Infl. rninAn, haur dI. 
CflokreKh. £f itiiC^PJii', 

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Ijni., la Kivn n^ iki^. m the tbFoal; 
fTD^h^, Ki»-] ifllfflp, mid Kfluilipri 
irf'ffjibtriwoijH StIi-j it i" mWi /n-iift, 

C4II- 0^14/ Infjnsj.. 

C4nib- VsJirfffJ. iHtHJn^iy fai.tbe buEr; 
kolcud. Ine^ /nrnn jajPBJf, of a fo*!; 
rkipnicJ.'., io emuli 4W bnir^ 
c4ipiiirit, 3,T.[r, li> nimh tlic Juir 

Corft*. 'If^'f; Mniridb; PhniiiiuiiSiHit:, ' 

Jiai. IIl« same, alJ, l.lnt,] pjjtffpfit, ] 
3.vlFr, cuvielc Doiue In; nioif^u^o^it. I 

a(, from; Mini^f^pt, tn, nFvr- lUDiar | 

E^Niit, DHir; anolaUnk. TMJ*.r-. fu^A- , 
lat, out; o4HMDitaa£, int or Iha 

4jtl«r^ KiiWinv^H quickly; armihftrt, . 

Id ataare, IhbiI; Dia-49a|Miii^7uit, ii^ 

•OMi fHflitanvit, mlhi -niititifi'At. llw ; 

■ame; mh<«biiiiiJi, Utc »ftn«ii ill thnt* ; 

r«ineni, I,Id1-; iPfajfafo, here]; Jto^^ I 

juift, Jait luw. . 

Cammand. Fiiine::, 3,T.ti.i foJortpfiJ 

i|V-ir,i wfl'"'s*i ihiflt, I 

C*nUH'Klinent- ifafriCHULiHtbinjiEaaiirN' : 

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Gprnparrfan. 7Aa. 

Compil. /Wf«Jfro,4,T'.tr|^JlHi,3,, 

I Camplaln. iBrnf^Kuf-ak, I, tat, iflalDU' 

I -nvrpiyrnt, •i,yM., iJrf Hiifj i^ivird- 

Judv^ IJnL, T«>arL Ig pAnn-U^ laud- 

■niAn 4,ff-tr^ the num^i i«<it[ahfto, 

' 4,, ta VUb c^mplainl ajfudnki gii« ; 

tHmaklaBsak. IjnL., Ebr Hiri?. 

a.i-lr-, lo coDiplale; ^oc^ffijoi, IJnt., 
I t[i he. 

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I t<i caiTj IDl 

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Candamn. LuKock, a,i,[r,i Jofo^ir^J, 

I C»nf«r. THivgtl, 3,*.lr. . r'N fu fu ikiju, 
I V.pFu : iimljlitflllllkw, ^.^•\\,^, 

, Canfldanca. ln^ittftii-\liiA. J,iiil.. lu 

CDPiildar rh* iralua. Jiyfn; 

conunia. ^ntfl,, ;^iJejtiHFji, 
Conlricl. ToSMo ; pnL-t\.,„ ! i,.i^i<:,Hl-'^. 

I •,v,tr., Uh i>uii«nii'l fut ; ji^t^j^i^ft, 

I nt|Vlt., [ht uLie 

I Csniraarqrty, Ujroufn^. 

jConvim. C^Confar.) 

jGonvirtad, ilitvtDli. 

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awt; Jbi^iri'r^, 3,vlr, nio ifii4[. 

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unHn rinw Uiat i^ lu ^4- liolEcd, tbj* 

■nd the fa1lHj«jiif;r oiaHie-\ nt ciihIohli. 

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j Lbe bolTom of tht p^ ^ iit/ticAal, 

I 2,v.Jr , Ih» srrape ii'^etpblH with n 
kaiin- irjfaiat. g.-y^tr.. |a pw] nn 
V.^Ftable» will, n \inile; /d-ina, riae 
l.'-rti eoltlea undrt li\e boHonL ifpf or 
apin; UrtvAav. ri*e iwutpd i*|*h rmcli 
water; PAu-npif j * , rlM onoked ivltli Iiji, 
miidi wal^E and (oo |fiiui '"tiptt, 
S.'-lr., lo h™i IntHo^fj lnlo ■ynaJL 
pl«tn i lebtrk. H.'Ar., to '^rv" JidlIIjuf 
Vf|^t*bl»; Iflfet^ . poJiiieJ .^iJct or 

CmU Palagkitaifi-Bppi', Xfi-lr.. To iQik»; 

JrTUHfl4f:f an , pfat^. 

CDep. h'oFoFiy. for eliq^fcrn^, Uinnprt, 

3,Trtr., to put in. 
CopptP, AOf/HT-ig , kalimg. ralor, bp Fb 

any DtMal (reab frnni luinl 01 flrp. 
Copy- H^alifio. 4,vAr.; lu/acitct. J,v,ir. 
Corrip la nii4t0- Lojlrltfh. ^v,It. 
Com. Tjifget. 

Cdtp, ^bl, ladTBn, aiitiui. ooe ^ai of^ 

vpolol, eoh. 
Ca-ner. Boufjo 
Cornat. Jt^Jirf, 

HHt, X,'Xr.. the aainr. 
COBlTy. ?rapjfina, 
Caitan. Eapii. 
Cauncri. KinathaJft. 




^Vltt. laflek. ^.\Xi-: inynpajt, l.inl.; 
WfCbHD njntmj. Dirt paullhLt- Id. 

CevflP. Jfiop, LablrHr^DUi; tr^Upnlt. 2,v.l[. , 

d.i-Lr-, li«d Eur "prntoclloD En»u IIip 
rKiUi ^g^DFiai', kviLb tAwtb; £Rt\iiupa\^ 
l\\e inc; itDUEOnali, with (-ruili, ■'II'.; 
Ilime Ehcm S.v.Ei.: lochonp, cfKErlrjj 
for b«ul oT-^ipte: ^air^E^, □ ; lajigfai., 
f ,, iotr tWe. 

Cr«b- AflitOPnri. 

Cratkfld feet. f^j«K 
Crjwl undflf. E'l'^viEaFi^la' , l.bUt ; TuLn- 

Crfl«Fir ^rj Eo/tpji iiji^oj', 1 ,1 nl ^ ai it ^iiLIJ. 
^v.Er-i llil' niLlnr, 

Grkak4r. ^'^//iJr1^if^. 

CrQakfd- '^'il.i:\f'ti. 2,T.1r., 1aiil4>'*i fU^ 

I Fik'- lE'i'it, ^,^>aEii#, »' \<t\'i\w^i<ii , 

Crop, f'ri'^n"^, qI rliii^kEDn 

Cr'U*- ft-Hlu^.- EiiJ, fywJ i ftLxJpfriiii^tl., 
Jl,i,lr,, ill rriijn b rih^H-r; fiiuhfhairi^iil , 
],iii| , III' niiTdi'] vuv''n4i'i i^dn , rcOAtina 
tA II rivrr, -i'\iitii-li\vk^ In i^l 

Crow. ^HTjiiilig, 

Gvovrdi .LuiotTi fj, at ib«ii; i^n futurfflu, 

dT p«ufi1r. 
Crown. Tci^ rtifiOn of tlie h^ml. 
Crawa, it. Entobitol: 3^., n/n^HT. 
CrucLf^n YJ iip4r j^'i», ], 
Crumfaa. h'vTnjMl, *,>Xi., \wK u^i; 

lofnji. [l'H Brier raliag- 
Crt-umplo- AcH|iifi-iJrft, a.i'.lr. 

C*y- Eiiiifaal-aL-, I.IdIl, bab>'-; alivlai. 

fno'^a^, l,iiLl., vrrp; t^ iiTiwi tat, 
] ,liic., saivfi- 

Culliv-Hlti ^HliiiilsHit, UnT.. illvj tai- 

Cut. AFHfl:, r^^, r*! cut GBrdH, Hj*.iEt, 
3.iXr-, rlc«i <r^totak 1,i.ti., h^lr 
Tery ahurl] vplJ^dj/kiL', Inio Mual rortu ^ 
/trUCfii, liHQ, {6l!alrt. with ah u^ 

ric«, tit-nc^Et, 3,«.lr, meaC, itennj. 

rhgt^ liilr Bqiiare U (Ik^ ti\i'i.lcimalC. 
jiriihllm'H luilr; h o r>hw4a£, fhff part i>r 

iifiaa IhhIj I [hwe Ihr* S,v.[r.i Enipn 
jffr, , up p"UtH) bipsi flia/Of/oI, 
■hIJ., ml by u; mag-^dai, 1 ,iiitr, DJi»€lf 
ii^Ti^lrnUil} ; -imrBipfffajt, l.lnt-, phi 

Iicmli }ivlorfi: uff, llTd»ij(»therln|f «mi- 
71111^ I;; p4r'Jon9r£', dcclhk^ ml/iprl,; 
J^apfut'i i pirh AiiiiiLl plfhb; IIlCBP I}trr4-, J/>PJia.'h4», :t^,. j|. cula^ >/a- 
JpH^t.,, 4,i-lr.s aoriKiB with i\ , Lrile; 
r^pFiiiAi],, aiTciaHqiurrl}, 
Cj-Undrlcar. fnuacjn, d.rAr.n la nalLe- 


tvp- *"i"'' 

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Curly hair. LiAklol'l. 

Ckirry. AimaiarJ^. Sy-li-, K Imri* 

Cunc. .liiTrtdEi, 2,v.Er., Krairtaal^^ i,vlT, 

Eo put ander; intefliiiait, J.liLt., to Fh; 

UTider v HjUr^i 
Cbriant. J aid; itatMnt^mt. 

DAiHi l^'^gd; ?*r<i)}^li, S.i'.tr., rm^^it. 
l.inl.. Hn »[Htpii- river for fldhlnu. 

iinz^atft, Flolcanff fpM»liioii : mamiffiiMt, 
■I'diQ^D iL iMif/av; mdus f i/EniT at, witli 

Siiiun F iHiApfliiTtrat, Id mupani'; t^mr 
mil l.inrr 
Dl.A«l4. Ilciiiiiiika, A,, atahy. 
Di.pdr|ifr. BTr^rtf , riL-cM'.-. 3,Br, lu &■¥& 
Dinger. Kaknogicl. 
Dirhi A7\gip, cloudy; atafulitgrr, jf !■[ 
I ^uFK nfiq^f , it f;tavfj punat-ifl. KW 
•Milne tnpre ihr?'' 3,a. i ffvipLl'rJp; in- 
S^lil. Initli dark mJcnvedi mff n up l^n^, 
JarWnc^ ^Idrri^, it. -iniri kHi ilya. 
, Daih daMTFk. Ifaafatko. -<,vlr ; v^^ 
nUArt Oi 4,T.l.r. 

Da-wnx tfdfouiJh, fi-ly\ rwapaifl, 1,*.; 

I Oajf. Xitrii; 'aland, b^ttire dsyNffbt; 
r vlra/lpls Iff iiff , aEI»r to-maTro* -. iaJta- 

^dJEii iToi^aj^ afUr tu- out nnm .; idimr- 

OauI*- flvnili, 3,»., it daEElei, maai- 
liaSe, I Jut, U b^Jud^i Pirdt^Urfq- 
iHit, l.liiL.,tDlie dudedb^brEi^litrmit 

Dtid- ?rpiitafdi| the^ j;aniiiri a daiilJj 

HilW; pb^mir'di, EataF. 

IJDl., (o bei malong^sab. f jat, lu b" 
dnEmvd b^ nwee. 

Dibar. Tniitabt, >,T,tr., (i>; mHri,i^i<^, 

Dabl. KtikaiMl, due }■□■□ Hj(b«n baml. 

due t(H uthera. 
Debtor. Vdh £p>wiEiMVJ; Plan naTtpatcaf, 




Daaay. ChitnolmiD, 3,, tn ailov to-, 
mabiiili. iffmjti veotlAbEHj etc. ^ 

'naiJiU'ol, pairfT, (liftb, vttai. elf.; 
■mmjipiiffipa™, toeth. 
Dhp -Hilar. AJaOntim. 

Pflr«na«. iDHniAdfc, S.T.Ln, lo itn^t; 
aalatak, 2,^ nukQ an in cnsurt; 

Pvlllli Chi^^agolpk. 3,v.Tf. 
Dify. Za^bt. 2,, Ilkff Hwnv. 
Ehjictlan- ^iKBtf. 

Dany, J«ufib>, 4, 

DarJaloflH t-rjr ef. d«pnr 

■jMadEffA^; til l.lnL (?«« Cama dawn 
CHijPB to, BiOftftmo^k, 1,IdL, k ri*€r 

Onon plica. &E^llll0; /a^OAE at maid , 
Eajrotuoq, rqfiDD i4-||1>gat DabllatldQa. ' 

-K'lijU^iiiut, S,r,lr., irriMtly, 
Dealray. Fotnmei;. 3,T.Cr.: pnllty^, < 
^, Id LtHI; maiippiii^tiilb, v.ptu, ' 

IieIiI, (ivarounie, ilflinslatt. 
Devoi«, TAv±. 3,t,tr, I 

DIarrIm, 1o hav*. K-iujv^ii,t, IJjh . I 

Dfa. irBraiii.1, fp:fii.i4at, |,iiic, ! 

Dinituir. ii^iiiMii wniihsti atntcigtrK. ■ 

Dlfllcbilty, Sikab; Unalup- tatyd; PMf^r-- " 
*uS; dHlifivJaA:. 1^101., Fd Ih Inj fbli 
■ral«it, 3,v.|r„ Idiwik^ 

dJt^b ffn.tHii±a4afij Mat, I3ie gipuiHlH 
laltoiEt, 3, , Ihni flaoLe, I^smrjahrit, I 
a,y.Lr., ithul« Id the grniuiiii mHit/ilat. j 
l,iDt^ *I*i1b Ipt a pi^; tafJ^Hft, l, , 
Duti Aihaahri, ],]nt.H Lba H-mrr 

Dhm. «iuaaiii9. i 

Dip. ffnppcfr^, 4,v,ti.; taocHtft, .<ilJi | 
►aod M IviBB spoon |vr pjg^ f«jj , 
kiwffhfk^ ■^itli a cupj tapvmmlc. vlth- 
1"gc »HDB 1ac9 TADDngl , all 3,F,tr. i 

DlM4r- >^iv, nudeafgiHird. 

Dinct. .RnmEAIbf, 

C^'racllBit. Tdiia. 

DIriOtly. /uHOHiehaHifl; dJiHikriToAam- 
osl', r^al.. Id go. 

Olrl, l7UiiffrU; fl«o, In Llm hBlr, *o- 
ehoitii'irf, baaVtt; tulmcti-ug, i.uij|iazT 

to bftt-« tbv iDDuLb dJtE; alltr edribB' 

B'ritfcAfpijii-rei^, j,,i w muliB dirty 

DIaagpaubl*. i^vri^n, to naliD mi^ 

Dlkappaarlng. kfHjoniu, erawd, 
DJnppolnlad. E^tlcoiuKgmi: i,liit, lo 
i»i iaamvAiii, l.iat, la leok. 

Dtaappravfl. I.avmity 3,\.|rr 
DlMOrtifart. PiiHitifrfl;^ a,»,tr, to MUMi, 
DlacauraflBd- {f«« nJUppalntedJ 
DiaouH. Tutujrii, {Sw Garffr.) 
Diaaaak. tfnC^ 

Dlaeun F^u:^. iEidlg«ij,ni^ "imatli 
IrMiblrj /oipni, cached |«t^ ^tt „. 

, wait afMk. Jsvtr; t»Jtf, r^ lite ,l,e 

I Ptfhii kolid, Wdhi Satffmg; anM-sore 

I fr e«Jiw la Uie DfloiiUk; Hianpif-Jt, 

I l.ini-, to ha^t Blomacb jicIm frnni 

, Id IIlij: eye. ^ 

Oligutted, Haiilif^h. »,!»*., *iUi, bt 

l«, WHupftpat, l.lnt., with fnn^d /nnn 

iDlBBUItIng, Jfa£Di«ii/aitj4rio. 

, Diamr«, i'abaanix. i,vAr . hqiI flnj 

I DiaDJ-dflj-ly, Jif P itJtrneh^QJi?, 
DiapanHry. nip?;nji,' aa^aq. 
DIapreurd. /haPFoofat, ],LiL[, lo loot 
Diaputt, lo. JfPjQ^owfii, y.plfl. {Sd 
! Confer.) 

Qiaaalva. A-^iek-.i.i.lw. 
I Dtatancfl. JTiTarfcAoiHfL 
, DPHraam Krbrt. 
[llttrJfaijtfl. /rto f If fljli", iii*H", piihpor- 
linraateli; i to* c^eif jio, anyihlng I'li^ i 
iirnbuJro, iBnil fortli In diiff^Mt Jj 
r&]liH>ii«; itsalalk'f, o*er Mqntderubfi- 
Jifttj nil 4|^.lr. 

Ditoh, TViiaUab, trJot. Ffir ErrigBlioa. 

■ DItfJda. Vltalslcew,. rJ-amn-tH, 3,y.ti.. 
v.irr, '*alflr of itri^tjoa JltdL; taif- 
wdeA', into (wo paKu; fPiKJiflel, Ttj 
riiiEllrff or Uariai^ lultn uroal loirL.; 
rlhaii.rit, Jtooili. tfrjiially: lipano'll; iiy 
flpriUirjg; Qiupj-oari-, mnrlr iLJvlHldn, 
tl««fl a«i: 3, 

Diuy. a-VH^ood; ti\tiiili-rr%igak, JJirt_ 

To be. 
Do. .iiffnek, 3,-,Ij-,i jjjui-it, 3,v.[r.^ 

vdldanpimatH l,ijrC, lo ba irhle idj 

DtadippUltd, (nlj. jci nan; ^^.t, 

2, aDnT in[, 

DbgIot. Jfri/cAiibD, Df jilckIIhIdp 

r^odfla. ft*iintu,4,v.(r. ■Qiis^ilt 
Don«. ¥-angkal. Jlntflhed, &I] j^ime, 
DDar. ^ufi, /a^l, liU[E.iin; ^a^jfiu, iig- 
'■fino'i, a^siisii, ITieie ili re-. opMiirii ur 
*>Hirwaji i),}ai-. 2,T.tr_ lo utiut; /sprF- 
tak.i,v.iT.. thKtaiawi •hk'^iiKi; I.T.Ir., 
Id llul. 

Daublo. Jlaapiiki rnnspHi,- Lolli jneaa- 

Ing al»o "lfflnft'-| nuntr.'CT, doul-ipL; 

timoM^ bttifrkeb lor mFrkrH, 
Daubl. tSncAN-afJ^Kast, Ijnl. 
DdvB. Paula. 



TOOAan^BY ftr the matov languagio 

Down. fj^Ndtna/ ^,tHJ,LluTEi'vrlr(KD 

puunei Blll^lnl.; pi,E;.rfra/«J^, :^ v.Cr-, ro 

l*V •» pul, 
Dragon. 'f-iE4, iawin hfuIc* 
Dragon fljr. ^'iPi^l^Hin, gen., ra£|Hiffi|, 

Drbn. KbjfhcAritr alepalfl'; pau^Jsint, 
piLlI OUtn ■]! M,r,lr, 

Dnimd Jitay ; iilaitfb, 3-T-tr-, tft < 

of; tiiirar,at. I.lhI,, to divdib 
DraCi. I Sft O'rditfO 

brlfld. .VmujtrdSftlflu, Blllip (IrL-i tino- 

j^nii^, ItulTalo iriMl. 
DrIPk.lB. rniibihfft, l,fDt:.| iltKir-ii'.L. 

pfiflhiTiB cup. /nina-m-^fii nitinnmon, 

Drip. Anr-iur^, 3, to cjLIiip Io; 
(IFUtlJV *llfir/fid ,- boCll a I., "il drIpL" 
Drlv«. hiJii.I'HTt', pji-, miM^s patiriioE.t, 
awafi rH»tl1tf^. han^i ill 3,| ("fni- 
JjTHiitg, 4.VJP., LlWi,>, u ill ImUle, 
rJr/nirrJ, JniMr., BABy anlnDAl^ 
Driulci. \l. LnanrltSiy, 

Drop, te. /iiE9,fPuijoib, IjnI., rlfJul'J,, fliii5^tKl,3,y(r. ■ 

Dropij'. Fviol. 

Drought, Olfm; -tnokaigvH, J.jnI., di 
nn ITrr fumi. 

Drawn. ilaoHV/Urt, l^fDl] annr'j-l, 
^V^tT^ , 

DroMifr- ilHomlvi:^.^lo bfl. 

Oram. T^wfut; pallonp, ■liflt; jtppto- , 
ki-A: S, upoD. , 

Urunk. £pi/4rriipal:, I.Erir , ki^I; iuiJv 
fFHjffdt, |,Li>t., b> l>«! futnt^ek, s.'f.irr. ' 
■□ niakrr I 

Dry. Hafwiiaa. -■i];wlj HuniJi^it^Tr, i 
after Iwing m«.i tmjnicfc, to 
drj ; Atiai/ '^hakic-. lw[li "<irv sfcadiu" 

Duck, I-atf; <nUlFpaL\ iJiV-. W dattr .' 
Undrr tliB wntflr, ' 

Puda. ArtuAoffD^iiQi-, jjnr., Ta t« a. 
Dull. OpOiAek, a.''li-, "O cjBlLr; moopid, 1 
. ddllpd, 

Dumtjn V^H^HI^'' 

DuuBl Talrli. 

DkAt. r^pujf 

Dullfli. T^Auii^iia. 

Dwirf. Vt-iOffng. 

Oft- l^l'g^lll^t. 3,?.lr, n ■Urfc mlor ; 


EnFr Noircnp^ rf'^^, hoi' In Cha; *u>i-ip, 

Emr'y. 7< ifJll^ In thr hh-tpitie, v^rj. 

Earn. Ijrgfiiaie, i.vtr. 

Earth, l.nla- 

Eanhquakf. \aica. 

EallaTi Jfa^fflofantii. 

Eaat. >'HiJnriq «■ o^b. 

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hill; J-^rn, ol-Jniiloq Df n^UU^J 
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EAcrfln«n1, Tai^ iakl^i. 

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Faut. PJ'fB.'c*ii™jiio;r*lljriJHMJt|r,liil., 

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Faint. Maiayu'Aa.Hgak,,, Tro™ 

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tkf leka^d^i All tli[«*, uuK to falln 
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vl|«l flue iBllfl, l^kaA, . Btnll EoEl aE 
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FlMirjr. eqpaH/aCait, JJnl. 

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Fir, l^EkLvci^- adaJatiiia}i, mdatlchaiei- 
m. a r^r ur 'UetuLL pla«i paa^iiia- 1 
uicAp a,T.Lr„ l« ninw Id «r far a*!!. I 
Famrtll. Vokoiaaka. | 

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r->oiife I,j|i1.; ipaka^aiufh, e,*rtr., 

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man^Mi, l.ljit., ^4^- ifl/„t, pin-; 
ra^iinal:, a, thild, tu rcdT; ipj/oehilM 
ha.\ni «lbbDU]r>«lit; mrj^ifjcUiif, cLlgL- 
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r-^ai'/iitedat, J.jnk, lo plav «.[ m-hiii^r. 

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fumi eo^^r oaih; /afini, foe M]»r, a 
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haodlej pauitndlaji, lor Ioii-h? i:nii of 
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aiP**; HOpiUinaAft, l,JIII,, t-1 lijivp; 
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riala, lototk, 3,T.-lr^ lo pvond out 
bull for. 

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UTiMpoa, ILrtietli. 

Fight. OnHjiib. A,v,lr,» s^&liul; sno- 
ponfla, T.pla., IJk AODle; JlltlJfL^b>/11dl 
™t, IpkiLl, wili In rfik flflbti <Fl/fl' 
■iibnrira^u, T^pJu., Id niinibcn^ iit^ii- 
Oip'a, T.^ilu-i Kith HtickHj /oiiiimr, 
£»(U^; nflOriloLol, I ,E nt. nltb Bati. 



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pa'^alak. l.y.tir, All or olpp a leu^ 
^lAjiQJiat, LpJDl, Lu iH Gllnl, Hllalflj. 

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•ii\aitap, ajWtr, lir. infl JiitiTH; uf am- 
^c4. Id f nd by HdrehlD^ f^r, 

Finger, I^ch^iig; ikiiins, Ihlle, harm 
or JtaiEOffn, uEiJiiro; ptivtgai'pli. 3.-B.fc- 
tOlBiUaH by flo^r blr^^lt. 

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anW.lT.j qroft^Adi, 1kiiUh«l: *di!/iio«i1h , 
llniRljJrg; '<ar Jt^^fro , 1,H.«r. 

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fni-fiifkapsrl'. lu pii.t'' tium 
L-i|1; ri^Jil'aii, plai:* fi^r roiikiiifr: 
ji Ni rr-hiiHTHi, ^Hhr wvEiiiingi /^njiata'ciS, 
irte, iNHOna, hrnol; FJiffnjainot, Ijiiit., 

qaiQ''; i^tiiian^siii, ttmw ■« nak^i aoJ.'. ' 

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r.inl., lu b^H "JiiiidHpF<1'f«^h 'hill . ' 

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P^li -^llli H hootd i£an, fain* ll-.h, 

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rlii\rrk, 3,, to ttUL larhif or 
tilf^ny, jirnEkLI hit mpdiuDt-olrfHl R'(\, aav 

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a>rL lM takad. kalrird. ■ nnall faLI u{ ' 
^luttr fat i]iT,'liLii^ fl^lii tfljM^fc, v*T\' I 
-mail JLnh, kotog. Bfhing lAskn tur ' 
hrj-T IlaIli ^iferig, minliiini-ilEHl BiIl; ' 
pji r> DiCHJ^nrri'ral , ii> cflicb h'^ ^%\i x\th 

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Hir tilp)ig aiiy day; maii)raterdii(', lu 

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rrjntj/o/uui-, I" lalcN lilmg w»h trap, 
nmnOOfifiMi.', la itW^t toiiiJL O^li wilK , 
Itniik: ^attrdifjk-, Id H'Alr-h AkIl <i|lJi b 
iwl^ llicMA i^iiiliL LiLElI., oeka. buLct 

tTnp f'hT rialit; or-iMtaXt. S.TXt.. [O 

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L-dlrli Ji^g •lilt trap, olcar, OtUiag 
tiitikrL Tni JiBirill ILnhj oiUoalt, ^, 
lanntob <uiibLI AkIl wlib lnxAcr iTap^ 
fFeh'?''i Hdli nat^ «ii-JL«hfL, 3.T.1r, to 
mlH^^L hflli mtb nat. 
Flfthermjin. inmUlchotan ; apiiHuii>Aa- 

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boalo, G huFaioi; loim. acenlATa' 

pl«e, [ 

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Flam*. Fiii\arip, vt Sre. 


FItt. M arMafchainff ^ ckapiitt. 3,, 
■□ Rialia fial by prasdlng oi rQl1iE]g> 
9^., brud. 

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' FiJHi Tiomiimo. i.a., bldli 

FJJmiy. ATi^nitrni^, 

Fllnl. Chumottm 

r\tmt. Iflabr 'i^uff<lt.i.l|\l.,^^^lha'llal■eI^ 

Fl4»r. I'Unbi etSia, ai tIit- l'>[t. 
, FlAUr. AUni., n] wJiMt. 

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iaaul, l.lni^ to gallk^r llainh, 

Flinh rad. t^liamiKflat:, l,inC 

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}Ulrj^4rr,t, 3,^.It.» a lr|t«, 

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Fag. Aiingann. 
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ai-ni> l<h kwp Harm; ikolpil. i-, 
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prrpp^illnn ijna* nt hUIi ten; tti/'c)- 

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Foothald. InMlkadat^ J-mlr, h»liBV&£. 

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hipliiAb, iQr EasbiQG€, Ea oiup, f<hE I|l4' 
FortaU. JHIMt. a,W.l,,; feKa, a foo- 

Ffim. f£eE Cornel.) 

Fercibia. Ei^aai^Hok. l.taX-.ta bt. 
r^ra- S-oJrIattffaii,- hi^tllfnmfat, l.lnl., 

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Foramin. if Ufeu; tfaiaa. 
FDrari. Pagpag. 
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Farpc. |lfHxjp4t,a,;Eqo|Hiopid-, I.IdI, 
Fergat. ifolldhw^aL ; lOHHSfiiHt; ua- 

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FDraJtra. PoJtoHPViSt, S.tIt. 

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Fartbth. Slalbipalp^. 
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Fauri Epal; nihapoE, fui'TJii •natg- 

mat, llstH. 
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rrmsturm. Omr, vplinten. 
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FrtBn Loiwf^uaii, I, Int., tat ft pflf^f 

Fnfeh. Inlatffk^gj kabtatmla, lr»til; 
laid I li^iltngap, ^M^l^r 

FPlendb LiKii; kai^n-j -alirti^to, i,ya , 

Frightan. OgoffinlKK S.yir.'. MFiffi-o*- 

Fringt fsai, ti of rMibd). i 

Frofl. Faifatj paUrt^np, ^mpH. 
Fram. Holpo; tialfuak, '|lnt-, to raiuri I 
•Hifapo ad^P^lBl, b^Docforlb; fihtffiia, I 

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Fr4h1 of. Sat^iffylc. 3,, lo In in. i 

Fi-Dlh. OAdA. 

fruK. Fsttu; ptakaicaii; iayu/ima, 

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■iii^siij grap€ ffjilt- laugia, |»rrqjr ' 
IliiiE: Ivfumaav. ^Bf« fruity mhiih^oj, ' 
adj„ frulE hmringj maniitoia n, llnie 
al UmH Ixwrln^. ' 

Fry. Sutl^,!', E,, in htJ. 

riilil. Totaiek. aj.Er. 

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^dii, in fill! LnEj.; ilounp?; ilntoair^, | 
boLb, hUD^. I 

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FaniHi. Boi-iit. : 

Fvrnlihp Poitti; 2,, uou^. 

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13at-| Ld fp EurShcr avaj-, mqc^uh- ' 
tliaiiiat, l.Snl-, to- Iw fuElhcir olT. 

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bed; taiano. nth. 
Qiriand. B«k^ df lOiruri, 
Oarlie. FaiE'M-^g. 

OJtap. E*iiaatatenali. Ijnt. 

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v civp; all S.VlLtl; InlHltmL. IJtit,, ' 
a i;cH]p; nrtrqup^k'xk, I, int., JTom'ns; 
il^rnlHl, 3,i.|r-,fvnu[ijrlmN: wana- 
top, tuf ^ther^; e4a«aiaqHr, T..ddi., 

0«A>raua. fna'alMiit, l.lnt.. In be 

QanlJlH. TaliuaiialaJ^hoKi. 

Oct. Alark, 3.v-tj.-. UNHiIaalc, I,[ii1. ^ 
iituLiiibii, i^, out of nnnJ for; kn- 
nqflmiit. l.lnt.. tli€ Bui»i JlaKdU^iloi, 
4,t.ITh Up; ^rai[«Aii[rk, 3,, oause 
to pil np, i.MiJiaftHi*iiflE, IJnt,, uralMi 
int<,Laibe wftf or llgbl of. 

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aingrr. Ld^. 

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of brBldrnl gioiBi Biiffkblan^ of 
braided cords; uatoH, hhE np^'m b^rbL 

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4,| «rro^4t.,, bark; CFUBitu; 
ja'T, kvVi. "sLye luej" pflflupucii, iilhJc^ icafHflf'o, 4|Vlr_ linnd 
to, ■fcAsjfiiii.Ia, l>.tr. Ai priTserl. 

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iTdiddihT, *,< on snuninl of, Ei, b>; 
■Ibid Iff ra iivrtlin, g-lnd Ihat ^ju 

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algbo. JfaZirriNiiro 

tUqarriL ImnJ, dpJHtlon. 

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O-niW. YfiAn^/dlf, ?,y,tr. 

quwillji inla^litk. to another Icaik; 
n^tdfAdlflldt, ilIrrH^lly. withoub Je,. 
iBfi Mofnraraudt, ji IHcte Eurtlier; all 

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Eban; Hiint, v.def., used ^Rpr- 
clallv'^lcb Enlfno^l LTsa ^ tab t' iri"ii', 
I ^ r^jn ; fain'E vu'Hi. vh^li; fa if 
■rursi, br; aai^rtn^ et . aat^ka^i 
UJItbri, pi; ^-cimc^q^h, l.inE., detLiVKH 
a1re*in; irjUlTt, 3,v.1t., i}rdliiil ' in- 
^itniiDdrjA^,^ uround, tmvei 
alwut, 6ikai anfd; audotb; i?iifa^i>; 
lioppEHtico [onna of ''wo lii»»j ^'' 
iiKiDist, nAdj; h^iasnak, &n>ji 
umndu^ ni 'fit, a*af rnrther] clL4-4r 

miur Eo pih lir awiiji n aronihlat, 
bebiDd, falidv ^ mnngiidluiAiit, ilDL^-nr 
pMi^fmiiak. tlie aame; ini^^k. 
dawqhill; nan^oTaoait, dfiwn aIobu b 
rlFtr Hhurrt; -mnnipia^, honi*, aaiija- 
mrk. rauee tci jto Dnmiei JuQ.ffit, Inj 
tbUb^igbl IJnt., paioBi^ep^. S.*.tc^ 
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Indigo. Tipii 

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Induce, fi'lfi/i/ik. 2, 

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jot, i,iifi., lobe- E,i.^r<, intj,) Lo^aiLt: 

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betcle,, diljls; ftito, imall 

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trirfi, li*:H3li"igi i-lton^aH, dliffvn fly, 

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tpitar£«[vt. ^anJffl', !?.i.-|f„ t\^ Vi^ii oT, 

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Ixhrppot. /jL^f^fei. ^.I'.iE , i\rrc'lriio- 

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falo. I, ml., lobe Id Ibi^njiv ; i-MiAflnJ,, 

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Jv4aV- ^^'x '>V<^i; pli^'t, 3,vlT, la. 
Jumpn dpch™.^cl,3,Tnlr.; ■"landaA, upi 
■Piagi^JLa r jfdt^ ari^Hi; fq^dbfLilal' , on > 
lereJ, imfaiigat. dtP'-a ; jilJ I,iaL 
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innn Jor nialclnjE .liiiTH]r>i l*d»i J(<iia|rJ, 
nuaU-i; i;iiilit£i, mkluit H>f with 
nee; ioirt-tiF, hrtLnL; hiIoIk. lariej 
jtrfnti, ni uutsErlfi. n'liJlq insliie^ 
jid^rn^, rcni lnalde, Juiap, r^ ; linti- 
jiclf. lu i^t ln[D uibIL piH«.^ tvt; 

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f^uFiltA durirg; c^auLia, pl^ Tea^t. 

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vuinrn vt: ma<isags<igak, IJnt, Ixi 
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frunl of liDii™,- nurfp/K, plj; tMBtj 
^riijHjii, porliun i.i fa^ui (ht ^□■oaeaveJ 
frum Hni« kai-fian tt awMbei. 

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UMn^^ fifnytaiirlc, l.iBl, la li«M kccp^Fn 

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or MLGrlllrr; l\tffvi-itZo 4,| H\.e 
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vttli the Jhurib imll; ipirrai/ij, 4,, 

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ptrJf. I, Int., lo 4'aTtl In, » nens. I 

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women and chlliErcn, nuirjbi, wbJch 
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jriflf iniJ^-Birty, larj^er ; iiarh'''icf\ali:- 
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Lata. Jf^fliipji', 

Laugh. JfuDrm^^-, l.lm^; tjin'rAmit. 


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'iftng. leaf eup; ffh'- leaf nistLiirc; 

liau^J;. tlie flams; l/aimHN, l,*,ic., (0 

■read in Imf JtuTiure. 
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l-«4p. JpflTciffJijutH iiJul-i liifW. ^ 

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miak. l.lnt. I0 0II imIeK EIi' |fF< «. 




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Lka. lo hunlarkllJ-KiuJtfliJraJr, I.mL. 

in anr''^ i>ni lirtd; 'iiilnt. S.VrErr, Ha 
Vztin:; ^knluai. ?^l'.lr-, in the h'tuL hiE 

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an precdljag ; pivfrt, A,„ Id Lrll 
with E>i0 [huiEjb Dsil. 
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tliE blJd; viWihl^u^it, nn tlw Iuca; 
c iu-^i]«Vn.t, Hii] tlH luc^k; all r,int. 

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LJgKl. JpiiP. name oF lipfhlHl lamp dv 
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talakak, E,r,(r., Uk "Unr; apapavai. 
adj.. ]l|{3kE of tlw tarn (hanaduaL, 3,«., 
It Kroua ll|^tlj lat^lanpata. S-a.. It 
IJKEila up, apixiak. i, la llifbl ■ 
Inikp; cnpinkiak. I, Int. .to li^lit, Blrlht 
AMtli^^; pd^ud^, J,«.ii., !h» Ibiow 

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Limp. Ew'ii\fiU<fiak, IJnI., be lamr ; 
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a ii'aiif. v Ijllle vblla ft£u, itiim^. 

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Ijnt, to be livioe; iHit,, to livcj 
td rHi£iid>, ?;,[ jjl., ^ ■am' ■ nt^fnt^ti^^ , 
S,lnl., tlia H&inaj pai^gmpu. 1Iw(d^ rUt- 

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loft, ^'d&t, fnn pA^k, 
Log. J«K9fia, BMtLaD of, Ibixop, alEilc, 
Lain el4T>i. UUnanvro, Hbitr. frooLEar- 

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r?di vE balk; usmOr, gta.i n^%n*m, 

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^or woiDm; ii/iil. For i/aniaQ^ fur men. 
•H# Leirt ololh. 

tolltF. tmdiUiif^iit, l.^nl. 

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narmw; 'Mrnf m^/iD hjTO, lDit|i-«l4iniKil , 
jnlir, ^Hn liCHn |iiixE dT tv H:nv4c. 
■v-MfHr^ak. lj.aT,H[n IjLb'ii IdUb timi'- 

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So^, luck; iiHunHdoit, crot*; iHiif^ 
flmn^ak. rlnHfii iftoii"!. nUl Eori «■ 
lap^ak, ayvtri: S:!! I.lit.; ito't, 
aE, vlall; i/Ltafi^, fchT, et:|ie^l| onaptk, 
1[>ul[ fdr, »«aTH]!i lor ; Hgimfrii'eli, uadtr ^ 
tbrsv lour 3LV.Ir. ; Oi, de, look here I i 
Japffrl, fl,v,|r,. foTr 

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Lei4. ripe 
LoM. ChirNfjdU'it, 3,'1r.^ vddpd^it, [mia 

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Loudly- raangiM^t. a,T,ir,. to Hp«k. 
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Lbvt. Ataliipiu. sbklloH'^ ^(jTw^rl, 

3,7, Ir., Ihj lEiak" l"i", Uimr r. 

Luncheon. J'Helai. dall^i rArAdan, lun 
dHDH tlnia; «Fi\jet, in iJia Held dr dn 
tin Trait; larriir. o^ nvt E&krn liLtik 
(hr Kirk drld 

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hlagHt. Filif. 

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Halia. Piti. 

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I.Enl ' amfdl&uJi, IJat., bp^ifc; itaAf*^ 
^alivt, naiB'. tbsH thivr 3,; 

lali^. maker, enlahaak. I,tiit., tv ba 

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Mallal. Polo. 
Maltrut. ylmibrA. 





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Mintlaii. ran. 

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m*t,- iMkbi,- la mmfKl i , tjiAt.. it, nu- 

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■4ih; odiKJiinHis IImhbm; cAuleLin I 
IciMmg. big, laiw; Koar, how anyl . 

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BlVrh; inaJoiiaiej E,v,tr., thfl un»] ^A- 
hioifc, ?,*.tr., iB^e <l*rHintt*e muki, 


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twialf.flvi bUAlKI of f^Ui; leJa, 
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laptwrt, M.tP-, t*.. titt. 
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liltiHirHatB. ir*i>Hi^i«>. i.inLi /oJ*. 
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middle ctl; imart Ittt^n. a\e luuti 
■mah pnUdbl, tEieucu; rjq MiLa i«ul;, 
I^dC, to Jh In Ibfl iDL^dle of; f^katr^- 

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HlavT. A^fMl^t. 
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Milt. AHmgatiu 
HIttaka. Mataiuanah. ],ijil. 
MJ", Kmtlantjak, 2.y.ts.; iltaiiangttt, ikmluiko, 
PNoek. Am^mb. llAS^^ii. 

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itfuro. X,L, it lu naiti iFidd4Hddi, S,d-, 
the BHie; ams—Sd. prMcrilv HadMM, 
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move abuiiE Ak HhIl- Illicit, S.v.crr, 
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phi] forlh, nave. 
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Nat Jon. Cj iif4 -^id*'. 
NAVtl. J^iA>hU. 
haar. Anf^^i: ir'nTag^ hj ; riiffiiAa ~' II ,' at- 

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aiitnj Jl 74alii. jihtJj demd, JtanitHiiii 

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■ouj^k for, jObkCura. Moaamor. 

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hidli. L/OUUm oF 'iiiu. 
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hewn, dathag; tHfK^mafali, I, Lot., 

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■Ebr 4«flDliiB m?at ; linloflai^ odl'. tli^ 
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Ainmpui?, rinrilrch^ navpnv- nin^lj. 

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Ned' V-^p^Bdai, i.iit. 
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the tDSnilLve^ igaialc. eH- I did dot, 
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vsblhi 1^ ^irtii, not Bii'bHi T'^a^, 
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orfrit a iKPijjpi«nj, not UDdprsloihli mii 
awntng^nmg, t^ Hama. 
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NaiHlng. VaiJ, with vetb, 
Ndw- J'trfflni^ idjniiif 

Numb. l/afS^JdgaL. l,iM. 
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ai « pJp* or piUtr with dirt. 



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Oflpringr ^nmndtd^, Ijnl.^ ta l«&r 

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Utkti, olifor; nm^afi, old forapund 
wia anUJier; nm^Eiri^ai, n litlte 

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Alti'piDj plaw far k^eIl 

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pain froti. 
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OvvForwrn. MoAtrhia^. with wwda. 
DvintHp, J#a^Jd>/diia£, t.-mt 
Ov«rturn- 7r«taii0ita, 4,^ 
0*f. Jtnep, 
Own, CJtorfhi, Added <□ nrdtimij pcn- 

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PjltSlDClc. AoBplorliD. 

to HUf^r from; tfifinl/i/i, 3,^,, II Ia 

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liagaiiai. ■»■□ liulidi«ltt; Hi^obnm- 
cha amiii^ oat IidimIi ot paS^i tv^i 
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Emth; nfaiiH', OMiiavDas *aia. JQ^ 

T*AI1. r-JtHiwJl, l,T.b- 

Tandan. Hai, 

TBitimant. Fob^, 

TkttloIU' /VIA. 

Tithar. rttai^lko, 4,'lr. 

*han. Vo. 

Thuiki. JndBiaitaJ', I,pdJ„ to give 

Thjit. jVv,ilHri; uiink#; vffuau; 

— cHJ, ■■ a ouffli ; Ib. In omler Ibali 

la ofiipi Ike nme. 
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ThtM, CTUvLo. 

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Thtn, loo, nar bj; CMh, M m ii»- 

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Dol, iroda, ifaflr« Ed^ fhUui'i, ttera 

W ia, Bt v tll«tuDV. 
Tharafara. Seehmj al. 
ThtH. ytnucJIa. ' ' 

Thay. ehaldia; uaJvri nmO, Uwy «, 
Thick, J-HHAhJidr. bol ti((q, . ^ 

Ttilaf. A<fiunn,Hir slWtnn. 
Thlflh, Oh. 
Ttlitk. Jj-W, ikDl tbkli- ..ajfUf. 

l«.Di Piu/liliiliif, l,hiT-, Ui iHj im/ra- 

Thiiai Ktiwi. 

Think. SUimirlc 3,, ti-ttr^ l,Vslrr, 

*ika-, I tbink It la fOQ; niniHDiitD, 

ThJi4. Mtliolls. 
Thinly. Jrachnift, l^at, b) &0. 
ThlfUtrtU jraOa^JimpDn 
Thirty. Tolompm. 
Tnii. ^dnoiy faJxKJHL IhlB id mfc 
THorapi, Fo'a, 

Them. tHUiflt. pUA; ^w^hp*, h^ U*- 
"■tup t™»; P""*'.' pas';*'"*. S-'-tTn; 

ThBB«> foBvia; pffnloHoka: IhmiUIh 
Thw- ^b. 




ThQiMht. 7h^-i>.K{M; timBiwM; hvmk m 
Theubnri. ItMUfu. 

Xhnt. Tola. 

Thn«h, famHorb. 3,v,lr- rfaw, 

TfaruL. Ahkt^ag, 

TIkraBi. />fteUd/ahibi, A,ik^ onttiiitdi- 

TfMflttla. 5fft^f,t, a,¥.tT, 
Th M g ^i (» goi LiiH/ufHEit, I.IdI. 
Thi>4Wi KfaHito; t/Hfloiifiv, dow-n; uip- 
DkrJcito, daib iMwdi 4/si/uke» I'far 

h nail; all A,tir.-, ginjnerk, h)«t<V 
lirto > holfp ^q/ouJ', ■ Hpnr mt-. both 
ThfUlt- Ptiai^taaitk, avaj; 
^■ihJpJ, 3,V,lr„ kI wiLb ■ Bpair or « 

Thumb. Jm-iiiMf. 

rhUPdar. f dJiA. 

Thvt. Ai^ 4vial. 

TiDkl*, Oiata^ek, loi kibi?itD- 

TIa. /lakfdtA, one -tbior bj mo 

pndi «f * -Lriuj /irJAt, tjKvtber, 
«-g., A bimdie afittlcla^ Irteng^. n 
UUd Ibl ■ timp; latDkoli, In a |(Hd 
for «rfku; IIlbii* Apa 3, ' Utf 

Tl^ht. 0hEiJ, But lODU; dJ'r^, 3,, 

Ls JDBike « Md; •uiVt^-j, tivbt' 
Ibh^h t-Vmaa or kllb 
Till. ErnkmOsMk^ ^.[at. lb» »M; loi- 

Dd Ujih or dE>bi]Kin 
Tlmq. Titmpof tdrfod, H||od, 
Tin. Lmta |.Sp,f„ pl»le, b^ftou, 

TtnMr. A>>^. 

TIfl. robveC, a,*,!',; ntwUo, *,v|r, 

TIrvd, HaAfHiit, ],lirt, lo ta; nar- 

/a»b, IJnl^ UfhI ol, B^iAtfd. 
TlnMOmi, Omab/^ 

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od tbttL;fihtaiM,Bi»«QFtliii*, 

TDbM«» Td^lto; opo, Alt gfi <wjiii^», t0 iL*^ » w vQDcn at duim, 

To-diy, AthMotj tJitruri; inoH aUu 


TDflrihir. 7dchwxu|r: taflUaabl. T,plu„ 

S,T.tT, Ifh put hrg tbtngH UweHifr. 
Tar"«COH. JCsmalU. 
Toc»k Llan^ 
To-mofran. /r iriii.tHu; {ffBi<lir, 

TonflB. SAit^ 
Tonauo- cinJa. 
to-^lBlit. la ifuciiflDi, 

To« mirth, PkoOMawia. 

ToDlh. fai-o; H«irA» iMl>r Imrtb; Ih- 
ffirfii, Bborter^ of b«ri hbkFp of <li^ 
or plfi #iAa7il£crait, IJot, Ui Rriod 
t>» Udb; Bii^HJHOt,", to l«ff « 

Tgp. Toglo^. ot th* brnd or oi noun- 
I L«iD , fata^il . XoB, 

Torth. Ifiiim sfftntfi-i, [n«|| r»L 
; Torrpbonl. PdUldfrii, j, 
, Thl Tabiafotfi!. a,*.lT., u t vobuii 
hnr babji jHriawtet,, up tor 

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iiudv^itanllr ; iHp*fih>, 4,v,[t., LIgliUy 
u In plA?. 
' Tough. A^alt. 

TfluHiH ^fTtn^iUit. 3.Mr.[li9liFtJr. 

Towpi, H*,- M^/d^ Jn the, lalun, riw 
pl^tfl bcLoDBJm IQ Ih^ tH»wii, 

Tnll. EafH,- t-Jbd^an, 

TrjiHHlJon- I7"iflf. 

Tranipltntlng t1ni«. ^p o, for Hn, 

TnnapDrtallon b«*lH(. TofOof. Imrge- 

fpflp. i'AA, frr TBtB» dlrU, lor e'IiPh 

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3.Y-tr-. lo B« m liBp, 
; Trivil. ImiaUltiaole. ].iBL» nbaiil; fn- 
I katpi. 3,^ (be Bamr. 
I Trjiy. /^B-wnsfip larm irooJnir 
■ Tnad, IlatBtiv. 4,, In, aa. 1*bI mii' 
Bu™; farfiiiffi:, 2,».lr., ualn LML 

Tru. -Cdi'if; chaptftig; alalo'i, mm il, 
zfddlHh -mnd; alimu, odomu, ODcd 
for ipo-r-Blufiai aptia. uuJI t»^ 
llw ronLH of wliirli are eAltni a^dlja, 
■Bvll, etout, AnliEbt-^lwd, UHd for 
Honr-plaflg Hod trowa-. fi/i. bu|| 
^pei ■"^niff. ooroBut pmiia; teoiafatxh, 
bmLlI, paliB-jne, tbe iprevv iiUn br 
ILh»1euk« ) lamaton , dark innd, UBbj 
hr pLp»p pofltia, ttt-i AavAanarJi 
bedfle Itw or nbrnb, pdnh blomntak; 
bm-^i, duh liard whuxI, [or fsTlrrir, 

rtC Tqdeh^ lijtgliBll B»4]0Di mania, 

betel or hayo-pAlia; ongQl, coconuL 

Elm; lotan/oii, [£r^l«r#d bnlgr 
« or BtarubL 

Tr«ml)lfr. iniaienttnolc, I,lDt, *f^ ti»]d 
Hjf -fflar, cnpairtsjrf^fc, LtbiL, tli* 
uw; w^fmif, tmnor oT Ibe bodv. 

TrtAbh. ^iFoJrsq, vdoJa, 

THiU fitufiiirj. of JQUKHiH bj qrov or 
b; apr*T Lbntwinf . 

TrlbuaAllfrdt. aijfsb. 

TrlbdiHT. Jto; alafo, Hwadar^ irroa, 
IbTM DBhr Baaidki diapai, (Ipt hIdihh 
of mio; /■mi, nbvping ^mw for ib«n 

potd/kHrm, lUwiiiltHrfy bDlMlJu; poei, 
yMmtiaio; toKjftt,,iijsitiagaarM 
at dlQ. 
Triflo- Emloiolokaak, IJiL 


-- ^ , '" ,f--"- 



TrJumph, A-«J«i. anJiunathni of 

Trouhf*. XAtHd; *ai«it«d; flii«3p^, 

a.Prtr^ Inhuj About i •O'l/flJ., 3,T,lr, 

Juve Lroulilt (cltbi .onens^, 
Tmugh. TaUikan, wmdHi, ran vriit«r; 

hifroii, fn]- pnuBdiiio tf ^ , 

TfUly, not ;'fl;rff^ Ad enJ-nHiiin 
Trunk. fffiJy pmv, ot irff juit ibov^ 

Tfuil in. /win'drAi-iialf, IJftt; bfchi- 

netj a,j Ir, 
Tru*h. TifnUM. 
Trjr. /Jpnijto,J,v.u. 
Tubi. Fnar, •■f bamlnb fm ctriyiDu 

TtiBiur^ Euppaiwl, J.liit^ (o onl^e a; 
mldJ^UPj^oi, TJnl, itr HDL?-. 

Tirnn«(. Kelwib. 

Turbtn. Apmgitiafi; ?,v,[i., to -mtki k 

Tu'n, f^llAul.J, Jjmil, fiu>£oH0^, 
aruLUiili, Arauiid wH 
arounJj i.nfaliBmk. ovrr; cfi^ilroHt, 
U«j IpcuE ai-aj; all ],iQt^ tulin^pirt 
£,» jinHiDdi faUrwb, iyrft\ kali,Ei. 

M't, BrCHIQflj kabyptakfk, liUldf (iQli 

iLMtj uiwi^ downi aaqplnpr^, op lAc 
■^; llwM Bin 3,, thutmihcL, 

firn, LueKtlb, 
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tivJq. n'ffgi., '4173 Hr luakiiij^ Fn^nr IbreaJ. 

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TjpflwrJicr^ iCTofoJin. 

\Jq\y. AtgaJiiLlul. 

Unbraalcflblq. AJofr^if 

Upialr. AliinL 

Unglaan. I^AIitAiPwiftJ^, a,v,lr, to ; 

Unrifr. Whoa; chMK.^- oJi|i*t; eiiilsL; ' 
mklh>vltii. 3,vAr, i^ law iidJ».; Pid- ; 
mOat, Z,v.tT.. lo put nndrr ■ cane, i 
ifJiaoiodt, JiJot,, lobcuulHrt cuTH I 

Un^nei^arTd. Esbdi, 9, maawala^. I 



! Un*qv«l. Mvrl<rfattt. IJat, Id b-r 
I Wnirfn, ifn'cwaMf p Id ■ppraiuLOB. 
I UnfAlA *^IJi^H3,i'lr.Hw«Hp. 
Unltflppy, 7prt**.rfri. I.iDt, to l«Jr, 

i Uiili>n«blUd. tleiaiafftatiia^. 
. Unklnl. ^da -n^narotip. In nurlui, 
i Unjwii^. itoH ii4> Hlo. ^ 

I UjiJou*. fW^l^li:, AjV.tfr 

I UnfiiBn-l*d. PiTtftJo, yiniDB mtPii >na- 
I maHtAt, iD^n^ •oniD- 


U"H»Dna(l. AJdinajIg, 

UnEfta. ^AfTihTAfit, i.'.tt.-. 
' nt.i-.irr ■ 

' UnlLI. e«, 

Upi Jpi"', li» H^rr 
' Upan. CMhD, 

Uprlfhl. Udl4ia.l 

UpHl. Jr^itdq^fa, 4,v.!r. 
; UpaldadDwn. 0Hriiit,3,, fa. put, 

UMnfc ;a/D;iiBW,:vlr, l,lDl.,burtul«i 

Uaa. /pijq'Fjtiin, jiuipu-r, rflEn«n cIdJp 

lB«re.*nil-CnBfiih*K-iunJ ^^m*^^ 

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dniik^ tochi^, gourd wat-ir Jog; -hh^ 

'-•V. iFoa bladr, wi-Lb baadi^, U innon 

U>tar»1o. Eii««t«^iDlt, l,jiit,.««1i. 
Ullermart pliH, ^dodiJtawiail. 

VACcln^TB, FtAtinaaJi. 

Val-. OvJMdatn^l, IJst, to Bh, 
VailAjF. ftaUiU^. 
Viirua, loi'iiiia ; -lanfHur. laluabla 
Vinlihlng. ^aomid. 

Warlaillai. ValkaasI .Un. 

V*ner0il dbtan. IfapuuoJt. l,lDr.» Ia 

Vary. /VF*b.; c**U«, cl.ftei.mA 
Viand, .a^^/on, nlJatpPfaH^, 
VIBnl*. VBjiwtl^ V. irraniliriT- 

cnrkvd Tbh IpMbKaaHih u<^Uin>; 

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Villiaa. Hi. 



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yitapipnbiE, 3,T.Lr^ tht hub. 

VJill, rUnJc^, W- ip^Hiflt, IJnt., 
KHother lowBi awmirk, 3,f.tE„ to ^ah 

Iran h I mMff^i, *iiilar i ^MlbJr, J, 
Valat. xa^. 
Vomit J^HiJiiiit, |J»t 


Wap. £«iDiif^i>Lf«Bt, IplnL,, [be bEadi 
AlCifJieGrili, 3,1., dotf, ttjl wnB. 

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-angnittfijot, l.Int , to wsar ht4JhT|ic : 

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Ub bUai tniaviinalt, l,piit,, ianrfi 

l,TVt, tip. 
4.iC««M«tli, Ukfl B I All I ,ipt 

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tin plati bttai, or '4.t.<?dnn IiobthIi; 
ifM««lbi\4,Ttr.HtDp[imu«likiL tbe, 

^■llvvr. TabEalc,- p^Mng, vi buffftta 

Wander, Mifaiwa^li, Liut,, aff fn 
-Blnif. ■■ ^ 

Wanl. f«i^ar^ fl,Tt[„b>, 

Wbt. FnJu*nr[ ; fliflxjpup, miriike eipe- 

Warm. £piiciUiftt, t.inl, MLafletf, lo- 
■'™jr V'P *'<a'™j, Jjfl.j iKrLh "It ia 
ytmrra wtOeif; Mniphiwi, ntiaina. 

Wnta. ffnt>taa4^; nmilupa^ Ihe fue: 
iiiMHfc, tte tmOtiail l.lnt, < Tount; 
■ii^Aot, rin;-lH/aAfc. rlqtlku» rAda. 

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^lAi 9bo vaahoK, mjui of woiuliii 
JKcJni, Hualutiit ic f ka ploT^ 

Wari«. Itfifarct, 3,, bt; ki^ellai^a^L, 
p]t«or iBHptaiitt (or; lawagilaa, the 

waich. oiu 

Watchful nm. Uanan^iQr. 

WalEhlng. JiEaeb, 3 ,*.lr, lob". 

Wat«r, Ofewim; miHrwF^, on Lbp uir- 
fawBfUraniD^ EkflmipiHih, 3,T,tr., to 
wairt >BrtJtiiig, JiH/witj l,¥.tr., to 
watcrpTulA; mdwifHiAviait, ],liit., to ■ 
pt: i^Ad-WB «r M^etfaiuPr. valArfAll^ | 

nar»roia)r,>pBdi[if4ir«M[iiBoBbli ■ 

jstoliian, pot In- aarrrlbt I 

w*wa. /vuMHudfAP, to. 
Wave*. Eabrmj/Br,,- raiA^Hki, Da tbs 

Wtl, A^fid; bHJdl, 4ji nln )ub. 

noipuy u tentrtatM wElfc oUum^ 
r4a/a±ii, k|], ipnkn und ■pabaa hi. 
Wtat ;»ri; i-a^n^' Mb^iiDAn, 
bfoiiliu] iiam-hiaJi'. UBt.Xoiei dta- 

Willi h. Xdiuri. 

Wtar, VwMo.tiV.Lr.^t^viitff/iaiiriri- 

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W^aary, ira6iafa±» IJtI., tob€. 
Waalhar. fdud^, roAdklov hhE tHii plit- 

ilol norld. 
Woava. inajsol;, [.jnl.i ai^^et, 3.-.tT.i 

oflii/iia, Hfartnj; plan;^ ^jdnnf, ai>L; 

-Lo drive tlko Ihind LqIq ltd |hlB«. 
w-•cldll>l^ rHfl/oKj 
Wadpo. Poaat, for piplittlna wood 1 otip, 

for Li£bt«iiJiig a join I. 

WMdj; toiamak. 3,v,lr., id pull nnds 

wjraniii fldcipniffc, 3,v.|r„ to ilfcihv 
to grow up, m«qbtaq<a.t, 5,tnt. 

W«ap. JiiiiJ««fc, L.inl. 1'r 
Walgli. /Hi^fui^. 3, 

Wlh. ffEU.'d4k«-E4fihrilJdliiTd,'Llk^. 
Wa«r, I«inii?tap> jfoLiu. 

Wat. tfflia, imiflf^pnsj ¥*iur.*«lied, 
Whal, Ngag, imtriagRtiYt -, aVt« min- 
j4t/ ltaqy# njjn/ What ijiTsrence 
doFH Li make T 
Whaal. Sanptang^i kangi^r^. 3,, 

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WKaBd ifo; lam, ^th putt lemiM; tfor 

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Wtiai-a. EpIo, InTBimffitiTe-. 
WharealHiib. Eewaiico: — /,\o,- et& 
WhJth. Jl, .il-Eive. 
WhJch flnar BuIcT 
Whip. Faig;faiti^,,fo;n!iWei. 

3,, the ume; /r..Hfl.^t, IJnl. the 

aaniei mkffibla, ».p(ii, wJilp do*ii 

Whirl, Ba^rivrii, 3,1., eg., -PDltr ra llie 

Wh^piuoaL ji^i'Pij>. 
Whlrlw^jid. trahfftrfriFj, 
W>ilaHDi«. «>w9>n; eaAoit. 
Whlahy. JJo^. 
Whlapar. Oi\.libliflak, I.lnt. 
WhfaLla. i^o; AnAiajnt, I.Jnt. lo 

wbiatli: wltli Uie lipa; filaiek, :E,, 

lo bidw a wtdarJc. 
Whtte. Jia^au,' pupoJiaiBeJr. S,pir., to 

nakej AlnoJirlaJdn^, vbiM bol-; oTmi, 

ItBJr; nqfli, act^ "'ff^p ADt !□ Sjabtj 

dOitaa^, ntlUafc-lri'icil lobMcth. 
Wha. Ewifi-uf Tbh leorol-ElEEllHt ■«■ 

lion). - 
Whaat. Aim. 
Whdiij Anin; jtniia, not ipLlt, sg-^ 

wlfaole ralan; DuntnAf, not lonir 
v/hsrentenHar-d Jgrtirai*. 
WhJ-t ff^^ffA; — dPiln; «li?. : pajdi, fiq. 

dmnsa «oid, 
Wlda. .1p.ih. 




WlOam. /tolu; iJebitf*. IJiL, fd Ui 

a m a H BHf I laidmnr, 

tiak. l.ltO.. ta tiiiat vltl flb1d»m; 

WHriirnuL Lii-«i^ 
WHI. VunxiDt, IbiHvkti Stat- — flpi; 
— Bw; eK^ liili«da«lBg n^BHti, In- 

VflPlD'llMwIap (t) ralrhm. 

Win, Afmlta±.3.T.V..tit*i. 

Wind. C*-it.'-; MfdfffWfH IJat, Ig 

bcJrb wind from tit* ««iwb 
W Ind.^ 3,*.{f.. Lhimd taito t 

IfHHq ikflin; iMimto. 4,, a^ ■ 

■Lrlni KnnDd « itloL 
WIAMW, »>■»«. 
WIntp Aiat. 
Wiifl, ni4fe. 
Wllk. /"^m^AnHl, LiJiA, 
wihiihiiine bnkat. tv'/JibH. 

latmfeak, «,v,lr, Lka luvj i^MHk, 

a^i If. 

WiH. irtMnrHit, l,liiL» U Ui VUM^ 
M. T.vId, Co M wIh. kHw Bin 

Wlth. fffli; kMH; hMU, U"t. U 
Co HnF or fo vUj -Utihwfb^ ^p'^h 
to tikt vUli 4IH prtOiHRriM <i<to). 

WIthnvd. JfaioHM. 

WItntH, Tq/Aay Hbf. 

Waman. ^dyM; HkHwAil. TVW W 

leiii, wonui'ataikit hr faitf to ^ 

WOPdar, AofafH; ■nlmiri. LJiO^ bL 
WwHi. J[dKe«-:MH«^HiWlR: 

mHdta |Hrt df *^* | j or lotUa fav- 

Word. J^Ti; kSKvU. 

WVk. IfaAuv l***^/ I4l«/ua; tk,^ 
OKk-tm. «*,, AuUh; riw^iKivL, IJal,. 

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aMoa, ibi ■■Bsi r^imfc, o,, i» 
glTI Id TOrill tddPWIit, 3,lAr, Id HdV 
w«nd. fSifu*; iMOfr 

WQTM. JBri>i«. 

Worth. eaiH^ltv the. Aiuiar 
Warxhttf- jri|ii^iti» 

Hf. WMJididi maf^lt*lt mt, 

WtvL OlhHb. biTdtlj. 
Wrurtlt. J M»i»a. i.pJH. 
-Wrf«^ JnUtoHk^ IJqt. 
WrlH. a*§tta^ t.*JU.. dMm. 
^rlnJdri, ITblflliiUiM. u, llK iddn. 

U^: wlaH^ E, apJif»4r, 4,v.Lr.i 

-r«4< AwifMtvlbllrtbHH. 

YnH. l.mftwH, I.IbL 

VllL KibhthiAk, IJH,^ trllHiv u En 4 

V4*t«r«iw. JAab. 

1«^ t*^ tttA. mm hot*, «U. i tm-r^ 
maM, ■mkurWt ■imJUf, kbu, 

Vniiw, £»w.